8 New Year Resolutions for Beauty Enthusiasts

8 New Year Resolutions for Beauty Enthusiasts

New Year 2024 is approaching and it’s that time of year when we all are in the mood for New Year resolutions. No matter how long we can keep our New Year resolutions, it is one of the biggest New Year traditions worldwide. Of course, makeup lovers have their own beauty and skincare resolutions for the New Year!

Here are 8 New Year resolutions for makeup lovers to begin New Year 2024 with great skin, perfect makeup, and a smile of achievement on their face (if they can keep up with the resolutions for even 10 days, that is :P).

#1 I Shall Not Scream At My Sister Using My New Lipstick

(Okay, I will, but only a little bit, and I’ll scream at her with love)

#2 I Shall Religiously Follow the CTM Routine

(Unless I’m feeling lazy or fall asleep with my pretty face on the pillow)

#3 I Shall Only Use Skin-Friendly Makeup

(Or go with the no-makeup look)

#4 I Shall Only Apply Toxin-Free Nail Polish

(Coz there are enough toxic people in my life already)

#5 I Shall Not Buy More Nude Lipsticks Than I Need

(Unless I need a new lipstick to lift my mood after a long day at work)

#6 I Shall Never Sleep with My Makeup on

(Only exception: Nights I’ve partied too hard)

#7 I Shall Not Lose It When My Highlighter Breaks

(I will only cry and gather the pieces of my shattered heart)

#8 I Shall Try to Have 2 Equal Wings on Both Eyes

(Or at least I will try that they look like neighbors if not twins)

Tell us, what is your New Year resolution for 2024 to keep your beauty and skincare routine perfectly aligned with your beauty goals for the year? Comment with your favorite beauty resolutions below.