Skincare Routine Changes to Transition from Cold to Warm Weather

Skincare Routine Changes to Transition from Cold to Warm Weather

Did you know that your skincare routine needs to transition with the weather? You cannot continue with the same beauty routine in cold weather that you were following in summers. In the same way, you have to change your skincare routine when winters transition into spring. Although spring is pleasant and not as hot as summers, the last month of winters, i.e., January, is soon gonna end and spring months February and March are approaching along with a little bit of warmth. This calls for a change in your beauty regime too since spring isn’t exactly cold too.

So, here are a few basic skincare tips to help you transition your skincare routine from winter to spring so your skin glows all the same no matter what the season!

A Rich & Soothing Moisturizer

No matter if it’s summer, winter, spring, or autumn, never ditch the moisturizer. All you need to do is use a hydrating moisturizer that’s enriched with ingredients that suit your skin. For example, if your skin i oily, it’s time to go back to a good gel-based moisturizer rather than the cream-based one that you were using in winters.

Apply & Re-Apply Sunscreen Every 2 Hours

Even though the spring sun doesn’t feel that harsh, and there’s sometimes overcast weather, never skip the SPF. Choose a sunscreen with SPF higher than 40 or 50. Also make sure to apply 20 minutes before going out in the sun and re-apply every 2 hours. Keep a separate sunscreen for face if your skin tends to get sticky with regular body sunscreens. You can even pick a nice tinted sunscreen these days; choose what suits your skin best.

Use Facial Mists for Freshness

Spring might seem fresh & floral all the time but the weather change might make your skin a teeny bit oily or shiny. Always have a face mist on hand to keep your face fresh.

Soothing Serum or Gel

Never underestimate the soothing power of a good serum or gel. Do your own research; don’t go by the famous names doing rounds in the market. For instance, someone with dry skin might find rose hip oil very beneficial, but someone with oily skin might get acne using the same oil.

In the same way, hyaluronic acid serum might be good for one person or skin type, and not suit another even a bit. Although a lot of research goes into understanding which serum or skin oil suits your skin the best, it finally pays off when you feel your skin getting plumper and healthier.

Switch from Cream Products to Powder Products

This is especially important if you live in a place that’s tropical or gets less of a winter, or your skin is oily. You can make it simpler by getting a multipurpose face palette that has Bronzer, Blush, & Highlighter all in one so you don’t have to buy one for each.

Cleanse Your Face Twice Every Day

This goes for all weathers, but we know winters can be harsh and sometimes in those cold night after getting into your blanket it becomes next to impossible to get out and wash your face for that 3-step Skincare routine. But as soon as spring hits, you can start your cleansing routine again for that healthy, clean skin.

Aloe Vera to Soothe Skin

Sometimes, weather change can be sudden and unexpected and your skin is the first thing that has to handle it and your regular skincare regime might go haywire. For such times, use aloe vera gel to naturally soothe your skin.

Lip Balm, Always

Never skip a good lip balm. Just because it’s not winter-y cold winds now, that used to make your lips dry & flaky, it doesn’t mean your lips don’t need hydration! Use a good lip scrub to exfoliate your lips and follow it with a natural lip balm.

Don’t Neglect Your Hands & Feet

Continue using your hand cream and foot moisturizer so that you don’t have to wonder why all of a sudden your hands or feet have become rough or cracked. Also get regular mani–pedies, even if just at home. It’s the best way to keep them safe from sudden weather changes.

We have done all the skincare homework and made you your all-new spring skincare routine. So if you want glowing, healthy, happy skin and don’t want the weather switch to be har\sh on your skin, follow this skincare regime and keep your skin happy!

XOXO, darlings!