Pro Tips to Use Your Face Palette to Enhance Your Features

Pro Tips to Use Your Face Palette to Enhance Your Features

Discover how to use your blush, highlighter, contour palette to satisfy all your contouring needs in one go!

Anyone who has ever looked rather two-dimensional after applying foundation knows how effective a face palette can be. A quick swipe of bronzer, contour, and blush will give you some seriously defined cheekbones in no time. However, choosing the best highlighter, blush, contour palette requires some serious effort.

Let’s see not just how you can choose the best highlighter blush contour palette, but also how the it should be your go-to perfect face makeup palette.

What Should the Best Highlighter, Blush, and Contour Palette Have?

#1 A Multi-Purpose Contouring Kit

Look for a one-stop kit that can perform all the necessary face sculpting techniques. That way, you won’t need to rummage through your makeup bag for a separate highlighter or multiple palettes.

By applying a highlighter to the high points of your face, you'll achieve an ethereal glow, while the bronzer will add some serious depth to your face. Apply rosy blush to the apples of your cheek if you feel like giving them some love.

#2 Light Weight Finish

Choose a weightless formula of face palettes that hugs skin without suffocating itespecially for oily or blemish-prone skin or hot, sticky weather.

With a lightweight finish, the product won't clog your pores with heavy products, which is usually the cause of acne.

 #3 Long-Lasting Look

Isn't it annoying to apply makeup only to have it fade or melt over time, leaving you looking dull and tired? We are, too!

That's just why we suggest getting a long-lasting Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter palette so that your face stays glowing and sculpted for a long time!

#4 Travel-friendly Packing

Go for a contour, highlight, and blush combination that's all packed into a compact palette, so it would fit nicely in a slim clutch. Keeping this palette in your luggage will help you keep your luggage light next time you have to travel for that wedding or photoshoot in another city.

#5 Easy & Smooth Blending

Although such palettes have powder products, you can choose ones that are powder and yet have a buttery, satiny formula that feels silky on the skin.

The result is an easy application and blending process, leaving you with a natural glow without feeling OTT.

#6 Paraben-free Formula

Find a chemical-free face palette that you can confidently use on your skin because it's gentle and safe. The formulation of the product must be paraben-free, so it is even suitable for sensitive skin types. You can easily get such products online these days.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Contour and Highlight Right

Step 1: Create the Base—And Don’t Forget the Neck!

The first step to any makeup routine is to cleanse and hydrate your skin, then apply a matching foundation over your face with either a wet sponge or a foundation brush.

To make the difference between the face and neck less pronounced, blend your foundation down your neck as well.

Step 2: Contour Your Forehead

If you are new to contouring, you should start by using a powder contour and a contour brush.

Apply contour lightly along your hairline and blend it in smoothly from your temples toward the center of your forehead.

Step 3: Contour Your Cheekbones and Jaw

After you have blended the contour around your hairline, work your way down to your cheek hollows. Using the brush, move it along the indentation, towards the center of your face, and then back out towards your ear. 

As soon as the contour around your cheekbones has been blended, apply contour on your jawlinestarting from the base of your ear to just near the point of your chin.  These steps should create a three-like shape when they are combined.

Step 4: Contour Your Nose (If You Want)

The sides of the nose can be contoured as an extra step for boosting your contouring routine. It is best to begin the process by applying a highlighter to the bridge of your nose.

After that, apply two lines of contour color along the sides of your nose (on either side of the highlight) and blend smoothly.

Step 5: Finish with Highlighter 

Finalize your look by applying a highlighter to areas that catch the light and enhance your natural features.

Make sure you include cheekbones and temples, the bridge of your nose, under your eyebrows, and the inner corners of your eyes.

Tips to Apply Blush So It Looks Natural

Tip 1: Use a Fluffy Brush

It is important to use the right tools when applying blush. Blend the blush with round, fluffy brushes since their texture evenly distributes pigment.

But remember to use a highlighter fan brush while applying the highlighter on the cheekbones for that perfect strobe effect.

Tip 2: Tap That Brush

The last thing you want is large patches of pink and purple blush on your face. Hence, we recommend beginning with a small amount of color and working your way up. 

Tap off any excess blush from your brush before applying it in sweeping motions across your cheeks. An ideal finish leaves skin looking flushed and sun-kissed.

Tip 3: Placement Is Key

Make sure to consider the shape and bone structure of your face before applying blush. For those with round faces, simply smile in the mirror, then dab a bit of blush onto the apple of your cheek.

In contrast, if you have a square face, apply blush underneath your eyes and blend it into your cheekbones.

Tip 4: Get Rid of Extra Product with a Tissue Paper

Last but not least, set your blush with a good, skin-friendly makeup fixer. You can spray a makeup fixer after each step as well, but remember, never too much! Even though setting spray or translucent powder is useful for setting makeup in place, it can sometimes make your skin look dull, especially if you have dry skin.

So, to get rid of any extra product, hold a tissue against your cheek and gently press.

The Bottom Line

Next time you're getting ready for a dateor for a regular day at the officeadd some spark to your two-dimensional look with the best contour, blush, and highlighter palette. In addition, follow the tips above to achieve a perfect look using this face palette.

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