Shimmer Up Your Makeup with Stick Illuminator

Shimmer Up Your Makeup with Stick Illuminator

Do you know about that glowy makeup look that's been all the rage lately? Yes, the dewy, radiant, and healthy one! The key to pulling off that look is one simple product: the stick highlighter.

There are many different highlighters availablepowder, cream, and liquidbut stick illuminators have become a fan favorite over the past few years. In essence, these are highlighters in easy-to-use tubes you can swipe on your cheekbones, forehead, or anywhere natural light hits your face to brighten your complexion.

But make sure you only choose the best stick illuminator to brighten up your skin, if you want to receive compliments like crazy.

The Best Way to Use the Stick Illuminator for the Perfect Glow

#1 Easy-To-Apply

Powder highlighters are a classic. Liquid illuminators are known for their statement, blinding beam.

The highlighter sticks, on the other hand, come in handy when you need something easy, effortless, and quick for touch-ups on the go. So, the Stick Illuminator's fuss-free stick formula lets you swipe on, blend, and voilayou're good to go. 

#2 Smooth Velvety Finish

Stick highlighters aren’t completely liquid, but just the right amount of creamy. These creamy illuminators glide smoothly on your cheekbones to highlight them and reveal an even more gorgeous you.

You will feel silky smooth even after layers of makeup, thanks to its velvety finish.

#3 Blends Quickly

With its creamy formula, a stick highlighter blends seamlessly over your makeup to provide a smooth, radiant finish.

And by radiant, we mean free of obvious sparkle flakes or that dreadful cakey effect.

#4 Adds Natural Glow

No matter how much we love highlighters, nobody wants to look like a disco ball, well, not all the time, if sometimes  when we’re in a total ‘main character’ mood.

You can create a natural look with a face highlighter stick for a true, lit-from-within glow.

#5 Long-Lasting Wear

The best shimmer highlighter is one that you can blend and forget about. It should be able to give you a long-lasting finish that doesn't wash off easily, and it keep the shine on all night long.

#6 Weightless Finish

Using a weightless cream highlighter, you will get instant blurring, diffusing, and brightening effect that lasts.

Unlike regular highlighters that are usually just too much, it will keep your skin smooth and glowing throughout the day without feeling like you’re wearing a highlighter.

#7 Cruelty-Free

Choose a cruelty-free product that’s healthier and contains significantly lesser chemicals than a non-cruelty-free product. So while using a stick highlighter, you will not only be helping save animals but will also be using skin-friendly products.

Stick Illuminator Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Highlight to Slim the Nose

The most flattering makeup hack for a stick highlighter is to use it on the nose to make it appear slimmer. A light coat of creamy highlighter straight down the bridge of the nose can sculpt out a slimmer-looking nose. 

Make sure the tip of the nose has some extra shimmer. Adding shimmer to the noseespecially the tip areawill bring attention to the center of the face, giving it a subtle glow.

Flatter Those Eyes

When you use a highlighter in your eye makeup, you can make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Apply a touch of the stick highlighter on the center of your lids instead of using colorful eyeshadows. With this simple hack, you can create a wide-eyed look that pops.

Add a dash of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to take your eye makeup and highlighter game to the next level. A tiny amount of highlighter applied to the inner corner of your eyes will give you a well-rested appearance.

Light up the Center, and of Course, the Cheekbones

Highlighters do not have to be extravagant to energize your looks! It's all about placing the shimmer in the right places to make them shine without exerting too much effort. Colored and highlighted cheeks have always grabbed all the attention.

However, there are other surprising ways to make these stick illuminators work.

Put a lovely shade of highlighter down the center of your face. Apply a touch of subtle shimmer to the center of your forehead, sweeping it down through the nose and onto your Cupid's bow, and finally onto your chin. In addition to adding an immediate glow to your face, this will make it more vivid and balanced by drawing all attention to the center.

Swap Out Your Contour for a Highlighter

The trend of flaunting a sculpted face with contour is always popular, but you can achieve the same result using a highlighter. You may think the idea is wacky, but highlighting your hollow cheeks and other contouring hot spots will give you some major definition and make you look slimmer.

Sweep your stick highlighter on the contoured areas to add a radiant glow to your complexion.

Get a Shimmery Pout

When creating a bold smoky eye, wear a highlighter on your lips to create a statement-making lip look. 

Use a transparent lip gloss after applying a touch of highlighter to the lips. The effect is stunning, especially if you have a plump pout. 

Try Highlighter (Strategically) On Your Body

Sporting an off-shoulder dress? Give your shoulders and collarbones some glow with the stick highlightercall it grown-up body glitter.  By highlighting your collar bone, you will instantly appear to have chiseled features. 

Likewise, you can use the highlighter very lightly on your shoulders and cleavage. Run a bit of highlighter down the spine of your back if you have a little help.

Get Some Natural Glow

Feel like skipping the whole makeup routine, but not going completely bare? Once you've moisturized your skin, apply some highlighter over the high points of your face.

Due to the stick illuminator's ability to blend evenly, this will provide you with a seamless glowing appearance, which will catch everyone's attention!

To Conclude

If you haven't yet added a stick illuminator to your vanity bag, what are you waiting for? Make your makeup routine more appealing with this god-gifted highlighter.

Which highlighter do you prefer: powder or stick? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!