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Magneteyes Mascara

Dense, long, lightweight lashes
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This volumizing mascara creates bold lashes, fully coating the lashes from root to tip for an endless intense and dramatic look. The soft brush ensures volumised, luscious lashes that stays smudge-proof all day long. It thickens, lengthens and defines to add instant volume to your lashes without clumping.


1. Adds instant volume to your lashes
2. It thickens, lengthens and defines the eye lashes
3. Coats lashes individually for false lash look with no clumping

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: M/s Viva Cosmetics, R. Indl. Complex, Asangaon, Thane - 421601, Maharashtra,M.L. No.: MH/104671

Country of Origin: India

Net Qty. (g/ml): 9.5 ml

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Asha Verma ji
      Nice one

      I purchased it last 6 months ago it's really 🙂 good and it's not heavy on eye lashes ..
      This is one of my favourite mascara

      Amazing product

      I literally love this is an amazing gives my eyes a voluminous look.

      Magneteyes Mascara Dense

      Its too good. Give it a try !

      I'm soo pleased.

      It's fabulous 😍😍

      Riya Riya

      Its really a good product

      Shweta Sahu Beauty Zone

      Magneteyes Mascara

      Sanskriti Barman
      lengthening mascara

      the coat gives a good lengthening effect, separates the lashes and doesn't clump. great for a natural look!

      Kavya Lekha


      What is Faces Canada Magneteyes Mascara?

      Since the lashes are completely coated starting from the root using this voluminous Faces Canada magnet eye mascara, they appear forever striking and dramatic, which gives them an edgy look. The lashes are luscious and volumized and are smudge-proofing all day long due to the soft brush. It thickens and lengthens, and shapes your lashes to instantly increase the volume and shape of your lashes without creating a clump.


      • Increase eyelash volume by applying this Faces Canada magnetic mascara to the eyes.
      • The eyelashes get thickened, lengthened, and defined with this product.
      • Apply each eyelash individually for a look that is free of lumps.

      How do I apply the Faces Canada Magneteyes Mascara? Is Mascara Best to Use?

      This mascara makeup product that is multi-tasking performs so many things in one swipe. It can lift, curl, volumize, and define all in one swipe. Don't overlook the power of a gorgeous set of eyelashes. A livelier look by applying mascara brushes instantly improves the look even if you do not want to put on any makeup. Using a small quantity of makeup immediately lights your eyes and creates an elegant look.

      The wrong application of Mascara, However, misapplication of Mascara can cause an absolute mess. Learn to avoid the dreadful eyes of raccoons and apply Mascara in a proper manner. Let this serve as a reference so that you don't get an unsightly and unimaginably smokey eye later on.

      While Mascara appears to be an easy thing to apply, however, it's possible to make mistakes in applying it. No matter if you're a beginner or an experienced professional, this easy lesson will assist you in learning the best way to use Mascara properly and efficiently.

    • Clean Your Lashes

    • Just as you clean your face before applying makeup, you should make sure that your lashes are clean and free of dirt before applying your makeup. It will help prevent the mascara brush from becoming lumpy.

    • Make them curly

    • The lash curler is held near the base of your eyelashes, and then pressing the curler downwards will keep your eyes straight. It is important to be cautious when using the curler as it could pull the hair. If you'd like to use it, put your index finger along the bottom of your lashes instead. Repeat the process 3 to four times until you can see them beginning to form a slight curl.

    • Prep Your Eyelashes

    • Use a small quantity of baby powder in order to enlarge your eyelashes. You have to apply the baby powder onto a spoolie or qi-tip that isn't contaminated by any other product. With your comb, you can use it on your eyelashes. Make sure that there's only a thin layer of powder.

    • Apply Mascara to Finish the Look

    • Start with applying the Mascara to the center of your eyelashes before moving them out. Utilizing a tissue to remove any excess mascara accumulated on the brush, staring directly at the mirror, and then applying the Mascara to the top of your eyelashes can be the most efficient way to do it. When you use the product, you should wiggle the wand until you apply the product to every hair from the root to the tip. Be sure that there's no remaining product left on the brush before placing it in a vertical position and using the information to separate and stop the eyelashes from becoming lumpy. If you're looking to do a thorough job, then you can use a dirty makeup brush.

    • Apply a Second Coat of Paint

    • If you'd like to create an even more dramatic look, apply an additional coat of Mascara and continue the process over and over.

      What Is The Difference That Faces Canada Magneteyes Mascara Add?

