11 Nail Art Trends That Will Rule 2023

11 Nail Art Trends That Will Rule 2023

2023 is here and has brought along with it a lot of beauty trends including nail art trends. Some of these nail trends like red nail polish, especially scarlet shades, minimalistic French manicures, and chrome nails have been there for a while. But there are a few trending nail polish colors that are going to rule 2023, like multi-color nails and milky white nails.

We know you’re super-excited to know which nail art trends are gonna be trending this year, but have no time or patience to research the trends😀. So, we’ve done the needful for you, and here are the 10 nail art trends of 2023 that you must catch up with before everyone else does! So scroll ahead and try them all!

#1 Clean Girl Nails

The latest nail art trend is… wait for it… not much art, i.e., minimal manicures that flaunt healthy, clean nails buffed to perfection. You can easily get it by first perfectly buffing your nails and then painting them with colors that hide any imperfections showing off well-manicured & healthy nails.

Basic, low-maintenance nails, that’s all!

#2 Scarlet Red Manicure

Although bold red nails hadn’t gone anywhere, there’s a latest internet theory that says red nails or scarlet manicure is capable of making you seem more attractive. And that’s what brought back the classic French Girl red nails back with a bang in 2023.

#3 Barely-there French Manicure

With thin French manicured nails that look super-classy in any color, especially in the OG white. You can try a barely-there black French manicure too; it’s not just simple but also looks so pretty, or even go for multi-color nails in the same way.

#4 Bejeweled Nail Art

Following the bejeweled makeup trend that the Netflix series “Euphoria” made famous, the next thing is disco brows, followed by embellished nails!

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#5 Subtle Chrome Nails

Although chrome nails were already a thing in 2022, the year 2023 is gonna be more about a softer, more subtle version of chrome nails.

#6 Milky Nails

2023 is full of minimalistic nail art trends, and milky nails are one of them. Not too different from the glazed donut nails, milky nails are somewhere between an opaque and a sheer white. So, essentially, a pretty looking creamy, translucent white.

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#7 Wet Look Nails

After wet look makeup and hair, the next big thing is wet look nail art where you apply your trending nail polish colors on your nails and create waterdrop nail art using clear nail gel.

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#8 Molten Metal Chrome Nails

Nail art that looks like you melted some chrome metal on your nails, and it looks so pretty. Might just be one of the most sought-after nail art trends of 2023! Simply use a clear gel to create the molten design and paint over it with chrome or silver, golden nail polish.

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#9 Retro Floral Nail Art

It looks especially pretty when you make floral nail designs on a matte nail polish base using pastel colors.

#10 Velvet Glaze Nails

Just like it sounds, velvet glaze nails are a pretty-looking blend of two nail art trends from 2022—velvet nails and glazed donut nail—that have come back as a new trend in 2023.

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#11 Metallic Star Nails

One of the cutest nail trends of 2023 might be this metallic stars nail design. Can’t wait to try it!

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So which ones of these 2023 nail art trends are your favorite? We love Nail trends #6, #9, and of course, #10 the most! Tell us your favorite nail designs in the comments below. Keep rocking January. XOXO, darlings!