9 Lipstick Shades to End January with a Smile on Your Face

9 Lipstick Shades to End January with a Smile on Your Face

The January-February season hits differently—weather-wise, wardrobe-wise, and makeup-wise. Don’t you think there are certain lipstick shades that go too well with your winter outfits, especially in January-February? Imagine a nude lipstick and a green sweatshirt, a red lipstick with your snow-white sweater, or even better a perfectly matching plum lipstick with your black cocktail dress!

We know you’re now tempted to try all these amazing lipstick shades. So, we don’t wanna make you wait anymore. Here are 9 lipstick shades to end January and begin February with a perfect, colorful smile!

#1 Pretty, Bright, Rosy Pink

#2 Bold, Mysterious Wine

#3 Peppy, Cutesy Mauve

#4 Sumptuous, Sinful Red


#5 Playful, Sexy Plum

#6 Subtle, Lovely Brown

#7 Warm, Beautiful Nudes

#8 Sassy, Brilliant Coral

#9 Simple, Cool Pink-Nude

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So keep the end of winter sexy with these amazing lipstick shades. Match these red lipsticks, cute pink lipstick shades, and peppy plum lipstick & nude lipstick shades with your warm winter outfits.

So, time to get dressed to kill January-February makeup with these brilliant winter lipstick shades. Have a fun rest-of-the-winter. XOXO, darlings! 🙂