8 Red Lipstick Shades Every Lipstick Lover HAS TO Own

8 Red Lipstick Shades Every Lipstick Lover HAS TO Own

You can never go wrong with a red lipstick. Weather it is a basic red lip, a bright red, or a wine red lipstick, it’s always is a great way to make a statement. There’s something about a red lipstick that gives you that much-needed confidence, effortless glamour, and luxurious look.

But there are so many red lipstick shades out there that any lipstick lover would get confused. We have sorted your problem, though, with these 8 must-have red lipstick shades that should be in your lipstick collection.

#1 A Dazzling Red Liquid Lipstick that Says “I’m My Own Boss”

#2 A Deep Red that Leaves Them Wondering

#3 A Hot Red Matte Lipstick that Drops a Bomb Everywhere It Goes

#4 A Dramatic Creamy Coral that Spells “SASSY”

#5 A Solid Rock Solid Natural Red Lip that Also Slays Parties Like Crazy

#6 A Satin Matte Red Lipstick that Kills, Every. Single. Time.

#7 A Wine Red Lipstick that’s Just Too Good to be True

#8 A Red Lip Balm that’s Just as Sexy as a Red Lipstick, But Oh So Fragrant

You have all these red lipstick shades to choose from. But make sure you choose the best one as per the occasion, requirement, and the overall look. A matte red lipstick will give a more intense color payoff, while a lip balm or a glossy red is subtle, which you can use to gain your desired level of drama. A red liquid lipstick will be long-lasting and non-transfer.

Go choose your red lipstick drama, and don't forget to share your favorite red lipstick shade in the comments. XOXO girlfriends!