8 Inspirational Quotes by Makeup Products Right on Your Dresser

8 Inspirational Quotes by Makeup Products Right on Your Dresser

We read so many inspiration quotes every day on the social media, but some of them hit so hard that they change our lives. Now, our makeup products change the way we look, but have you ever thought you could get inspirational quotes from your makeup?

Just on a regular Friday afternoon, my makeup spoke to me, and shared with me some amazing motivational thoughts that really changed my point of view on many things. Don’t believe it? Read ahead! :)

Inspirational Makeup Quote #1 - The Earnest Eyeliner

Because eyeliner speaks louder than words.

Inspirational Makeup Quote #2 - The Brilliant Blush

You can never run out of choices, all you need is to look at the big picture.

Inspirational Makeup Quote #3 - The Mighty Mascara

Wake up, makeup, and choose silence and a roll of eyes over annoying arguments, because why bother?

Inspirational Makeup Quote #4 - The Savior Smokey Eyes

Remember when you smudged your kajal and went with the smokey eye instead? Good. Now do that for every problem in life. Your solutions are always right in front of you.

Inspirational Makeup Quote #5 - The Headstrong Highlighter

Because if you got it, you flaunt it. No questions about it!

Inspirational Makeup Quote #6 - The Wacky Winged Eyeliner

Maybe take more time, but once you start that task, make sure you do it well, or not do it at all. Perfection is sometimes all that can make you happy.

Inspirational Makeup Quote #7 - The Neat n Nice Nail Paint

What is life without some color, fun, and quirk? Go ahead and be yourself every single day!

Inspirational Makeup Quote #8 - The Dual Spirit of Nude Vs Red

Because no matter what color you're wearing, or what you do, I know you'll slay it nevertheless. You go girl!


Never thought your makeup quotes motivational thoughts too, did you? But there’s motivation behind each and every thing we do and see. All you need is to have ears that can hear it. What do y’all think, darlings?

Share your own inspirational quotes with us in the comments because in this hectic life, we’re all looking for some motivational thoughts. And what better than your makeup sharing wisdom! XOXO babes.