5 Reasons COMFORT Is the Most Important Ingredient in Liquid Lipsticks

5 Reasons COMFORT Is the Most Important Ingredient in Liquid Lipsticks

We all love liquid lipsticks for their long-stay and awesome color. But if you have to apply moisturizer, learn how to apply liquid lipstick, and take care of a hundred things while wearing liquid lipsticks, what about comfort?

I’m talking specifically about matte liquid lipsticks. Why does that sticky, dry, tugged, flaky, and uncomfortable feeling has to come in the package with a liquid lipstick?

If I’m supposed to wear it for a long time, show off that matte effect for hours without chapping, the biggest question is: am I COMFORTABLE all day wearing it?

Comfort shouldn’t be the last thing that comes to your mind when talking about beauty. In fact, comfort should be the most important ingredient in liquid lipsticks. Here’s why:

#1 Because a Liquid Lipstick that’s Long-stay is nothing without COMFORT

If it stays all day, and it is uncomfortable as hell, trust me, you don’t even want the long-stay. Give me comfort and I’m ready to rock that liquid lipstick for a whole day & night!

#2 Because a Liquid Lipstick that’s Super Matte is nothing without COMFORT

Apply that liquid lipstick and give it a few seconds, it will turn super matte, AND SUPER DRY! OMG I don’t know why we cannot have the one thing we love without the one thing we hate.

#3 Because a Liquid Lipstick that’s Transfer-Proof is nothing without COMFORT

If my liquid lipstick doesn’t leave a mark on my coffee mug or my boyfriend, why can’t it not leave discomfort on MY lips? C’mon we deserve better, right!

#4 Because a Liquid Lipstick that has Intense Color is nothing without COMFORT

Intense color shouldn’t accompany intense layered, heavy feeling. Wouldn’t you just love it if your liquid lipstick is light AND has intense color? I would…

And most importantly,

#5 Because a Liquid Lipstick that Looks Pretty is nothing without COMFORT

For the love of God, if we can find yummy ways to eat healthy, we can also find pretty-looking liquid lipsticks that are comfortable.

I know, even looking at these made you uncomfortable, right?

Your lips are sensitive, soft, and deserve the same soft care, nourishment, and comfort. No matter if it is a makeup product; if it is uncomfortable, it JUST WON’T DO!

It is high time we say NO to UNCOMFORTABLE makeup.

Because it’s no longer just about pretty lips, or long-stay, or intense color. It is about all that AND COMFORT—comfy lips, comfy long-stay, comfy colors. It’s time we add some comfy to our sexy, what say?

Psst… What you and I are waiting for is right ‘round the corner babe… I can’t wait to tell you! Just hang in there a little while and I promise it will be the best thing ever! And don’t forget to #FeelComfyLookSexy. :)

Until then, hold tight! XOXO