Bake Your Makeup This Summer for Sweat Proof Fun

Bake Your Makeup This Summer for Sweat Proof Fun

While summer is filled with wonderful things, melting foundation, super-sticky lipstick, and smeared mascara are not among them. Luckily, you won't have to worry about perspiration ruining your face if you know the right tricks to sweat proof makeup—baking being one of them.

If you notice that your makeup creases or melts throughout the day, the process of baking makeup might just be the very thing you need to do. Moreover, baking your makeup also produces incredible results for brightening the under-eye area.

Our guide will explain everything you need to know about baking make up—the ultimate sweat proof makeup tipincluding what it means and how to do it.

So, What Exactly is Baking?

Baking is a method of setting makeup with a loose powder that absorbs oil and shine.

When you bake your makeup, you apply a thick layer of loose powder and let it sit on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes so your body heat can "bake" your foundation and concealer, leaving your skin looking flawless, creaseless, and sweat proof.

Who is Baking Useful For?

Anyone can bake their makeup, regardless of their skin type. That's what makes it so appealing. The technique does, however, work better when you want to go for a full-face, ultra-glam effect. Consider skipping the baking if you're going for a minimal makeup look or a natural look. 

How to Bake Your Face For a Sweat-Proof Makeup Look?

Since this technique involves a great deal of powder on your face, you might be hesitant to try it for yourself, but don’t be. With the right tips, even a beginner will be able to bake their makeup and look professional. Let's break it down.

Hydrated Skin for Successful Baking

Getting ready for baking requires proper priming and preparation of your skin. Apply your eye cream, moisturizer, and all other products you deem necessary before applying your makeup. 

A good eye cream is essential to ensuring your under eyes look their best. To avoid the appearance of dry, cracked skin under your eyes, you need to keep the skin moist and hydrated. Be sure to let an ample amount of eye cream soak into your skin before applying your first layer of concealer. 

Next Up, Foundation

Following the application of your skincare and their proper absorption, the next step in your routine should be a thorough application of foundation.

Use a damp makeup sponge to blend and dab the foundation evenly.

Apply a Thick Layer of Concealer

Make an inverted triangle shape in the under-eye area by applying a thick layer of concealer and blend it with the damp tip of your makeup sponge.

You can use a concealer to create a lifted look around your eyes by blending it upward and past the edge of your eye towards your temples. Next, apply foundation to the rest of the face to desired coverage level.

Umm.. Some More Concealer Please

We know what you're thinking: That's a lot of makeup. Yes, it is. It is possible to skip this step and still achieve amazing results, but a sheer second coat will lock the first one in for long lasting power. 

At this point, you can even add your blush if you’re someone who doesn’t like too many layers on their face. It would be a super smooth blend in the end!

Creamy concealers work particularly well under a thick coat of loose powder, typically providing medium to full coverage. Blend out the concealer with clean fingers or a sponge after applying it to prevent caking. Before applying the powder, make sure there are no creases.

Set the Concealer with Translucent Powder

Set the base makeup with a thin veil of loose powder over the entire face. Use a large brush and very light pressure to avoid moving or lifting your makeup.

After that, move onto your eyes. Take a sponge or puff and load it with loose powder. As you begin pressing the powder under the eyes, slowly move towards the temples. Put it on top of your makeup but don't rub it in. 

Similarly, you can apply highlights under the cheek sculpt and in any other areas that you would like to emphasize (such as the forehead, the bridge of the nose, and the corners of the mouth).

Bake, Bake, Bake

Leaving the powder on for 5-10 minutes will allow it to "bake" and blend with your body's heat, and your makeup will set properly.

While you're waiting for this to happen, you may want to apply eye makeup, shape your eyebrows and apply mascara. That five minutes will fly by pretty quickly.

Dust Off the Excess Powder

In a few minutes, your powder should have had ample time to bake, so you can smooth it out and dust off any remaining excess powder. With a powder brush (preferably a soft, fluffy one), you can sweep away the translucent powder from your face, blending it with circular motions in order to avoid any harsh edges.


Feel free to apply extra powder if you feel that your face needs more. Just mist your face lightly with a facial spray before applying the powder again. The powder will adhere better to your skin this way. When you are satisfied with your results, apply the rest of your makeup, including blush, bronzer, highlight, and lipstick.

Ta Da! You’ve Got Perfectly Baked Makeup

Consider yourself fully made up once you're done applying your makeup. Keep a powder compact handy if you feel your skin is getting oily as the day goes on, since loose powder is messy and often backfires when you apply it on the go.

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Become a baking pro in no time by trying a few different powder finishes and figuring out which suits you the most!

The Bottom Line

One of the biggest nightmares of makeup enthusiasts is melting makeup. You can really enhance your makeup game by baking your makeup this summer.

With this blog, we hope to help you perfect your makeup baking skills. Give it a read and let us know your experience with this sweat resistant makeup technique in the comment section below!