Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Skip Using a Face Primer

Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Skip Using a Face Primer

There are so many makeup products in the market nowadays that it is sometimes difficult to tell which ones are necessary—and face primers are one of them. 

If you are someone who usually skips this step, you are not alone! Primers are often overlooked as an “extra step” in a regime. But the truth is, they're one of the most important parts of any makeup routine. 

Still not convinced? Well, let us set your mind at ease with this article—which discusses all the benefits of incorporating primer into your makeup routine. 

What Is a Primer?

Primers work as an intermediary step between your skincare routine and makeup application. It smoothens your skin to prevent makeup from caking around wrinkles and blemishes.

Primers have long been used by makeup artists to keep makeup in place. Among the most common and effective primers are silicone-based primers, which blurs the pores on the skin and leaves it feeling smooth upon application.

The Benefits of Using Primer

Now that you know what a primer actually is, let’s take a look at its benefits.

#1 Seals Pores

The main benefit of using makeup primers is that they seal your pores. 

Whether your pores are small or large, a liquid foundation can make them more visible. A makeup primer helps to reduce those problems by sealing pores and creating a barrier over them.

#2 Creates a Smooth Surface for Applying Makeup

A makeup primer helps you create an even base for your makeup so that it looks smooth. You can create a velvety look on your entire face by using a makeup primer before applying makeup.

It has such an alluring appearance that it is hard to do without one once you have become accustomed to it.

#3 Provides a Youthful Glow

With age, your skin thins and dries, resulting in lines and wrinkles. Primer fills in fine lines and pores before you apply your makeup, which minimizes their appearance. You can then apply makeup to a smooth, clean canvas.

Hence, the primer does a great job of making your skin look youthful, even though they don't promise anti-aging properties.

#4 Makes Your Makeup Last Longer

A primer is essential for making sure your makeup lasts throughout the day. They are not only great for sealing in your skincare, but they are also effective in smoothing the surface of your skin for longer-lasting makeup.

Using matte primers also helps keep your makeup in place longer by reducing sweating through the pores. Additionally, they serve as a natural shield against dust, water, and debris that might cause your makeup to come off.

#5 Reduces Oil Production

If your makeup looks shiny and greasy by midday, you may have oily skin. And giving your makeup a matte appearance is a challenge for oily-skinned people. In addition, they may also experience melty makeup throughout the day.

Water based primers can come in handy in such situations. They prevent your makeup from melting down and help achieve a matte appearance. The primer keeps your skin shine-free and looking subtle.

#6 Extremely Lightweight

You don't need to worry about makeup primer making you feel like you have on a mask! Primers leave the skin with a nice, soft finish, almost like a silky, ultra-soft lotion. Honestly, using the best makeup primer will make your skin look and feel lighter than you’ll feel without one.

#7 Hydrates Dry Skin 

Using a primer that contains nourishing ingredients can hydrate your skin, giving it a radiant glow.

With a primer, your skin is instantly rejuvenated and moisturized, and this prevents any damage to your skin beneath layers of makeup.

#8 Easy to Apply

The fact that makeup primers are so easy to apply is another reason to use one. Their texture is almost identical to that of lotion, but they are much lighter and not greasy at all. Once applied, they quickly dry.

#9 Universal Shade 

A makeup primer works for all skin types and all types of skin colors, unlike foundations and concealers. Because there are no colors to choose from, selecting a primer is easy. 

#10 Reduces Redness

The best way to mask redness on your face is to apply primer before the remainder of your makeup routine. Just apply the primer in a thin layer to a clean and moisturized face and gently massage it into the skin.

#11 Hides Acne Scars

You might be eager to reach for correctors and concealers to cover your acne scars, but your first step should be to invest in a makeup primer.

A primer will cover up acne scars in a big way since it smooths and blurs skin imperfections.

What Is the Right Way to Apply Primer?

The various benefits of primer can only be experienced if you use it the right way. Here are some tips that will help.

  1. Regardless of the product, skincare is always the most important factor. You should first wash your face, then follow up with moisturizer and sunscreen (unless you have a primer that includes sunscreen or a moisturizer/primer fusion).
  2. With primer, you don't need fancy tools like you would with other makeup products. Put a pea-sized amount of your favorite primer between your fingers and gently warm it between them. Primer does not have to be lathered on your skin. You only need a small amount.
  3. The primer should be applied to areas that have large pores, such as the t-zone, chin, and forehead. Gently press the primer into your skin in upward or circular motions.
  4. Before you begin applying your face makeup, wait for a minute. This way, the primer will have a chance to absorb into your skin.

The Wrap-Up

Whether you like to glam your face up with makeup or keep things minimal, a primer is the one step you should never skip. We hope the above-mentioned benefits of primer help you decide in favor of these magic makeup products.

Do you use primers before putting on any makeup? Let us know in the comments section below!