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Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick

Pro at Comfort & Super Smooth
All red & maroonpink & plumnudes & browns
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Other Liquid Lipstick
Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick
  • The most comfortable liquid lipstick EVER.
  • Macadamia oil and olive butter enriched for natural nourishment.
  • Alcohol-free, hence NO DRYNESS!
  • 10-hour long-stay.
  • 14 breathtaking shades with intense colors & high payoff.
  • Super comfortable matte finish.
  • No transfer.
  • Paraben-free, cruelty-free.
FINALLY, a liquid lipstick that's not just super matte, super long-stay, and transfer-proof, but also super COMFORTABLE! Sounds like a dream, right! Remember that uncomfortable feeling your regular liquid lipsticks give you? Well, we've brought that discomfort to an end with 12 fabulous shades of Comfy Matte Lip Color. Made with our ground-breaking formula Comfy Matte keeps your lips comfortable and hydrated for 10 hours. The super nourishing formula has almond oil and vitamin E, and has 0% alcohol, hence 0% dryness! Congratulations, you finally have love in the form of a liquid lipstick.

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Faces Canada
Country of Origin:India
Net Qty. (g/ml):3 ml

Hassle-free returns within 48 hours.

A liquid lipstick that's doesn't just stay all-day, but also glides super smooooooothly.

Not just 14 intense matte liquid lipstick shades, but also intense hydration & comfort

It doesn't dry, and it doesn’t flake, because it has 0% alcohol.

A liquid lipstick matte-ly in love with your lips.



Amazingggg comfortable formula, color is exact brown with the hint of red in it.. Its exactly the same as Maybelline coffee edition cocoa connoisseur

Garima kumar

This lipstick is amaizing. It becomes completely matte after drying. It is very pigmented and transfer proof. This is a beautiful red shade. Give it a try highly recomended.

Anusmita Das

It is very Good in Texture & quality .I am very much satisfied with the product.Thank you once again .

Leena taurus

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Very good Product

it's too good for lip and feel very smoothing and lightning..

Smooth and longstay

Amazing lip color in maroon shade, smooth application and color lasts all day..

Matte lipstick

This lipshade(Rubescent red 04) is very good in texture and quality.I love this colour. Packaging are also 👍

Shade: Magnifico Red

Just as the name suggest it’s truly a magnificent red colour…Faces Canada has never failed to meet my expectations… it’s such a beautiful red colour that can be worn for different purposes and by different age and colour♥️ A perfect red colour that needs no makeup no glam nothing.. it stands out on its own ♥️

Shade:- Raise your wine -03

Lets tell me about shade first...
Its almost as shown in the image instead darker than that with deep majenta tone in it.
A kind of deep falsa colour.
I was finding such type of shade since long. Perfect for wedding functions n parties. With soft eye makeup this colour will give gorgeous look.
Its packaging is too good with great applicator to apply lipstick precisely and has great colour pay off. Its totally transfer proof. Will require makeup remover to remove. The lipstick formula is very smooth and comfortable on lips. Overall great product. I m absolutely Happy with this product.

Loved with this product

Loved the shade


This lipstick is amazing I just loved the shade

Jyoti Sharma

So soft creamy matt
I am loving it

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Every makeup look is incomplete without lipstick. A bright lip color brings life to the whole makeup. Ladies who do not like to do much makeup, they also cannot save themselves from the attraction of lipstick. The reason for this is that lipstick is very basic and informal makeup, using which the character adds up. It is hard to choose lipstick, as there are several options in the market & fake products are also flooded.

Faces Canada brings to you covet-worthy and very gorgeous liquid lipsticks that will beautify your pout like no other. The Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick is a strongly pigmented liquid matte lipstick that provides high coverage lasting for hours. It provides a one-stroke application that dries within seconds giving a great matte look. The texture remains on lips for hours without cracking it. A non-bleeding formulation, this ‘one coat’ wonder liquid lipstick magnificence comes in different vibrant shades that would take you to town and never let you down!

Texture, Formula, Pigmentation

These liquid lipsticks have a truly nice & smooth texture. The formula is pretty light. I mean it never feels weighty on the lips. Some ladies have been trying out these shades for 2 days & so far love how the formula never goes patchy. Faces liquid lipstick matte go full dense on a single stroke. These are extremely pigmented and offer comprehensive coverage. Even if you decide to layer it up, they don’t go cakey or weird. So a huge thumbs up from me as far as texture, formula and coloring are concerned.

