10 Funny Makeup Memes Courtesy Your Favorite Spirit Animals

10 Funny Makeup Memes Courtesy Your Favorite Spirit Animals

All makeup lovers want are 3 things—perfect winged eyeliner, perfect lip shades, and perfect makeup memes to share with fellow makeup lovers. But imagine how it would be if your spirit animal speaks your mind as makeup lovers. You don’t have to just imagine, coz we have done it for you! So, here are 10 cute pets being your makeup spirit animals through these 10 funny makeup memes!

#1 When Your Contour Is the Same Mess After 3684th Attempt

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#2 When Nobody Notices That Yours Are the OG Cat Eyes

#3 All Your Selfies When You Only Get Perfect Wing on One Eye

#4 The Morning after You Fell Asleep with Makeup on

#5Me & My Bestie When We Spot Sale on Makeup

#6 Me Sleeping Peacefully Forgetting to Remove My Makeup

#7 Me & My Bestie Judging Someone’s Bad Makeup at a Party

#8 Making Use of the Golden Hour for My Insta Photos

#9 When You Teach them Your Foxy Eye Hack & They Walk Away without “Thanks”

#10 If Someone Looks at You Like I Look at Makeup, Marry Them

So, which ones are your favorite out of these 10 funny makeup memes brought to you by your favorite pets slash spirit animals? Well, our favorite cute pet makeup memes  are #3, #6, and of course, #10.

Oh, by the way, did you ever thank your cat for being the OG cat eyeliner guru? No??? Go do it now, before he/she comes & scratches you. 😛

And keep that eyeliner even! XOXO, darlings. 🙂