This 5-Minute Zoom Makeup Routine Can Save Your Face, Literally

This 5-Minute Zoom Makeup Routine Can Save Your Face, Literally

Remember that amazing weekend trip with your friends? Now try to recall the super hungover Monday right after. I know right! Everyone has at least one dreadful hungover Monday story to tell.

But you know what makes it worse? It’s that early morning Zoom meeting you had set up on Friday, underestimating your partying skills. Waking up to that last minute meeting reminder, all messed up—that’s the stuff of nightmare.

No worries though. Because we have some sure-fire tips for you to get zoom call ready in 5 minutes. Follow them like a rule of thumb and nobody will know you were out of your mind clubbing last night, promise. :D

Number One, and the Most Important—Prep and Prime Your Canvas 

Most of us underestimate the power of a good dose of moisturizer and primer.

Use a good, natural, hydrating moisturizer after cleansing your face. Take it from us, a good moisturizer goes a long way. And once you prep and prime well, half your job is done. Plus, it will bring an outstanding natural radiance to your face.

Number two—Concealer for the Under Eye Bags

Should you have 60 extra secs, it will be an awesome idea to glide on the concealer. Use it to conceal the under eye bags, to remove the puffiness from under or oversleeping, and to make your jawline look chiseled. Make sure you have one that’s quick and easy to apply, yet gives a smooth finish, like this one.

Number three—Appear Wide-Awake with Mascara

We know, Mama said lying is a bad thing. But you can’t reveal you just woke up on an early morning zoom meeting, right? A good volumizing mascara would do the job of hiding your last night through your sleepy eyes. That kind of lying is not just good, but also glamorous. (wink wink)

Number four—Don’t Forget to Blush 

Not from the embarrassment of having woken up startled, but to not appear washed out or sloshed. You could choose to appear—bright and dewy, fresh and natural, or even poppin’ pink with a bright flush on your cheeks. 


Just remember, if you feel extra puffy, keep it poppy, especially on the cheeks and lips. This way, you will have something on your face that pops, making you look more alive. And don’t forget to drink a glass of water before you join that call. There’s nothing better than that for your skin! :)