 Decently this lipstick stands high in competition with some of the finest ones available in the market right now. Value-wise this isn’t reasonable. But looking at how well it performs, I am sure it deserves the price tag. Faces have been up-in its makeup game recently with lots of remarkable new launches. Other ranges of their lipsticks are similarly good as well.

Liquid Matte Lipstick is the newly launched product in the beauty sphere that it's not just us who are getting so enthusiastic! Understand that liquid matte lipsticks are in a way the cousin of standard bullet lipsticks.

Liquid matte lipsticks are constantly refreshing, fun & ubiquitous these days (Everybody we know uses them) & the best part is that they don't fade at all once you apply Spread! These long-lasting liquid matte lipsticks are flawless for those who need their lips to look flawless round the clock... & yes, there is a certain way to put on liquid matte lipsticks to make the lips look like that. No conditions involved! But despite this, there are several rules for applying liquid matte lipsticks - do's & don'ts.

How to use Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick

Lipstick plays a very significant role in enhancing the beauty of any female. On occasions like parties, offices & weddings, lipstick is very significant for any woman's appearance. Whether you use a dark color of lipstick or nude color, lipstick is a significant part of makeup.

The matter of liquid lipsticks is different. It is cool to apply & does not spread. This is the motive why girls like to make it a part of their vanity. But despite this, there are still various girls for whom it is not simple to apply liquid lipstick. For such people, we have provided a step-by-step guide.

 If after applying liquid lipstick, your lips become dry & the lipstick does not look correctly. This means that you are certainly making some mistakes while applying. Well, to fix this mistake of yours, we have brought a few easy steps.

Exfoliate the lips with a mild lip scrub, which will eliminate the dead skin cells and make your lips soft & supple.

The matte formula of the liquid lipstick provides a dry effect on the lips, so it is very significant to hydrate the lips earlier applying this lipstick. For this, you apply Vaseline Lip Therapy. After applying the lip balm, wait for a few seconds, so that the lip balm is well absorbed on the lips. After that do the following step.

Next, you need to Line your lips with lip liner. For this, you need to use Lip Liner. Pick a shade that is close to the regular color of your lips. Once you are done lining the lips, fill in the lips through lip liner. This will not make a variance in the lip color & it will look the same. This will provide a decent base for your liquid lipstick.

Select any lipstick shade of your choice from Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick and start filling it from the center of your lips & not the edges. This will make it simpler to shape the lips & your lips will look packed.

 Use concealer to provide the final touch to your lips and outline them correctly. If a little lipstick is spilled, it can be corrected with concealer. For this, take a little concealer on a flat brush & use it on the edges of the lips.

Before applying matte lipstick, use a moisturizer on the lips, matte lipstick is very much in fashion these days. Lips become faintly dry after applying matte lipstick. Before applying lipstick, use a moisturizer on your lips. This will make your lips soft & supple. This will make your lips look attractive.

How is matte lipstick different?

Matte lipstick can make you appear really classy and tidy. It has a matte texture & is easy to use as part of a loveliness regimen. The perfect appearance with this lipstick is obtained by choosing a color that mixes well with your skin tone. Moreover, this is a form of makeup that works well with nearly any other kind of makeup. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant benefits of matte lipstick:

Darker colors are accessible in matte liquid lipstick. It is not glossy & deflects the colors. Since they lack moisture, a matte lipstick appearance will not suit you at all if you have chapped or thin lips. It provides a great look on hydrated lips. If you desire, you can also hydrate the lips before applying lipstick. The specialty of matte lipstick is that it stays on the lips for an extended time, so if you are going out someplace or you have to attend frequent customer meetings at your work then you can use matte lipstick.


Wearing matte lipstick is constantly considered under cool lipstick ideas. Unlike glossy lipsticks, matte lipstick has the capability to endure a long time. It is one of the vital matte liquid lipstick benefits.

While it might be crucial to reapply once a day to retain the premium appearance, there is a significantly lower chance of suffering cracking, caking, or the need for a layer of moisture.

Stick free

One of the liquid lipstick matte advantages is that it doesn't stick to your luxurious clothing when it comes in contact with it. Glossy lipsticks have their own attraction but they can stick with the clothes.

Natural look 

How to use matte lipstick? They are easy & simple to wear and go with all makeup. Matte lipsticks, although bold, can provide you with a natural look in contrast to the glossy ones.

Transfer with Minimal Effort

The most significant lipstick benefits are this lipstick is almost smudge-free. It remains in place after application & is unlikely to spread throughout the day. It’s a fantastic lip balm for assuring you that it won’t transmit when you’re doing ordinary things like eating a snack or drinking a cup of coffee.

