World Emoji Day—10 Emojis Apt for Every Makeup Situation

World Emoji Day—10 Emojis Apt for Every Makeup Situation

It’s World Emoji Day, and we’re SO thrilled because who doesn’t love those cute emojis, but us makeup lovers? And you have to agree, that there are so many makeup situations that can only be properly expressed and explained with emojis.😀

So, we have curated 10 cute makeup emojis you can use to express all your makeup moods, beauty woes, and your love for makeup!

#1 When You Get a New Blush

#2  When Your New Eyeshadow Palette Breaks

#3 When Your Sister Steals Your New Lipstick

#4 When You Hear About a Makeup Sale

#5 Tell Us How to Get Your Crush’s Attention without Getting Your Crush’s Attention

#6 When You Look at a New Lipstick Shade

#7 When You Just Can’t Get Your Eyeliner Right

#8 When Your Parlor Aunty Threads Your Brows Wrong

#9 Your Makeup in Summers without Makeup Fixer

#10 All Your Selfies When You Got Just One Side Eyeliner Perfectly

So, which of these makeup emojis are your favorites to express your love for makeup, and which of these emojis do you use the most? Tell us in the comments. Happy World Emoji Day, and XOXO, darlings!