10 Inspiring Makeup Quotes to Pick You Up on a Bad Day

10 Inspiring Makeup Quotes to Pick You Up on a Bad Day

There are good days and bad days, but then there are also inspiring quotes. And what better for a makeup lover than inspirational makeup quotes? No, seriously, I mean it.

“When you’re sad, just apply some red lipstick and ATTACK!” This one always makes me jump up and sort my head.

Don’t you think funny makeup quotes work better to inspire you to get up and go? For me, it would be an instant charge-up! I REALLY will get up, put on my red lipstick, and attack! So, here are 10 pick-me-up makeup quotes for you!

#1 This One that Reminds You that You're Always in Control

#2 This One that Tells You that Life is On Fleek as Long as You Believe It

#3 This One that Says It's Your Birth-right to Buy Makeup & Feel Good About It

#4 This Simple Phrase that Says Makeup is the One Constant!

#5 This One that Teaches You an Important Life Lesson

#6 This Basic Thing that We Keep Forgetting - You're never Out of Choices

#7 The Fact that You're Important, so Never Forget the Highlighter, Sis

#8 This Line that You Must Always Tell them When They're Rushing You!

#9 This Very Cute Wish When You Feel Like Life Is Falling Apart

#10 This One Time When Smoking Isn't Injurious to Anybody's Health ;)

Now you know if anything goes wrong, if i’s a bad day, or just a very blue Monday, you have some really funny makeup quotes to pick you up. No matter what, you’ll get past it, just like the time you finally got that winged eyeliner right! XOXO sis :)