How to Turn Any Lipstick Shade into Metallic Shade—DIY Tips

How to Turn Any Lipstick Shade into Metallic Shade—DIY Tips

Over the past few years, metallic lipstick has become immensely popular. A variety of metallic shades being released from beauty brands have been styled on celebrity faces, the catwalk, and in numerous beauty campaigns.

Now, we know what you’re wondering—are metallic lipsticks (which come at a steep price) even worth it for someone who wears a nude shade every day? 

What if we told you that you could easily dip your toes into this trend without committing to investing in one? Behold our brilliant DIY metallic lipstick hack—that will help you convert any regular lipstick shade to metallic.

How Are Metallic Shades Different from Normal Ones?

Metallic lipstick enhances or changes the lip color, just like other lipsticks. Metallic lipsticks are available in many colors — from silver lipstick to metallic red lipstick — but they are generally recognized by their silvery pearlescent finish or luster. The name metallic lip color comes from its tinny or chrome-like appearance.

Metallic lipsticks, whether they're nude or bold in color, contain pigments or emollients, and sometimes tiny metal particles that give the lipsticks their metallic sheen.

How to Pull off Metallic Lipstick Like a Star?

Even if you're ready to take on metallic lip colors, there are some rules you should keep in mind when applying makeup. After all, one incorrect application step can leave you looking like a cyborg. You can make your lips shimmer by following these tips on metallic lipstick.

1. Prep Your Lips

You should exfoliate, moisturize, and prime your lips before applying metallic lipstick.

Apply a hydrating lip balm after exfoliating your lips using a gentle lip scrub. Additionally, make sure you have applied a lip primer before applying your metallic lip color to ensure that it will go on smoothly and last long. 

2. Choose a Shade That Compliments Your Skin

If you want to skip straight to sparkling silver lips, that is entirely up to you — and we admire your determination!  If, however, you aren't familiar with the metallic look, start small by picking a shade that's similar to the color you usually wear. 

If you generally go for the nude/brown shade, choose a metallic bronze lipstick color. If you love red, you should opt for a metallic red or slightly golden red. Like pink? Try a rose gold color.

3. Go Easy on the Rest of Your Makeup

Metallic lipstick stands out on its own. Hence, it's best to stick with neutral makeup on your face, even though you might be tempted to pair it with a colorful look. By doing so, you will be able to make your shimmery lip color pop without creating a contrast.

4. Don’t Forget to Use a Lipliner

It could be a good time for you to try a lipliner, even if you don't usually wear it. You don't want to run the risk of your lipstick going past your lips or having the color bleed if you're experimenting with bolder, brighter colors than usual. 

In order to keep your lips in place, you must use a lip liner. It is similar to tracing an outline before filling in the color. Use your kindergarten coloring skills here!

5. Don’t Apply without a Mirror

Although some makeup products can be applied while running out the door (without a mirror), metallic lipstick isn't one of them. The shimmery color makes it easy to spot mistakes. 

You should always apply your metallic lips color in front of a mirror to ensure a neat application. Make sure you blot your lipstick properly to prevent any fading or color transfer.

6. Conceal the Edges

No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are with makeup, you might end up painting outside the lines of your pout with your lipstick. Thankfully, concealers are a quick fix.

Using a lip brush, apply a small amount of concealer to your lips and follow the outer edge of your lips. By doing this, you will hide the color on the outside of your lip line and have a clean, defined metallic makeup look.

Tips to Make Metallic Shades with Any Lipsticks

Now that you know the right ways to put on a metallic lipstick, it’s time you DIY your custom metallic lipstick at home. Here’s how:

Things Required

  • Your favorite lipstick preferably a liquid matte product
  • Long-lasting eyeshadow 
  • Lip liner in the same shade of your lipstick 
  • A soft-bristled eye shadow brush 
  • Vaseline (optional)

Steps to Follow

Step 01:

Make sure you apply a thin layer of lip balm before applying your metallic lipstick, and use a primer or concealer to neutralize the color of your lips.


In addition to enhancing your lipstick's true color and texture, this will keep your lipstick much longer.

Step 02: 

Use a lip liner to line your lips. For seamless application, make sure that the lip liner shade matches the shade of your lipstick.

Step 03: 

Choose your favorite lipstick, and apply it evenly on your lips, just like you’d do on a regular occasion. To make sure the lipstick doesn’t fade, you can double the coating.

Our Pick: Faces Canada Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick

Step 04: 

Put a bit of powdered highlighter or shimmer on top of your lipstick or mix some powdered highlighter with petroleum jelly and apply it.

The highlighter should be applied while the lipstick is still wet and has not settled.

Our Pick: Faces Canada Ultime Pro Illuminating Powder

Congratulations! You've done it! Your own metallic liquid lipstick without spending another dime!

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for something quirky, fun, and loud, then the trend of metallic lips is right up your alley.

And the best part? You don’t have to spend a fortune on buying one. Follow these simple steps, and get ready to rock your new metallic look!

Have any more DIY lipstick tips? Share with us in the comments section. XOXO darlings!