10 Christmas Makeup Looks to Complement Your Christmas Party Outfit this Year!

10 Christmas Makeup Looks to Complement Your Christmas Party Outfit this Year!

No matter what you’re wearing for the Christmas party, it’s ultimately the Christmas makeup that you choose, that makes it all worth it.

Imagine wearing that awesome red Christmassy dress and wearing basic peachy makeup with it. You can’t, without making an “ouch” face, right? That’s why we did some homework and brought you some Christmas makeup looks.

We know all you can think about during Christmas is red and green and snow. But we’re here with 10 Christmas makeup ideas that would make you the most attractive thing, the second one being the Christmas Tree, of course.

1. The Classic Red Lip Look

Since it is Christmas, after all, how can we forget the classic red lip look! You can complement the Christmas party look by adding shimmery green eyeshadow and of course, a little gold on your cheeks.

2. The Nine-to-Wine Look

Feeling Edgy? Try spilling a deep wine shot on your lips to bring the edgy out! It would be perfect if your wine lipstick is deep and mysterious. Complete the look with wine smokey eye shadow look.

3. The Ombre Lip Look

Reds and wines and maroons are all fine, but if you’re tired of the regular lipstick looks, let’s give ombre lips a try this Christmas!

While it may sound challenging, it's not that difficult to achieve the look. All you need to do is use a punchy shade (red, maroon, pink—experiment!) in the middle, and a deeper shade toward the edges. Make sure to make a subtle graduation of the shades and don't forget to blend carefully.

4. The Shimmery Eye Look

Christmas makeup and no shimmer! If you and I think alike, you’ll surely love to wear the Christmas glitter on your face.

Pay special attention to the eyes. You can’t go wrong even with bright shades. All you need to do is throw in a generous amount of glitter on those beautiful eyes. Add matching luminescent highlighter or shimmer to your cheeks and lips to complete the look.

5. The Glossy Lip Look

It’s that amazing time of the year when you can go crazy with colors! Choose a bright and glossy lipstick shade and you’re ready to steal the thunder at any Christmas party. Make sure the shade goes well with your outfit though. Or you can always buy a new one matching your favorite lipstick. More reasons to shop! ;)

6. The Candy Cane Look

You would totally miss the holiday fun if you do not play around with candy colors. Try throwing some of those colors on your makeup this time. You could ace this look with matte red lipstick and white/silver glitter on the eyes.

7. The Two-tone Look

Take the basic shimmer eyeshadow and turn it into magic with a different drama under our eyes. You can try various combinations in your two-tone Look, like copper shadow on the upper lid and blue glitter eyeliner on the lower, or just the basic gold on the upper lid and green on the lower.

8. The Contour & Highlight Look

It's not always necessary to go overboard with contouring. If you want to keep it simple and subtle. Make it a little Christmassy with subtly defined cheekbones and a hint of highlighter and glossy lipstick.

9. The White Christmas Look

For this super easy Christmas makeup look, all you need is a subtle silver shadow on the inner corners of your eyes that gets lighter towards the outer edges. Keep the lips almost nude to carry that soft white Christmas look.

10. The Gold Glow & Feline Flick Look

This is one of those amazing looks that go well for a day-to-night look as well as a party. The basic gold glow on your cheeks, nicely winged eyes, and your favorite bright but not so bright lipstick. The magic is in simplicity. Oh, and don’t forget the mascara for finesse!

We hope we’ve successfully turned your Christmas makeup woes into wows! :)

Try your favorite Christmas makeup looks and share your pics and experiences in the comments below. We’re sure you will have some fun mistletoe stories to share. ;) Have a very merry Christmas!