Here's the Surefire Way to Slay the Matte Liquid Lipstick Look

Here's the Surefire Way to Slay the Matte Liquid Lipstick Look

We all love liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks have such intense color, they come in so many amazing shades, and they look so gorgeous when applied perfectly!

And that’s why I’ve brought together everything you need to learn how to apply liquid lipstick perfectly. Right from choosing the right liquid lipstick to picking the right liquid lipstick shades, this one covers it all.

Let’s begin!

Number One: Choose the Right Liquid Lipstick

First of all, you need to choose a liquid lipstick that’s long-stay, non-transfer, and comfortable. Most matte liquid lipsticks are sticky, dry up really quickly, and make your lips feel tugged. Hate that feeling, right? Me too.

That’s why I found this super sexy yet super comfy matte liquid lipstick. It keeps my lips hydrated for as long as 10 hours!

Number Two: Choose the Right Shade

It really depends on the occasion, your outfit, your skintone, and of course, your mood! :)

If you’re going for a red though, I like this red liquid lipstick a lot. It goes well with my LBDs, ethnics, and party wear.

If you’re going for a formal thing, I’d suggest going with something like this awesome brown or this nude one. Such shades go well with formals and semi-formals.

Number Three: Apply Your Liquid Lipstick the Right Way

Step 1: Always remember to run the applicator along the container’s edge. Doing this will get the brush rid of the excess product. Now your liquid lipstick won’t have smudges and lumps.

Step 2: Now start lining your lips. Begin with the cupid's bow and join it with the rest of the upper lip on both sides.

Step 3 - At the lower lip, start from either end and merge in the center.

Step 4 - Once lined, fill the lips in. Make small, swift motions as liquid lipsticks set rather quickly on the lips.


Number Four: Choose the Right Look

I really love how you can play with liquid lipstick. This bright red liquid lipstick and this nude liquid lipstick is one of my favorite combinations to go for ombre.


If you want to look subtle yet charming, you could even try gradient lips. Just make sure you have a steady hand and a smooth lipstick for this. And of course, the quick, classic liquid lipstick look is evergreen with any outfit and look.

No matter what occasion it is, and no matter which look you choose, you need to ensure that the liquid lipstick you use doesn’t layer up and get flaky. Most liquid lipsticks get dried up and flaky, especially when you apply layers.

But this matte liquid lipstick is my favorite. It’s lightweight and comfortable all day long, even when I touch it up! Can you believe, it handles my moods and even my extreme routines… Get this featherlight, super comfortable lipstick, and stay comfy yet sexy!