      We all make the blunders of not putting on our lipstick when we leave the house every now and again. A majority of women that choose to put it on do not think that it's an attractive look for them. You can also steer clear of the use of bronzers and highlighters completely, relying only on the blusher for color and contrast. A BB cream can quickly and easily eliminate the need for foundation application.

      According to the most up-to-date available information, the majority of women use Mascara on an everyday basis. If they do not, they'll likely opt for fake eyelashes to hide their identity in this case. For we're not able to imagine what it'd be like without access to high-end Mascara.

      It's the truth that a variety of situations affect the things that are happening in our day-to-day lives. The most important thing to be aware of is that natural eyelashes, which are not painted, aren't very attractive, which is the most crucial thing to keep in mind. Additionally, when our eyelashes are thin and thin, they're nearly invisible when placed in contact with the skin. Although there are a couple of noteworthy exceptions, even those with naturally long and gorgeous eyelashes prefer using Mascara to create an appearance more appealing to the eyes.

      Mascara is not just used to make the eyes stand out and draw attention to the eyes but also provides the overall look of the makeup a unique look. Lash extensions that are perfectly coated give a beautiful frame over the eyes, which makes them appear more sculpted and attractive due to the application procedure. The right Mascara darkens, lengthens curlers, and thickens the lashes if applied properly. It also helps in increasing the volume of our eyebrows and our lash line. Each element of this makeup look is combined to create a look that is both attractive and captivating.

      How Do I Prevent Faces Canada Magneteyes Mascara To Stop Getting Stuck?

      There is a good chance that the reason for the clumpy appearance of Mascara isn't an isolated, simple element but rather several factors which can cause the aforementioned cosmetic disaster. Keep reading to find out the most common reasons for Mascara to clump and how to avoid the occurrence.

    • There Is an Excessive Amount of Mascara on the Wand

    • The majority of mascaras have the tiny grip element that's designed to ensure that the wand is able to dispense the amount of product you'd like it to. There are occasions when excess product is accumulated on the brush, regardless of the type of insert, which is a pity. If you notice that your meeting is slightly overly coated with the product, gently rub it against the sides of the container in order to eliminate any excess material.

    • You've Used An Excessive Number Of Coats

    • It is possible to create lumps in your volumizing Mascara when you apply coat after coat of it, especially in the case of fiber mascara. As you don't wish to get an uncontrollable clump on your hands, it's important to apply the product with care and only apply more coats when necessary to ensure you don't overdo it.

    • You Didn't Use a Primer, Which Is a Big Mistake

    • Like the way a primer can make your makeup appear more flawless, if you wish to make your lashes appear at their best, begin with a lash primer. The product can be purchased at L'Oreal Paris counters and online. The Primer, which has the oil of rose to enhance your eyelashes, can help enhance the Mascara you apply after it is used for a complete flash (sans the clumps).

    • You've Chosen the Incorrect Application Method

    • Applying mascara liner to the top of your lashes is pretty simple. Start with the bottom of your lashes and gradually work up to the tips. Applying the mascara liner to your lower lashes could be a bit more difficult. It is because when dealing with very small lashes, it may be difficult to get out. Instead, use an easy side-to-side zigzag movement to thoroughly coat your lashes and get as close to the lash line as you can in order to achieve the desired result.

    • You Didn't Completely Remove All of Your Mascara from the Previous Day

    • One look at your lashes can show the truth, even if you think you've accomplished a great job taking off your makeup. Since Mascara is one of the most difficult cosmetics to get rid of, you could notice traces of Mascara on your lashes that could contribute to clumping and thinning of the lashes. To begin with, it is best to have to apply a clean foundation trying to achieve no clumps. Ensure that the next time you put on a coat, there will not be any remnants to cause clumping. You'll get a better application.

    • You're applying Mascara using The Incorrect Method

    • Everyone is enthralled by the look of long, full curls of lashes towards the end, but there aren't all women who can achieve the same result by making use of the same products. Similar to how you should select the best moisturizer and cleanser for your face to treat your skin issues, you must also find the most effective Mascara for your specific skin type.

    • Your Mascara Has Reached The End Of Its Shelf Life

    • Mascara, like other cosmetics, comes with an expiration date. In actuality, it's one of the items which deteriorates the fastest when used improperly. It's likely that if you've noticed your beloved Mascara isn't working like it once did and appears to be drained and dulled in appearance since it's old. Mascara generally has a shelf-life of three to six months; therefore, try to keep it within the specified timeframe to keep your lashes free of clumps for as long as you can.