Warm Weather


This lipstick is a practical choice to wear on hot summer days. Several glossy lipsticks will begin to smear and become simpler to remove. This is induced by the heat and starting to sweat. Even in high conditions, the matte lipstick does not heat up & remains in place without fading. Other advantages of matte lipstick.


Matte lipstick does not spread & stays for the entire day. Several occasions demand a lipstick that will not spread & that you don't have to wipe it often. This is one of the matte lipstick benefits.


Matte lipsticks are longer-lasting than some glossy ones. A solitary application of matte lipstick for a day is enough. So there is no need to apply it again and again.

 More Power

When it comes to applying this finest matte liquid lipstick, you might have a lot more control. This best matte liquid lipstick might be hard to have flawless control over the amount of lipstick applied when using a doe-foot applicator for the smooth kind.

Excessive matte liquid lipstick base application might effortlessly result in a greasy mess. This is not the case with matte lipstick benefits as it is simple to apply and feels similar whether you need one, two, or three coats.

How to prep your lips for Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick

The magnificence of the face to some extent also breaks on the lips. If the makeup on the lips is not done correctly, then all the hard work will be washed away & the face will not look attractive. If someone's lips are thick then it is fine but particular care needs to be taken while doing make-up for thin lips so that they look attractive. If somebody has thin lips then in these ways he can be shown as desirable and full.

A matte liquid lipstick, for example, has the potential to feel like its sucking each ounce of moisture from my mouth, then highlighting all of my lips' cracks and crevices. A non-matte liquid lipstick, but, can bleed into the corners of your both & even stain your lips even after removing the product.

By the way, it is important to scrub the lips before applying some lipstick. But do not forget to scrub your lips before applying matte lipstick. Scrubbing removes dead cells from your lips & provides an even base for the lipstick. If you apply matte lipstick without scrubbing the lips, then after a while it will get pleated & it will look very bad.


Lip balm is a must first

Matte lipstick is a bit drying, so use a thin layer of lip balm before applying it. With this, your lips will be moisturized & there will be no folds in them & you will get a flawless look.

Lip liner is also significant

Outlining is very significant to maintain the look of matte lipstick. So outline your lipstick shade with a lip liner & then apply lipstick. Lip liner also protects your lipstick from decay for a long time.

It is very significant for the lips to be soft & soft. Like the face, the lips must be taken care of and they must be kept hydrated from time to time. For this, the best scrub or natural scrub sugar must be used. After scrubbing with sugar, apply lip balm & then wipe it off with tissue paper.

Now apply foundation on the lips so that a base is formed. Another benefit of applying foundation is that it will make the shade of the lips brighter & it will last for a long time.

Now it is the turn of the major task i.e. to shape the lips. For this, take a light-colored lip liner and make the shape of the lips with it. Make the shape such that they look thick and large. But the shape of the lips must be according to the face. That is the one that suits your face.

Now use lipstick & highlight the middle of the lips a bit so that they look sparkly and thick. After this, if you want, you can line the lips or leave it like this.

How to line your lips

Beautifying your lips goes beyond applying lipstick. If you do it properly, you have flawlessly filled in lips, but if you do it mistakenly, it’s a disaster. Lip liners are very significant if you want a flawlessly defined lip without having the lip color fade or smudge. Furthermore, lip liners let you create your preferred lip look by enhancing the shape & lend depth to your lips. But lining your lips is no child’s play as even the professionals get it wrong at times. Overlining or having wonky-lined-lined lips is sore to look at.

If you are a noob at the makeup game or a novice & are clueless about how to apply a lip liner, we have got you covered. The sweet pout that you dreamed of can be achieved following this step-by-step guide and a few tips on how to line your lips for a perfect lipstick application.

Exfoliate your lips

The main step is to pay attention to lip care. If you have chapped or torn lips, then after applying lipstick, they will not look decent & neither will these lipsticks be applied correctly. That's why it is significant to remove dead skin cells from the lips. For this, you exfoliate the lips. If you need, you can purchase a lip scrub from the market for this or you can make a scrub at house by mixing brown sugar & honey. Exfoliate the lips for 1 minute with the scrub. Then wash it with water.

Trace the natural lip line

Apply the lip liner on the bottom lip starting from the center & lining it toward the corners for a round shape. Next, join the lines strained on the lower & upper lips on the corner and apply the liner once more to darken the line a bit. If you wish to get a complete pout, simply outdraw your natural lip line on the Cupid’s bow and bottom lips somewhat, avoiding the sides. Wipe off any smears and make sure the line is even & smooth.


