Here’s Why You Should Get Rid of Uncomfortable Liquid Lipsticks

Here’s Why You Should Get Rid of Uncomfortable Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid Lipsticks

As soon as you hear that word, what’s the first word that comes to mind?

Incredibly DRYING?



For me, sometimes it’s all of the above, especially if the lipstick claims to be long-stay. Don’t even get me started about matte liquid lipsticks! They dry up quicker than they even matte up!

And being a regular user of creamy bullet lipsticks, it is even harder to wear one that’s sticky, flaky, and most of all, far from comfortable. I have tried so many liquid lipstick shades and each one has one constant issue - discomfort. Even my favorite red liquid lipstick! :(

So, here are my 10 thoughts about liquid lipsticks (that I’m sure you’d agree with). They make me wanna quit uncomfortable liquid lipsticks forever!

I’ve done my own research and here’s what liquid lipsticks basically give us:

#1 Maybe it's Superstay, BUT with stickiness

#2 It's no-transfer, BUT super-drying

#3 It has bright colors, BUT flaky

#4 It's perfect for precise application, BUT pasty and messy, especially for newbies.

I ask…

#5 Why should I have to prep so much before applying a liquid lipstick?

#6 Why should I have to deal with that sticky feeling? Or those tugging lips all day?

#7 Why can’t I look AND feel comfy at the same time?

I demand…

#8 A liquid lipstick that doesn’t rob my lips of their moisture

#9 A liquid lipstick that’s light & doesn’t feel like I’m wearing layers of paint

#10 A matte liquid lipstick that’s long-stay, AND comfortable

Is that too much to ask for?

Well, I don’t think so! We all deserve happy, comfortable beauty—liquid lipsticks that we can wear every day. We need liquid lipsticks that allow us to smile, laugh, be happy, and be COMFY!

Let’s get rid of uncomfortable makeup and uncomfortable beauty standards. Let’s find something that’s Comfy AND Sexy!

Psst… You know what? I hear something like that is coming soon (Hint: It’s matte, it’s long-stay, AND it’s COMFY!). I will keep you posted. :)

Until then, you have to hold on, sis. And don’t forget to #FeelComfyLookSexy.

Lots of love! XOXO