Lipstick Shades According to Your Zodiac Signs to Slay Any Occasion

Lipstick Shades According to Your Zodiac Signs to Slay Any Occasion

Ever heard of wearing lipstick shades according to zodiac sign? Well, you can choose your lipstick shade based on a lot of factors your complexion, your undertone, and, of course, your own tastes. However, for those who’ve exhausted all the options listed above, we’ve come up with another way to find the perfect shade for you: one that suits your zodiac sign.

It may sound silly, but there is a great deal of consideration that goes into picking the right lip color. For instance, how do you feel? Are you looking for something subtle or something that stands out instantly?  Because there are so many things to consider, we turned to the stars to determine which lipstick shades will be best for you based on your astrological sign. 

So what are you waiting for? Read this blog and discover your zodiac sign lip color now.

#1 Aries

Aries is a fire sign with a fun personality and a bold, ambitious nature. A person born under this sun sign enjoys taking on challenges and winning. A lipstick that matches the personality of this zodiac sign must be bold and fun.

And what’s a better way to compliment an Aries’ bold personality than with a cool red lip?

Wear this bold lip color on one of your many adventures and you'll look fabulous.

#2 Taurus

Taurus is an Earth sign that likes to remain calm, chill, and relaxed. Their clothing and beauty styles are very practical, which is why they are known as the zodiac sign with a more refined style. 

A Taurus tends to choose a lipstick shade that matches any look, so they might choose a darker tone of nude or pink or a mix of both to complement their outfit.

#3 Gemini

Aside from their amusing and lively personality, Gemini are one of the most fun people to be around. 

Having the life of the party is what makes a Gemini unique, and their ideal lipstick should reflect that. The hue of creamy apricot is perfect to keep a Gemini’s glam looking non-boring while they’re out and about as a social butterfly.

#4 Cancer

Cancer is a sign of intuition, gentleness, and irrevocable love. They enjoy participating in conversations in the most subtle yet impactful ways.

Cancerians, however, prefer not to draw attention to themselves, so their zodiac lipstick would be a very cool-toned pink with a hint of peach. Shades like these exemplify their personality and are ideal for a beach day out for them and the water sign they represent. 

#5 Leo

A textbook Leo is bold, confident, and fiery. They never shy away from the spotlight! 

Leos love to be the center of attention, and a statement shade like fuchsia will surely get everyone's attention. This shade of lipstick reflects their fiery nature perfectly — charismatic, extroverted, and fearless when it comes to others' opinions about them.

#6 Virgo

Virgo is an Earth sign that is practical, pure, and innocent by nature. There is a very girl-next-door vibe about them that is muted, yet loving. Their charming personalities fit in with any situation easily. 

A Virgos zodiac makeup should reflect these traits. The perfect pick for them has to be a barely-there soft, baby pink shade. It can be paired with any look, no matter how muted or bold.

#7 Libra

People born under this Air sign are friendly, fun, flirty, and romantic. Librans are also about harmony they hate vagueness and strive for balance in all that they do. 

Nude lips are among the most harmonious lipsticks around and hence the ideal choice for a Libra. It has an overall balanced makeup look since it does not clash with their natural complexion. Easy-peasy!

#8 Scorpio

Scorpios have a powerful personality, are passionate, and have a dramatic way about them. They project an aura of authority and power.

Nevertheless, they have a magnetism that draws people to them. Deep berry color is the zodiac lip color of choice for this sign. Berry colors with purple undertones represent the powerful aura Scorpio emits.

#9 Sagittarius

Scorpios are known for their intense personalities, and they dress in darker colors. They prefer to get to know someone on a deeper emotional level rather than engaging in a lot of small talks. 

This zodiac sign is eager to venture into the world of adventure and outgoing personality, which is why a red lipstick is the ideal choice. Having red lipstick that lasts all day and through every adventure is just what they need. 

#10 Capricorn

Despite their ambitious natures, Capricorns love to keep things simple and chill. The key to defining their personality is their ambition and easygoing attitude. 

Instead of changing shades according to the time of day, they prefer a fabulous shade that can be worn both day and night. Therefore a smoother crushed raspberry shade is the perfect zodiac sign makeup lipstick for a Capricorn.

#11 Aquarius 

Experimentation and creativity are the characteristics of this water sign. An Aquarius knows how to think outside the box, explore ideas, and bring them to life. They like to challenge societal norms and love to be unconventional.

Aquarius likes things that are not ordinary, so their ideal lip shade won't be either. A dark lipstick with a shimmery look will represent their fluid personality, and it looks cool no matter how they apply it.

#12 Pisces

A Piscean is known to be an empath a sensitive being who is in tune with their emotions and those of others.

Although they are often overwhelmed by feelings of love, they don't give up on it. Because Pisces are so passionate and give so much love, a lovely hue like a hot pink lipstick will be the perfect match for them.

The Bottom Line

When deciding a perfect lippie for your day out becomes difficult, go with choosing a lipstick shade based on your zodiac personality. Yes, this is the new normal!

Also, share this blog with your bestie and help her choose her perfect lip color now.

Is your favorite lip color a match for your zodiac sign? Tell us in the comments! XOXO, darlings!