Celebrate Traditional Style Mother’s Day with Faces Canada

Celebrate Traditional Style Mother’s Day with Faces Canada

Although one day isn't enough to honor one of the most important people in your life, Mother's Day can be an excellent way for celebrating mothers and spending special time with the one who brought you into this world.

And if you're curious about something to do on Mother's Day in India other than sending a card, how about a thoughtful activity? 

To make this day extra special, we've compiled suggestions for thoughtful and fun things to do on Mother's Day to make your relationship stronger.

#1 Plan a Spa Day at Home

A spa day at home can be a great alternative if, for whatever reason, going to the spa is not an option. Make mom feel special for Mother's Day with face masks and foot soaks. She will appreciate a manicure and don’t forget the cucumber eye patch. 

It's all about the preparation. Be sure to bring all the spa goodies you'll need a cozy robe and a bottle of wine, of course.

#2 Get Ready for a Photoshoot Session

Get some beautiful photographs taken this Mother's Day and turn the day into a memorable experience. Prepare by getting your mother all dressed up and dolled up at home. Adding mimosas is a nice touch.

You might consider hiring a local photographer in advance to help capture the fun and loving mom everyone knows and loves. Depending on what your mother likes, you can either make it a day all about mom or do a family photoshoot.

#3 Do Her Makeup

Speaking of getting dolled up, why not take matters into your own hands? 

As a mothers day celebration, gather up all your makeup products and give your mom a mini makeover sesh at home! This activity will not only make you and your mom bond, but it will also make your mom giggle and laugh like she's a little girl all over again! 

Make sure you buy her the right shade of foundation, concealer, and lipsticks beforehand, so you don’t make a mess of things. You can add a bit of fun element by letting her do your makeup in return. Tit for tat, and all that, huh?

#4 Take Her Out for a Meal

Brunches and dinners make excellent Mother's Day celebrations. Depending on what mom prefers, you have a lot of options. Just reserve a table at her favorite local restaurant. Or if your mom is an adventurous type, think of a new destination she'll enjoy.

You can either make it a mommy-son/daughter activity or have the whole family participate, including your grandmother, since it's her day too. 

#5 Or Cook a Meal

We can't even keep track of how many times our mother cooks for us. In fact, we take it for granted so much that we no longer appreciate it. This Mother’s Day, why not repay her in kind? 

Start the day early by preparing your mom's favorite meal, along with a few pancakes to cheer her up. Providing her with a home-cooked meal shows you took time and care to make her day special. This is a gift (and memory) she will cherish for years to come.

#6 Clean—And/or Decorate—the Whole House

Consider helping out mom with one of her daily tasks so that she can enjoy Mother's Day to the fullest. Wake up early and clean the house for mom or simply do it the night before.

Want to go an extra step? Simple! Bring on some flowers or decor items, and glam up the whole house. This will give your mother something extra special to wake up to!

#7 Plan a Fun Picnic

Picnics are always fun, right? Nature-loving moms will enjoy having the opportunity to indulge in some treats outdoors. Pack a cute blanket, all the finger foods you can imagine, and a small vase of flowers as the centerpiece.

For those who don't live in climates conducive to outdoor picnics, you can still enjoy a picnic indoors. Rearrange some furniture to make more space. Get out the picnic basket and the picnic blanket and set them out on the ground. Enjoy an indoor picnic experience with a special meal.

#8 Day Trip Surprise

Surprise your mom with a spontaneous (well, sort of), family, day trip somewhere nearby.

Be sure you plan Mother's Day accordingly, so you don't end up winging it. Prepare for your trip in advance by deciding where you will be staying that day, what route you will take, and where the best places to eat are (and perhaps making reservations).

#9 Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are a great idea when you're staying at home. If you don't feel like going out, get together with your mom and watch the latest movie or a new show and order some delicious food for your well-planned day. 

#10 Gift Her Her Favorite Makeup!

Already feeling the pressure of choosing the right gift, huh? Worry not, we have the solution for your problem!

Almost every woman adores makeup. Hence, giving your mother a set of beauty products is the perfect way to impress her on Mother's Day. Gift her with a DIY combo pack with all her favorite products, or simply go for a ready-made mother’s day gift hamper.

The Faces Canada Mother’s Day Gift Box comes with the perfect combination of the weightless matte foundation, peaches tinted moisturizer, a beauty blender, berry blush, and the milk and honey scrub. These items, along with the cute Mother’s day message the box comes with, are sure to bring a smile to your mom’s face. 

The best part? These makeup products are available at a discounted price for the special mother’s day occasion. So, what’s stopping you? Go get it!

Wrapping Up

The moms in our lives deserve the universe. At a minimum, they deserve to have a memorable Mother's Day celebration. Try out any of the suggestions from the above list, and add some special happiness to your mom’s life this Mother’s day!

How are you planning to celebrate mom on this special day? Let us know in the comment section below!