      What Steps Should You Do To Keep Mascara From Becoming Clumpy?

      • Choose the right no-clump mascara to give your lashes more volume without knots. The first step. It's not the same about all mascaras. Wispy lashes are made by applying a non-clumping mascara which gives you the volume you require without causing your lashes to keep their shape in an unruly ball.
      • Applying Mascara at the very tops of your eyelashes, one of the most effective ways to remove eyes that look clumpy is to use the tips of the mascara wand. The mascara wand needs to be held horizontally when applying the product to the base of your lashes to increase volume. Once you have reached the very top, the mascara wand must be held up straight to ensure an easier application and a smooth finish. Concentrating your Mascara to the base of your lashes instead of the tips results in the most natural-looking, feathery lashes.
      • Utilizing your mascara wand to continuously squeeze the liquid from the bottle to accumulate more product onto the brush, you will get the most bizarre-looking eyelashes that you've ever seen, and that is a guarantee. A lot of air is pushed into the tube through the pumping back and forth motion, which dries out the product and leads to an accumulation of Mascara on your eyelashes. To prevent this from happening, you should use a gentle motion within the tube until it is able to hold the product. Draw it out with a single smooth motion, wiping any remaining product from the tube's mouth, and apply the Mascara Kajal.
      • If you love applying mascaras for long, thick, and curly lashes, limit your application to less than three or two coats at one time. More than that could cause the product to build onto your lashes, which will result in lashes that look squiggly.
      • Instead of applying Mascara in a single line from root to tip, use the wand to move around from the base and begin to work upwards in a zigzag pattern starting from the ground and ending at the top. By doing this, you can apply the product evenly across your lashes without covering every individual lash with excessive substance.
      • Although you don't have to wait until the Mascara is completely dry prior to applying the second coat, we recommend waiting for at least 30 seconds in order to give the first coat to dry fully. Furthermore, using a lot of coats of Mascara when it's still damp can cause the lashes to become joined, which can make the lashes appear lumpy and sloppy.
      • It can be difficult to remove it without damaging your eyelashes when it is time to take off your Mascara after a day's work. The disadvantage of putting the product on your lashes for a long time is that it will be more difficult to apply new mascara kajal with precision the next day when you use your makeup. If you're removing your makeup after a night out, make sure you spend some extra time looking after your eyelashes. On a cotton pad, apply oil or another oil-based makeup remover, and place the pad over your eyes for between 15 and 20 seconds or until the product is completely eliminated. After that, use a gentle cleanser for your face, and wash all your eye makeup and makeup from your face.

      Mascara Hacks

      It's possible that a tiny amount of Mascara can help in drawing focus to the eyes of others and help them shine! Just a small amount of Mascara can have a dramatic effect on your appearance overall. Even though the Mascara that is designed for lower eyelashes is among the most stunning cosmetics available for your eyes, applying it could be a little challenging.

      If you wish to avoid costly mistakes in your appearance and do not use the product, you can employ the tricks for a mascara that are described below. We ensure that your lashes grow more voluminous, longer, and more volumizing with each application of Mascara, adhering to these instructions for Mascara. Within a few minutes, you'll apply Mascara like a pro using the help of these genius methods!

    • Use primer for lashes

    • Make sure you are prepared with the Primer. It has ten benefits. Among them is ensuring that Mascara stays longer. It can help make your mascara style make a statement." By using this product for preconditioning, any mascara will last longer, and it also helps condition your lashes to prevent flaking or flaking or smudging. It also helps to volumize and lengthen your lashes prior to applying Mascara or applying lashes to your lashes throughout the day, increasing your look for the highest payoff.

    • Correctly hold a mascara brush

    • The final effect is that the way you hold your Mascara can have a major impact. Therefore, if you're seeking large lashes, use the brush in a horizontal position; if you prefer an appearance that is more natural, it is best to use the meeting in a vertical position and then run the edge of the brush across your lashes. While this can be more effective for lower lashes, it's not as efficient for the upper lashes because it only touches the edges.

    • Be on the lookout for the Mascara's moisture level to ensure that it doesn't transfer

    • If you'd like to avoid the transfer of Mascara, you must put on an eyelid primer because it decreases the amount of moisture that collects over your eyelids or the under-eye area. Another important thing to remember is to set your concealer with powder to ensure that the room underneath the eye area is clean and nothing is smudged. I've seen a number of makeup artists use this technique, and it's a great idea.

