10 Amazing Indian Makeup Hacks to Enhance Your Ethnic Look

10 Amazing Indian Makeup Hacks to Enhance Your Ethnic Look

The following Indian makeup hacks will help you enhance your beautiful face, regardless of your skin tone!

Many Indian womenwith dusky, olive, or wheatish skin toneshave been following the white girls’ makeup routine their entire lives, believing there is no makeup right for their skin tones. But, not anymore! Rather than trying to conform to society's standards by changing your shade through various methods, let’s embrace what you have and focus on enhancing it with the right Indian makeup tips.

When applied correctly, Indian makeup can create an amazingly alluring effect on your skin. You'll hear everyone go, "Wow!" when you use these Indian style makeup tips!

#1 Use Eye Makeup—to Brighten the Appearance of Your Eyes

There has been a lot of talk about using white eyeliner to create the impression that your eyes are brighter and wider. On our warm Indian skin tones, however, white pencils can sometimes appear too stark and bright.

You can either use a nude eyeliner to do the job, or use a highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes to brighten them up. This will create a magical, wider-looking gaze by adding a slight extension to the whites of your eyes!

#2 A Dash of Kohl—the Quintessential Part of Any Indian Makeup Routine 

Kohl-rimmed eyes scream desi chic like nothing else. The traditional look of kohl-rimmed eyes is back in vogue, and even our favorite Bollywood actors (take a look at Kareena Kapoor Khan) don’t shy away from sporting the trend.

If you want to achieve the classic Kohl-rimmed eye look, use a black kohl pencil to draw a deep black line along the rim of your eyes. Next, smudge the kohl on the upper and lower lids, blending it in the outward direction with an angled eyeshadow brush. Make sure to coat your eyelashes in lots of mascara to complete the look.

#3 Go with a Bright Lipstick—Bold Lips FTW

Dramatic eyes don't go well with bold lips, right? WRONG! Let’s put an end to that age-old adage. A desi girl can totally rock both of them at the same time. After all, color is one of the things Indians are known for, aren't we?

There is no doubt that red lipstick looks stunning on almost every skin tone, but especially on Indian skin tones! Make a bold red lip color the focal point of your outfit the next time you want to take it from plain to wow.

#4 Neutralize with Concealer—Make Your Lipstick Match Your Lips

Oh, the struggle of buying a new lipstick only to find it doesn’t look as good on you as it did on the packaging. The good news iswe have a hack for this.

Make your lips look really vibrant by applying concealer on your lips before lipstick. Your foundation or compact powder can be used as a substitute for concealer if you don't have one on hand!

#5 Browns, Reds & Pinks—Lip Colors That’ll Make You Shine

All of these colors look absolutely stunning against your Indian skin, girls. Red isn't easy for many people to pull off, but Indian skin tones look stunning with a splash of red along their lips or even their eyes.

You can experiment with these colors a little to see what works for your makeup.

#6 Go for a Bold Blush—Brighten Things up a Bit

The powder blush very often disappears on Indian skin. You can create a more natural flush by using a cheek stain, better yet—a long-lasting liquid lipstick.

The product is not only long-lasting and pretty, but will also match with your pout. What a win-win scenario, isn't it?

#7 Color Correcting—Even Out the Unwanted Spots

Discoloration can make the area around your lips and your under-eyes look darker than the rest of your face, even when you wear foundation and concealer. The purpose of color correcting is to cancel out undesired hues and to even out the skin tone.

If you have a deeper skin tone, you should use a corrector with a brighter, orange tint, while if you have a paler skin tone, you should use a lighter, pink tint.

#8 Gold Eyeshadow—Shimmer Like No One’s Watching

It's time to tuck away those matte eyeshadows, girl! You can trust us on this. A desi girl can't live without golden eyeshadow. It complements our Indian skin tones like it’s nobody's business. Go glam in a matter of seconds with a shimmery eyeshadow. 

The best part? Pale gold eyeshadows can even be used as highlighters! Highlight the high points of your face with shimmer gold eyeshadow and blend away for a naturally illuminated look.

#9 Rock the Bindi—Go Traditional

You can't complete an Indian look without a bindi, no matter how ethnic your outfit or makeup is.  You can totally make your eye makeup pop with a bindi. 

Dress up your college kurtas by wearing a simple round dot on your forehead. Alternatively, glittery bindis are a great option when you’re dressing up for functions. The right bindi can complete your traditional look in a matter of seconds, so choose one for your desi girl look today! 

#10 Coconut Oil Is Your Friend—Mum Was Right!

Indian mothers have been raving about how regular champis with coconut will result in long, black hair. It turns out they were right after all!

In addition to being beneficial for your hair, coconut oil can also work wonders for your skin. To achieve an even tone, cleanse your makeup with coconut oil at the end of the day.

The Bottom Line

A lovely range of skin tones can be found among Indiansranging from rosey to deep brown, with golden and bronze undertones. And it's time we learned to embrace it. 

Take great care of your skin, and use the list of Indian makeup tips at home above to bring out your best self, every day!

Have any more tips you’d like to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below!