This step is important before lining or applying lip color. Applying lip balm will hydrate your dry lips and provide you with a smooth and distinct outline. It will also prevent any creases & cracks once you apply the lip color.

The lip liner does the most work for flawless lip pout. You can get an excellent pout by defining your lips correctly. For this, it is significant that you use the right lip liner. It would be suitable to use a lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick. Outline somewhat outside the lip line with the aid of lip liner. Make the shape in such a way that it does not look over & your lips look fuller.

Mark an ‘X’ on the cupid’s bow

Once you’ve chosen the color you are going with, get a hold of your lip liner & hone it to get a sharp line. Then start by drawing an ‘X’ on your Cupid’s bow, which is the peak of your higher lip. Doing this will enhance the dimension of your upper lip.

Fill in

This step is elective, but if you need your lip color to last longer on your lips, filling your lips with the liner will do the work. Filling your entire lip will make sure your lip color stays on, even when your lipstick shade wears off.

Apply the lip color

Once you have filled in your lips, take a similar color or a somewhat lighter color than your lip liner & swipe it on the lips in such a manner that it emphasizes the outline. Start by applying the color in the middle of the lips & blending in outwards with the help of a brush. Remember to stay inside the lines & mix it well.

Finish with a concealer

This trick is a hit and is used by beauty gurus to improve the pout & making lips look edgy. To make your lips more enclosed & defined, a concealer is applied to cover some smearing or patchy lines. To do this, use an angled brush & apply a concealer matching your skin tone about your lined lip. Then, blend it off with a brush to wipe off some harsh lines. This step will also provide the illusion of a fuller pout.

How to prevent lines on lips

Lines on the areas around the lips are one of the symbols of aging. Wrinkles present on some part of the face act like a stain on your looks. The symptoms of wrinkles are hard to avoid. By using a range of chemical products, you cannot avoid the problem of wrinkles. Separately from this, there are several women who try to avoid wrinkles by resorting to cosmetic treatment. But, by adopting natural and simple methods from the very start, you can avoid lip wrinkles. By using natural remedies, even though you cannot exclude your problems quickly, slowly you can eliminate these problems from the root. Let us know about several such home remedies by which you can prevent lines on lips -

Aloe Vera gel

With aloe vera gel, you can remove the wrinkles on the lips. So, take 1 teaspoon of aloe Vera gel. Apply it around your lips. This removes the fine lines of your skin.

Cinnamon powder

You can also get rid of lines on the lips by using cinnamon. For this, mix the cinnamon in purified water. Now use this mixture well on your lips. Use it on the lips for about 10 minutes. This home medicine can prove to be effective to remove lines from the lips.

Olive oil (olive oil)-

Olive oil is considered to be the top treatment to remove facial wrinkles, it works amazingly on the skin. Therefore, it is very helpful to use it to protect the lips from dryness. Massage your lips every day with this oil, in a few days you will see very good changes in them.

 Vitamin E oil-

You can use vitamin E capsules. Open the capsule & put the powder inside it in coconut oil & apply it on the lips. Massaging it frequently will make your lips healthy, which will effortlessly get rid of all kinds of lip problems. This is one of the finest natural remedies to get rid of wrinkles on the lips.

How to prevent lips from drying out

The skin on the lips is very thin and sensitive and delicate than other parts of the body. The lips are also exposed to the elements, including the sun & cold, dry air, making them prone to dehydration, cracking, flaking, & peeling.

The significance of lips is in enhancing the magnificence of our face. Separately from this, it also has many functions. But most of the time people get upset due to cracked or dry lips. Many types of creams & other things are also available in the market to soften the lips, but here we are telling you several home remedies to cure dry & cracked lips.

Use of Honey

Separately from eating honey, it is used for several other purposes. With its help, you can also treat chapped lips. After using honey on your lips before sleeping at night, wake up in the morning & wash them with fresh water. By doing this for a few days, your chapped lips will start to heal.

Using Lemon and Ghee

To set right chapped lips, mix a few drops of lemon with a little ghee & apply it on your lips at night, then wake up in the morning & wash it with water. By doing this for a few days, the chapped lips will start to heal & the color of the lips will start turning pink. But wash it off if there is irritation.

Using Papaya

Papaya is very good for our health. Massage your lips by extracting the juice of papaya. By using this technique unceasingly for a few days, your lips can be saved from cracking.

Coconut Oil

Massaging your lips with coconut oil every day can also get rid of rough lips. Apply lemon juice to your lips each night before sleeping. Do this medicine for at least two months.

