10 Fabulous Nail Art Ideas for Summer 2023

10 Fabulous Nail Art Ideas for Summer 2023

Summer is here and so are the colors of summer, along with the colorful nail art ideas that aren’t just all over the internet but also on all our friends’ nails! We know what you’re thinking… our guess is, “who has all that money to go to the salon and get those expensive trending nail designs?” But you know what? We have something to make your weekend—10 amazing-looking yet easy nail designs.

Looking at these nail art ideas, we’re having second thoughts on spending a bomb at the nail salons, coz if easy nail designs are ACTUALLY easy, why not try DIYing it like a pro? It will be a fun summer thing to do, and who knows, you could also get more likes on Instagram with those glorious nail paint designs! Let’s go!

1. This Super-Cute Black & Lilac Heart & Stripe Nail Design

2. This Pretty Black & White Polka Dot Nail Art

3. This Easy Yet Glam Peach Nail Art with Gemstones

4. This Trending Holographic Nail Art Using Your Favorite Nail Paint & Multipurpose Glitter

5. This Falling Glitter Ombre Nail Art That Just Requires Your Fave Nail Color & a Beauty Blender

6. These Shimmer Manicure Nails That Are Everyone’s Latest Nail Art Obsession

7. This Trending Blue Marble Nail Art Using a Swirl of Colors with Your Regular Blending Brush

8. These Glitter Ombre Nails that We Can’t Get OVER!!!

9. These Light, Summery Peach Gradient Nails That Are As Summery As They Get!

10. This Super-Duper Cute Heart Nail Art in Peach, White, & Black

So, which of these glam, yet easy nail art designs have you chosen for summer 2023? Our favorites are nail art no. 1, 4, 8, and of course the cute heart nail art in no.10! They’re the easiest and still some of the prettiest & trending nail designs, AND trending too!

Tell us your favorite nail polish art in the comments below and we’d love it if you share your own nail art ideas too! Happy nail painting weekend, and XOXO, darlings! <3