Safe Makeup, Safe Skin—Here’s Why Comfortable Makeup Is Important

Safe Makeup, Safe Skin—Here’s Why Comfortable Makeup Is Important

I always look for “alcohol-free”, safe cosmetics. I think most of us do that lately; we all want safe skin. We’re more health-conscious, more aware, and more careful with what the products we use do to us, AND the world as a whole. So we basically look for safe makeup that takes care of our skin and doesn't hurt anyone.

In short, cruelty-free makeup, chemical-free makeup, safe makeup products, that are mostly alcohol-free.

But do we really know…

What Safe Makeup Really Means?

The most important thing to know is what alcohol-free makeup means. Alcohol does dry your skin. But it’s not all alcohol. You should know that before you check those labels. There are two types of alcohol in skincare: the good alcohol and the bad one.

Avoid the bad one, keep the good one. And to make that choice, you must be aware of which is which.

So, before rejecting anything with a drop of alcohol in it, I’d first learn which is which. If I pick up a bottle labeled alcohol-free skin care and spot cetyl alcohol or butylene glycol in it, I’d keep it because that’s good alcohol. But if I pick a bottle and spot Alcohol Denat or Ethyl Alcohol in it, I’d drop it right there.

Let’s learn the difference.

Alcohol Denat For Skin: The bad alcohol, which is like a solvent.

It basically:

  • Concentrates thick formulas: what makes your regular sunscreens the lightweight texture.
  • Helps skincare elements reach deeper into your skin
  • Constricts pores and gives skin that tight-ish feeling

Fatty Alcohol In Skincare: The good alcohol, which is not drying, unlike the bad alcohol.

Good alcohol:

  • Thickens thin formulas: what makes your favorite body butter so rich in texture
  • Moisturizes skin, giving you that soft smooth feeling
  • Helps water and oils bind well so they work in sync to keep your skin hydrated

Also, research shows you can counteract the drying effects of alcohol with a good moisturizer. As long as a beauty product has enough moisturizing ingredients, you’re fine.

Once you're sure the product you're eyeing has no bad alcohol, don't forget to make sure it doesn't have any animal-tested ingredients, parabens, and other harmful ingredients like phthalates and mineral oil. That's my quick go-to test to shortlist safe makeup products.

What makes Faces Canada Makeup Safe Makeup?

Although it's rare to wear a full face makeup 9 to 5 lately, still when you do, I'm sure you want to stay comfortable and safe. Faces Canada is one of those safe makeup brands that makes sure you get to look pretty with safe makeup.

All the products have been created making sure you do not have to choose between great looks and safe skin. These products:

  • Are made with the best international formulations developed across the globe.
  • Suit every ethnicity, skin type, tone, and texture.
  • Are free from bad alcohol, parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil.
  • Are completely cruelty-free and PETA-approved.
  • Have natural, skin-friendly ingredients, that are hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin too.

These products give you that flawless look and keep your skin safe, so you’re sure to get the best of both worlds—great looks AND safe skin—no compromises! Go ahead and look fab without having to worry about damaging your skin.

I’ll make your search easier. Here are some of my favorite safe makeup products that you can go for. A lot of research has gone into these products, so you don’t have to. :)

This Weightless Matte Finish Lipstick that Treats Your Lips Like a Baby

A super long-lasting lipstick that's almond oil & jojoba oil enriched, and has a zero alcohol & paraben formula. What else would you want when the lipstick itself nourishes your lips!

This Foundation that's So Light and Natural It Feels Like a Second Skin

It has absolutely no alcohol, saves your skin from the sun with SPF 15, and keeps age at the bay with marine algae extracts. Never heard of such a rich foundation, right?

These Nail Enamels that Are Cruelty-Free Unlike a Lot of Other Nail Paints

This is my dream nail paint! It has a chip defying formula without the harmful plasticizers and other chemicals like Toluene & DBP, Camphor and Formaldehyde. If a nail polish is this safe for nails, I would wear it every day.

These Deliciously Flavored Lip Balms That Never Let Your Lips Go Dry

The lip balms not just have really cure pink and red hues, but also nourish your lips with Vitamin A & C, and keep the skin safe from the sun with SPF 15. Plus, the colors are so good I use Rose Petal and Watermelon lip balm as blush and even eyeshadow base sometimes. And I thought lip balms were only to keep the lips from drying. :D

These Berrilicious Blushes that Give You a Truly Healthy Blush!

Enriched with vitamins A & C, goji berries, and shea butter, these blush makeup not just keep you blushing but also keep your skin safe and moisturized all day.


Q1. How do you know if makeup is safe?

While buying makeup, check for the ingredient list. Some ingredients to look out for are parabens, silicones and Ethyl Alcohol. Look for ingredients that are good and nourishing for the skin.

Q2. How quickly does your skin absorb chemicals from makeup?

Your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it and anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds, but these chemicals are extracted from your body in 48 hours or less. But one should always opt for clean and safe products.


If you wish to explore more safe makeup products, check out Faces Canada online. Let us know your view on safe makeup in the comments.