Beetroot Juice

Even after using, the color of the lips turns out to be pink. The red color is naturally available in beets, which makes the lips pink. Beetroot juice also removes the darkness of the lips. Rub orange on your lips. Its juice makes the lips soft and lovely. Mixing coconut water, cucumber juice & lemon juice and applying it to the lips removes the darkness of the lips.

Turmeric Powder

To get rid of chapped lips, mixing turmeric powder with cream & applying it to the lips also removes the darkness of the lips. Separately from this, grind pomegranate seeds with cream and apply it to the lips. With this, you will also see the changes and your lips will become attractive.

Mustard oil 

Mustard oil can now be used in home-based remedies. To make the chapped lips softer, mustard oil must be applied to the navel every night before sleeping. By doing this, the trouble of chapped lips goes away and the lips are also soft.

Intake of Fluids

All through chapped lips, you must drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. If your body is dehydrated, it frequently first shows through the lips. The more water you drink, the better. This is the simplest & handy way.

 Do not chew or scrape the lips

Avoid the temptation to always chew or clench your lips. These two habits make the circumstances worse. Chewing on the lips may offer temporary relief, but when the saliva dries from the lips, your lips turn out to be dry again. Scraping the skin of the lips can lead to bleeding, infection, or even a wound.

Salt or Sugar Scrub

Use this scrub on the lips & massage it in a rounded motion to remove the dead skin. This will make your lips feel soft & fresh. Use a brush to eliminate dead skin. The simple brush to use in this case might as well be your clean toothbrush. Rub it on your lips in a circular motion to eliminate dead skin. Do not use soap-based scrubs. Face wash with scrubbing beads & other soap-based scrubs will dry off your lips.

How to pick your correct Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick shade

Lipstick is the main thing that comes to mind when we think about makeup. Adding color to the lips can make a vast difference to the features of your face. A poorly selected shade of lipstick can effortlessly destroy your whole look. That's why it's significant to select a color that suits you.

The role of lipstick is the most significant in some girls' makeup kits. Among all the makeup products like blusher, concealer, mascara, kajal, eye shadow & shimmer, the place of lipstick is different and significant. Lip makeup can be kept light or dark depending on the makeup, outfit, and time. While selecting a lipstick, along with its color, period, brand, skin tone, skin type, and overall makeup must also be taken care of. For instance, if you have light eye makeup, you can keep the lip makeup dark, while if the eye makeup is shady, then constantly keep the lip makeup light.

Choose according to your Skin tone

It is significant to keep your skin tone in mind while purchasing lipstick. The color & texture of the lipstick must always match the color of the skin, only then the face looks attractive. While choosing lipstick according to skin tone, take particular care of the following things:

Lipstick for fair skin: Several lipstick shades suit the face of fair-skinned females. Light pink, wine red, light purple & cherry red colors stand out on fair skin. Fair skin women must avoid dark blue, dark pink, and blood red. Do not select too much shimmer or a glossy look in the lipstick. Brightness is less appropriate for this skin tone.

Lipstick for medium or whitish complexion: Women who have whitish skin can choose from bright colors. You can select dark pink, blood-red and dark purple lipsticks. These females can also use lip gloss with lipstick. Do not use lipstick shades like green, orange, dark coffee & maroon, as these colors can suppress the skin tone of the face.

Lipstick for dark complexion: Bright and light colors are also good for dark complexion. The use of warm colors like dark red and dark purple would be good for this tone. You can also use some pastel shades like light pink, light purple, light green, aqua, lavender, and ivory colors.

In this way, you can choose your lip shades according to your skin tone. Due to this, it will be easy for you to choose your lip color and you will look very beautiful at any party function. Apart from this, the red color is such a lip shade, which is a good option for you to get a glamorous and bold look. You can use this lip color for parties or offices.

 How to properly remove Comfy Matte Pro Liquid Lipstick

Matte lipstick is a revolutionary invention in the world of makeup, it gives a great look to your lips. As you must have known by now matte lipstick can stay on your lips for a long time. But you also need to keep in mind that matte lipstick is also a makeup that you need to take off before sleeping. But you may find this a difficult task, but do not panic, here we have given many important tips below, with the help of which you can easily remove matte lipstick.

If you want to take out matte lipstick without damaging your lips, then you can follow these easy steps. When ladies do makeup, they pay particular attention to their lipstick. Not only does she focus on the lipstick color, but she also pays equivalent attention to the kind of lipstick. For example, it is not required that she choose glossy lipstick each time. Matte lipsticks also provide you with that beautiful and stylish look.


But, removing matte lipstick is not that easy either. These lipsticks accessible in the market often come with long staying quality and therefore women tend to get a bit harsh with their lips