One-Line Horror Stories That Will Send Chills Down Makeup Lovers' Spines

One-Line Horror Stories That Will Send Chills Down Makeup Lovers' Spines

From bleeding lipstick to unequal eyeliner, makeup lovers face a lot of mishaps that can be one line horror stories. They're much more than funny makeup memes but also mostly underrated because the pain can only be understood by makeup lovers. Not getting a winged eyeliner right can be a very regular thing for a normal person, but for a makeup obsessed person, it is nothing short of a nightmare. Imagine going to a work party and rubbing your eyes forgetting you have your mascara on—stuff of one line horror stories, right!

So, we’ve compiled 8 such one line stories that will send chills down your spine if you’re a makeup lover. You’d especially like them if you like funny makeup memes, so read on!

#1 We All Have Been There, Done That

Why do bad things happen with good people? :/


#2 And a True Friend Is One Who Tells You That You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth, without Making You Feel Bad

Also, best to use a no-transfer lipstick. :)

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#3 It’s Even Worse Than Your Mom Lashing Out at You

Solution: Go for a volumizing mascara instead of falsies!

#4 That’s Why We Swear by Smudge-Proof Kajals

Trust us, smudge-proof kajals come in handy.

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#5 No Matter how Much You Like Cake, Please Don’t Bring It into Your Makeup

No amount of tutorials can save you if you don't know how to bake your powder!

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#6 No Matter How Many Overlining Tutorials You Watch…

Why god, whyyyyyy!!! :/

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#7 And the Most Frustrating Part Is When It Starts Spilling because of the Hair!

Thank god for non-sticky lip glosses though!

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#8 It’s High Time Adele Posts an Eyeliner Tutorial!

So that we don't have to use our hair to cover the other eye...

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#9 Breakups Are Bad, But Worse When Your Mascara Isn’t Waterproof

There should be a special place in hell for boyfriends who break up on a mascara day.

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Here’s a little longer makeup horror story to end this with a blast… Imagine this—you leave home for a party wearing a non-waterproof mascara. The moment you reach your destination & get out of the cab, it starts raining. You don’t have an umbrella coz it’s December and it never rains in December. You reach the party looking like a zombie. The end.

Share these one line horror stories with your funny makeup meme lover besties. Also share your makeup horror stories with us in the comments section! We’d love to hear, coz makeup misery seeks company. XOXO, darlings!

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