Here's Why You Should Never Skip Highlighter in Makeup

Here's Why You Should Never Skip Highlighter in Makeup

No matter which makeup looks are trending, glowing and radiant skin will always be in. And that's where contour and highlight comes into the picture. Although it can be a little tricky, once you understand the best placement and application and learn how to use highlighter, there's no going back!

But many of us don’t use highlighter in makeup as much and as smartly as we should. Well applied blush and highlighter can not only give your face a youthful shine, but also a natural lift. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use highlighter in makeup:

Reasons Why You Should Use Highlighter:

To Literally ‘Highlight’ the Important Points on Your Face.

Highlighter helps emphasize and draw attention to your important features. For instance, adding highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes makes the eyes looks opened up. Highlighter on different points on your cheekbones can make you look puffy, or give you a lifted look.

To Get that Natural Lift

Using the blush and highlighter the right way or a smart application of contour and highlighter can give your face that much-needed glow and lift. Just remember to apply these according to your face shape.

To Add Dimension to Your Face

You can even use highlighter to defy age. When applied on the right points on your face and the light hits those points, that glow makes you look younger and fresher.

Highlighter is Not Just a Shine, It Is a Multi-Tasker!

Applying highlighter to different areas on your face can completely change your look. You can apply it on its own or with bronzer or blush, depending on the result you’re looking for. It can change the look of your eyes (on the brow bone and the inner corners), chin (at the center of the chin), lips (on the cupid’s bow), cheekbones, forehead, and nose by making them more polished, shaped, and lifted.

You Can Use Highlighter Tactically to Achieve Different Looks

Depending on the occasion, mood, and your personality, you can use highlighter to your advantage. E.g., it is the most important ingredient of a dewy look—mix it with foundation and you have a DIY illuminating cream! Apply it on your cupid’s bow and your lips looks fuller and shiny. Apply your blush and highlighter in an upwards direction and your cheekbone looks lifted!

Some Highlighter Dos and Don’ts:


Choose the Right Brush:

Go with the fan brush for the nose and the cupid's brow. It can also work well on occasions when you want the shimmer to be clear and defining. For an even distribution and a natural look, go for a tapered brush.

Know Your Blush and Highlighter Shade:

Whether it's the highlighter, contour, or blush, always pick a shade that goes with your skin, not the one 'you like'. Your complete look depends on the shades you choose. For instance, choose a soft peach or pink shade of blush for fair skin, and a soft plum for darker complexions.

Know Where You Want the Emphasis:

You can decide which points you need to emphasize according to your face shape. Take care to avoid highlighting areas that have pores, blemishes, or wrinkles.

Make sure to highlight your nose to make it look sharper. Decide whether you want to apply the highlighter on the edge of your cheekbones or on the top. If you have really high cheekbones, adding highlighter on the top can make you look puffy.

Know Which Kind of Highlighter You Want to Use:

Depending on the weather, the occasion, your look, and your skin, you can choose powder, liquid, stick, cream highlighter. For instance, a cream or stick highlighter would be better during winters than a powdered one, which is good for summers.

Always Blend Properly:

No matter which type of highlighter you're using, always remember to blend well. You can blend it using fan brush, tapered brush, pencil brush, or beauty blender, depending on what look you’re aiming for.

Pro tip: Blending becomes especially important when using stick or liquid highlighter or it might look chunky and fake.

Blend in the Right Direction:

Always remember to apply the highlighter, as well as blend it upwards. Going downwards can spoil your ultimate plan - facelift.


Don't Forget the Blush:

If you want that natural lift, it is the combination of blush and highlighter, not highlighter alone, that can give you that. Just make sure to choose the right blush shade. The blush complements the shine of the highlighter.

Don’t Use Too Much Highlighter:

No, really. There IS something like too much highlighter no matter how excited you are

Don't Follow Highlighter Tutorials Blindly:

In case you're watching 'how to apply highlighter' tutorials, make sure you watch ones that have face-shape and bone structure similar to yours. Copying as it is, is never a wise thing to do.

Don't Forget to Prep Your Skin:

A moisturizer and primer go a long way in prepping your skin for the makeup. Try applying highlighter after prep-up to half your face and the other half without, and you'll know the difference.

Don't Skip the Foundation:

Always apply a light-weight foundation before starting your makeup. Without a proper base, your whole look including highlighter will not have the desired results.

Pro tip: You can even mix your highlighter with foundation and get an amazing illuminated look.

Don't Apply Highlighter on Low Points:

Highlighter is to emphasize the higher points, not to accentuate the lower ones. Use it to emphasize your higher features.

Now that you know how to use highlighter to your advantage, we know you can't wait to use these tips and slay your next party. Oh, and don't forget to highlight your lips, because everything you say is important.! XOXO darlings! :)