Setting Spray Hacks You Must Know

Setting Spray Hacks You Must Know

Stock up on the magic spritz because these genius setting spray hacks are going to make your life much easier!

Whether it's an evening out on the town, a dinner party, or pretty much anything else, every fête we can think of requires one thing: a killer makeup look. Long-haul events, however, also present the risk of slipping off, fading, and smudging your perfectly applied makeup. Thankfully, settings sprays come to our rescue. With this makeup product, you'll be able to keep your foundation, concealer, blush, and anything else you're wearing in place.

What’s better? The makeup-fixing spray can be used in a variety of game-changing ways besides keeping your makeup on spot. Check out some awesome setting spray tricks we've gathered for you.

#1 Create a Killer Base—Use Setting Spray as a Primer

Looking to achieve the perfect base makeup look but running short on primer? No worries, your setting spray has your back.

Once you've moisturized your skin with your favorite moisturizersand put on some sunscreen (don’t skip the SPF)hold your setting spray 4-6 inches away from your face and mist all over! The spray will also ensure that your foundation blends seamlessly with your makeup and stays in place longer, just like a primer.

#2 A Natural Looking Flush—DIY Cream Blush

It can be difficult to wear powder blush on a hot summer day without your makeup looking cakey and streaky. A creamy blush that looks radiant and dewy can be a lifesaver in such situations.

But how do you get sun-kissed cheeks when you don't have cream blush handy? Simple! You use this setting spray beauty hack.

Put some powder blush on a makeup palette, and spritz it with your makeup setting spray. With a blush brush, gently dab the mix on your cheeks. By mimicking cream blush, it creates a more natural flush on your cheeks.

#3 Manage the Frizz—Use It as a Hair Spray

When you have a makeup setting spray by your side, frizzy hair is no longer an issue. In addition to managing frizzy hair, the setting spray helps control the little wisps that don't seem to settle down—just like a hair spray.

Just a few pumps of setting spray will do the trick. Spray it on your hair from about 8-10 inches away and brush it through.

#4 Get Creaseless Eye Makeup—Spray It on Your Eyeshadow Brush

Isn't it frustrating to spend hours blending and buffing your eyelids only to discover them creased a few hours later? Make sure your eyeshadow remains flawless all day with this genius setting spray tip.

Pick up your eyeshadow shade of choice with your eyeshadow brush, then spray twice or thrice with setting spray. Put the eyeshadow on your lids and presto, no creasing. By using this hack, you'll be able to give your eye makeup a seamless finish, as well as make your eyeshadow stand out. There is a 100% color payoff guarantee.

Pro Tip: If you're working with glitter eyeshadow, spray your brush with a setting spray before and after picking out the pigment.

#5  For Dewy Lit Skin—Mix It with Your Highlighter

With this easy setting spray makeup hack, you'll have a radiant complexion in no time. All you need is a makeup spray, a beauty blender, and a glistening face highlighter.

To achieve that luminous wet look, spray some setting spray over your damp sponge and dip it in your highlighter. Apply the hydrating ball to your cheekbones, cupid's bow, and nose, and bounce the rest all over your face. That's it! The result is a radiant, illuminating complexion.

#6 For Groomed Brows—Set Your Eyebrows with Makeup Spray

It can be quite frustrating to spend hours filling and shaping your eyebrows, only to have them look messy a short time later. That is unless you are wearing a setting spray.

Spray a spoolie with setting spray and then comb it upwards through your brows. It will instantly give your eyebrows shape and definition, and it will also keep them in place! You can use this on bare eyebrows or after applying your brow powder or pomade, and it will greatly enhance the look.

#7 For Colorful Eyes—Create Your Own Eyeliner

If your coral eyes don't have a matching eyeliner, your makeup might feel incomplete. Nothing to worry about! By using a trusted angled brush and setting spray, you can transform an eyeshadow into a sleek eyeliner.



Spray some makeup spray on the brush, then dip it in the eyeshadow of your choice. You can use it just like eyeliner. Voila! Colorful eyeliner in no time!

Pro Tip: You can also use your oil-based makeup remover for this hack!

#8 Refresh Your Makeup—Look Glam All Day Long

You can't carry your entire vanity on a long day out. However, sweat and heat tend to melt your makeup. The best way to prevent your makeup from creasing is to use a setting spray.

With a beauty blender, smooth out all the creases on your face and spray some makeup fixer on it. By doing this, you will be able to seal your makeup beautifully again and ensure that it looks perfect. A setting spray can be also used to smooth out under-eye wrinkles.

#9 The Basic Use—Make Your Makeup Smudge-Proof for Hours!

We couldn't leave out the most popular use of a makeup fixer spray. After finishing your makeup, you can use a makeup spray to make it last up to six hours.

Here's a setting spray hack that makes your makeup even more full-proof. Spritz setting spray after each layer of complexion products (for example, after concealer, after foundation, then after contour—you get the idea).

However, to avoid appearing cakey or stiff, this technique requires a certain amount of skill. So remember not to experiment on a special occasion if you plan to do this. Always practice first!


Setting spray is the greatest beauty invention of all time and an essential part of our makeup routine. If you weren’t already a fan of this magic makeup item, we hope this blog changed your mind.

Do you have a favorite setting spray hack? Let us know in the comment section below!