11 Dos & Don'ts of Summer Makeup

11 Dos & Don'ts of Summer Makeup

Summer is all about bright colors and cute floral outfits and of course, your favorite summer makeup that brightens up that cute summer dress look! Though the most crucial part of summer makeup isn’t the makeup itself—the sweatproof makeup that you can achieve with just a few makeup products like a sweatproof compact powder, a makeup fixer after each step of your makeup, and of course, using summer-appropriate sweat-proof makeup products.

We have listed 11 summer makeup tips that will help you slay summer and HOW! These are universally apt summer makeup tips for oily and dry skin. So go ahead… save and share this with your summer makeup-lover friends!

1. Do: Use Powder products instead of cream products

One of the most important steps of achieving sweat-proof makeup during summer.

2. Don’t: Skip Moisturizer

One of the best summer makeup tips for oily skin too although most people tend to skip it thinking it will make their skin more oily, which isn’t the case, provided you use a good hydrating moisturizer.

3. Do: Use Pore-Minimizing Primer—It’s Your Summer-Savior

Especially for oily skin which becomes overly open-pored during summer. Make sure to choose a good, non-sticky one though.

4. Don’t: Miss Makeup Fixer—That too, at Every Step

Start with a makeup fixer, followed by your base, then again a makeup fixer. And of course, in the end, after all your makeup is done, just before you apply your lipstick & highlighter.

5. Do: Use Sweat-Proof Makeup Products

Especially all your base products & lipsticks because they tend to bleed during summer.

6. Don’t: Skip Setting Powder

Setting with powder will do you two favors—one, it will set your makeup & even the skin tone out; two, it will help you get creaseless makeup, especially under the eyes.

7. Do: Go for an Oil-Free But Hydrating Foundation

Make sure the foundation is lightweight & doesn’t weigh you down, and it’s the best if the foundation also has SPF! Set it with a sweat-proof compact powder after.

8. Don’t: Sleep with Makeup on—in Any Season, Obviously!

Make it a habit to never go to bed with your makeup on. Two reasons—it will ruin your skin, and you don’t wanna wake up like Cruella and scare away that date you brought home last night.😛

9. Do: Wear Smudge-Free Eye Makeup

Take care of wearing smudge-free eye makeup, especially if you’ve oily skin around your eyes. You don’t wanna sweat black tears during a Sunday brunch date.

10. Don’t: Forget the Sunscreen—Choose Makeup with SPF

Make sure you go step-wise to summer-proof your makeup: moisturizer > SPF > Primer.

11. Do: Keep Your Overall Makeup Light & Minimal

We all love glamorous makeup looks, and you can still wear them during summer. Just make sure you use lightweight, non-sticky, and sweat-proof makeup products.

Which ones of the above summer beauty tips did you find the most useful? Have we missed out on any summer makeup tips? Let us know in the comments and we’d be happy to include them in our list. XOXO, darlings, and happy summer makeup sessions to you!