Elegant Bengali Makeup Ideas to Rock on Your Big Day

Elegant Bengali Makeup Ideas to Rock on Your Big Day

Bengali brides are often adorned in traditional sarees--the Bengali Bridal makeup includes a prominent red bindi, a traditional mukut, and aalta encrusted hands and feet. And let’s not forget their big, attractive eyes, rimmed with bold kajal strokes.

The Bengali bridal charm, however, goes beyond the attire. After all, the eye-catching Bengali makeup bong brides wear at their wedding is well-deserving of praise!

If you're planning to be a Bong bride and are seeking some inspiration for the perfect Bengali bridal makeup look, you've come to the right place. To give you some inspiration for your Bengali wedding makeup, we've put together a list of some beautiful brides who looked amazing on their big day. 

#1 Nude Makeup Look

You can never go wrong with the nude makeup look!

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If you’d like to look fresh and natural on your wedding day, this look is perfect for you. Just combine a thin layer of eyeliner with defined pinkish nude looks that are perfect for minimalist brides. Don’t forget to add some kajal and a layer of mascara, and you’re ready to rock the nude Bong bride makeup look!

#2 The Traditional Bengali Bride

Traditional Bengali bridal look involves more than highlighter or liner—Chandan designs on the forehead plays a prominent role here. Bengali brides nowadays choose simplistic Chandan work on their wedding day in contrast to what used to be more elaborate work. 

As a complement to bright red on the traditional wedding sarees, the red and white forehead art is often paired with a dewy makeup look, winged liner, gold and red eyeshadow, and red lipstick.

#3 The Glitter Eyeshadow Look

Nothing can make you shine like the bridal glow does well, except for glitters. 

For this look, keep your base nude and wear a lip shade to match the color of your saree. Add a chic twist to the whole look with a bronze eyeshadow that glitters. Smudge your kohl line with a thin brush and you’ve got the added smokey eye effect.

#5 The Red Glow

The majority of Indian brides prefer to go red with their outfits on their big day and Bong brides are no different!

If you want to add a twist to your appearance, you can simply go for a full red look including the makeup. All you need for a flawless look is a bit of face and nose contouring, a red lippie, a combination of gold eyeshadow, and a winged liner. 

Lo and behold, your makeup perfectly matches the entire outfit.

#6 Accentuated Eyes with a Brown Lip

The eyes are the mirrors of the soul. This Bengali bridal look embodies this saying by giving you accented eyes with dramatic lashes, nude liner, and kohled eye makeup. This beauty's look was completed with satin skin and brown lips. 

#7 The Matte Goddess

While some brides prefer glitter, others prefer to keep it matte, even when doing full face bridal makeup.

Matte lips are the key here, but the matte smokey eye makeup is also important to add a subtle glow to the whole look!

#8 Bold Red Lips

How about bright red lips to compliment the red wedding saree? This combination is always a winner.

To avoid an overkill look, however, you should also keep the rest of your face simple. The key lies in pairing red lips with bronzed eyes and a natural base.

#9 Pretty Pink

Want to ditch the traditional red looks and go for a pink bridal outfit? We've got just the right makeup look for you!

Go for perfectly done smokey eyes with big false lashes. You can complement the pink hues of your outfit with a blended base, blush pink cheeks, and a bright pink lippie.

#10 No Makeup Makeup Look

As wedding trends change, brides today are opting for a no-makeup look! It does not, however, mean you have no makeup on your face.

On the contrary, this simple Bengali bridal makeup look means makeup that has a strong foundation base, light lips, and eyes, balancing your outfit, and of course the traditional red & white dots above the brow. Add some jewelry and heavy accessories to complete the whole look.

#11 Monochrome Makeup

Monochrome is a common choice for clothing, so why not apply it to makeup? 

To achieve a blended look, we recommend mixing color tones of the same family. For instance, if you use monochrome pastels pale pink eyeshadow and pale pink blush you can easily create a romantic Bengali bridal look in no time.

#12 The Sunshine Look

Despite popular belief, you don't have to stick with tried and tested methods when choosing your Bengali wedding makeup look. Go for as elaborate a look as you please, especially for the pre-wedding celebrations.

The eye-makeup in this look is the real winner. Paint your lids in the shades of sunshine with blended orange and yellow color, along with a hint of magenta and get ready to shine like the sun (literally!). This look will magnificently complement your outfit for the Haldi ceremony.

#12 Rose Gold Bridal Makeup

This is a look that any Bengali bride, regardless of skin tone, may pull off on her wedding day. It's makeup with a cool and warm tone blend that adds luster to your skin and brightens your eyes. This type of makeup is appropriate for both day and night weddings.

Wrapping Up

Your bridal looks bring your D-day together, so it’s crucial that you glam up with the best makeup look! We recommend trying out your makeup in advance to make sure there aren’t any last-minute surprises.

Which of these brides gave you the inspiration for your wedding day's Bengali wedding makeup look? Let us know in the comments section below!