Face Lift Tricks & Hacks Using Makeup Products

Face Lift Tricks & Hacks Using Makeup Products

Social media is buzzing with the latest beauty craze—a face lift with makeup—and without needles! Learn how it works!

Whether it's hiding stubborn blemishes and under-eye circles or making your eyes look wide awake, makeup can do so much for you. Most of us have used makeup at some point in our lives to enhance our best features or hide some flaws. However, our goal today is to teach you some face lift tricks with makeup.

Non-surgical "facelifts" using makeup have become increasingly popular over the past year. Want to hop in on the trend? Check out our guide on how to give yourself a face lift using makeup.

#1 Less Is More When It Comes to Concealer

Avoid applying concealer under the eye in a large triangle if you want to lift your eyes. Make sure you apply concealer to the inner and outer corners of your eyes going upwards in order to highlight and, you guessed it, lift your eyes.

It requires little product and can be used both for natural no-makeup looks and ultra-glam looks.

#2 No Blush on the Apples of Your Cheeks

There's one thing you should know about blush: it gives the illusion that your cheeks are flushed, which naturally marks the contours of your cheeks. When you apply blush too low on your cheeks, you may appear to have drooped cheeks.

Using an upward motion when applying blush will give your face a more chiseled appearance. Find the apples of your cheeks by smiling. Once you've applied blush to the top of your apples, blend it into your hairline and outwards. A flushed line of color from your cheek apples to your hairline will make your cheeks appear taut and higher than they are.

#3 Contour for a Sharper Profile

For a youthful, lifted appearance, high cheekbones are essential. Sculpt your cheekbones using a bronzer that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone, and apply it to the hollows of your cheek. Next, use a lighter foundation to highlight areas of the face you wish to emphasize. You should apply this lighter shade above your cheekbones.

Young, fresh-faced appearances also have a sharp jawline and chin. Using contour along your jawline and under your shins will make your face look slimmer and tighter.

Be careful not to contour too much on your forehead. It closes the face and reduces what the eye can see.

#4 Highlight the Right Points

The highlighter plays a crucial role in bringing light to the high points of the face. In our experience, the best places to highlight are the temples, the tip of the nose, just above the Cupid's bow, and a little bit on the forehead.

With highlights, you give yourself the appearance of a dewy, glowing complexion as well as a visual lift to the cheeks and brow bone.

#5 Elongate the Eyes

Besides lifting your face, you can also lift the appearance of your eyes.

One trick we recommend? Using the lifting eyeliner technique. Draw a thick line along the upper lashes with a pencil or gel—starting in the tear ducts. When you reach your pupil, go slightly up instead of down, so it has a lifting effect. Also, brown or taupe eyeshadow will naturally lift your lash line, giving your entire eye area a snatched appearance.

Keep your bottom lash line makeup minimal, as it can give your eyes a droopy appearance. A beige liner at the bottom of the lash line will help make the eyes pop. If you use white eyeliner, the difference can be too stark.

#6 Choose the Right Colors

Dark eye shadows may not be your friend if you want to maintain a well-rested, snatched look. Moreover, they can draw attention to the eye folds, which can make the area appear smaller.

However, don't be afraid of darker shades if you're going for a smokey eye or a cat wing—just use them sparingly.

#7 Place Mascara Strategically

Straight lashes cast a shadow over the eyes, while curled lashes allow more light to reach them, making them appear bigger and brighter. So don’t forget to bring that eyelash curler to use before applying mascara.

Concentrate most of your mascara on the center of the eyes and less on the outer parts. You will have long, elongated lashes that look good from root to tip.

#8 Subtle Arch for the Brows

Make your eyebrows appear softer and more natural with a subtle arch. Think of Audrey Hepburn's brows, for instance. Having lateral eyebrows elongates the face and emphasizes the bone structure and eyes. You want to see a radiant complexion and fresh, awake eyes with a lifted look.

Also, highlight directly beneath the high point of the brow rather than the entire brow bone. Use a cream highlighter with a precision brush for this.

#9 Lift Your Lips

Make your lips look fuller and more lifted with this easy, inexpensive technique.

Overline your bottom lip line lightly with your favorite lip pencil. Keeping the liner inside the lip line, move the liner upwards toward your mouth's outer corners. The result is the illusion of a lifted lip. Clean up the edges so the liner is crisp, and fill in using a lip color that matches the lip liner.

#10 Lastly, Avoid Dragging Your Makeup Down

Although we've already discussed this point above, it deserves to be emphasized.

When contouring, highlighting, or using blush and bronzer, do not drag the products down. In order to achieve a lift, the application must also lift upwards. For a beautiful, lifted finish, apply your products to the high points of your face using gentle, upward strokes.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a facelift without surgery, all you need is a bit of makeup and some face lift hacks with makeup from this blog. You can achieve a youthful appearance that makes you feel and look better with a few simple steps.

Are there any questions or concerns you have about one of these steps? Feel free to ask us anything in the comment section below!