    • Make sure to soak the mascara tubing in warm water for a couple of minutes

    • Alternatively, you can place the mascara tube in hot water for a few minutes in order to ensure that the Mascara is more liquid. Be sure that the lid on the box is tightly closed. To prevent any type of eye irritation, follow this procedure if you have used Mascara for less than three months. In other cases, you should throw the product in the garbage to prevent any kind of eye disease.

    • Put a spoon in your eye on the left

    • If you find that applying the mascara bottle is an unpleasant process, and you'll end up with streaks of the formula on your face, try holding a spoon beneath your eyes while applying the Mascara. The spoon should be placed so that the curved portion of the scoop faces outwards so that when you use Mascara, the residue doesn't get on your skin but on the spoon itself.

    • Keep your lashes curled over longer periods of time

    • Applying a thicker application of Mascara to the top of your lashes and applying a thinner coat as you move towards the end of your lashes may assist in curling your lashes more efficiently. Twiggling your lashes around on the bottom will ensure that they're not completely covered by the product. It helps keep your lashes curled over longer periods of time.

    • Then finish with an evening spray that's free of lumps

    • When it comes time to apply two coats of Mascara, without flaking or clumping, put a few drops of liquid makeup remover in the mascara trial brush, perhaps an existing (clean) mascara brush that has been removed from a tube that has dried, and then swirl the brush until it's completely saturated. Then, gently brush the brush through your lashes in order to remove the Mascara you are currently using and remove any clumps or possibly flake-like particles that might have been formed as you would typically, apply your night-time layer of Mascara and allow it to spread across your lashes effortlessly giving them volume, definition, and length.

    • Baby powder can assist you in getting a greater volume

    • Baby powder or translucent powder is a great option to make your lashes appear larger and more volumized. To increase the volume of your lashes, after applying the initial layer of Mascara, apply the baby powder onto your eyelashes, giving an airy appearance. After using the second coat, the lashes appear more full because of the more volume.

    • The recipe could enhance the flavor by adding a couple of drops of salicylate solution

    • If your Mascara is becoming flaky and you are unable to get it back, make use of a saline solution to solve the issue right away. Just add some drops of the key into the mascara tube, and you'll have a smooth, flake-free formula within moments. After you've applied the solution with saline, you'll notice it is much simpler to use it on your eyelashes.

    • Use the mascara brush to brush your brows

    • Mascara can be used to make brows that are striking. For the look of brows that are thicker, grab the mascara wand, and then clean any excess product using tissue paper prior to filling your brows with the brush upwards and outward direction.

    • Use Mascara to disguise hair gray

    • With a small amount of Mascara that isn't waterproof, in a similar shade to the hair color, and then brushing straight across the root of your gray hair, you can cover gray hair.

    • Make use of Mascara, and then curl the curling lashes simultaneously to get the most effective results

    • When you curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler and then apply Mascara simultaneously, the lashes will remain bent for a long period of time after you use the first coat of Mascara. You can then place the eyelash curler at the base of your lashes to keep your lashes curled for a longer time. When curling your lashes, you could make use of a blow dryer to warm your lashes just enough to make them bend more easily after curling. But be careful not to burn yourself applying this method.

    • Apply Mascara on top of your fake Mascara to finish the look

    • Once you've put on your fake lashes, apply a coat with Mascara that is not waterproof to make sure they match the natural lashes as close as you can. This will hide any imperfections or gaps in the glue that could have formed.

      How Do You Effectively Get Rid Of Mascara?

      Particularly after spending hours in the mirror trying to get voluminous and long-lasting eyes, we don't wish for our Mascara to fall off when we shower. That is why a majority of us apply waterproof mascaras to ensure our lashes are looking the best. The issue of how to get rid of waterproof Mascara eyeliner effectively is a different matter altogether.

      Since it's designed to withstand sweat and water, it can be difficult to get it out of your eyelashes. In addition, rubbing your Mascara too hard could cause bruising and fallouts on the skin that surrounds the eyes. In this section, we will guide you through the procedure of getting rid of Mascara.

      One of the more effective methods to remove waterproof Mascara is using remover for eyelashes It is a no-brainer, in my view. If you're organized and keep your life in control, it's possible that you'll never be short of makeup removers for your eyes because you'll be sure to buy some beforehand. This tip is to those who are brand unfamiliar with the concept of makeup. Be aware! It's best to apply an eye makeup removal product at the conclusion of your day to get rid of the makeup you've used.

      • With a cotton pad, apply a tiny quantity of eye makeup removal.
      • You can close your eyes. Put the cotton pad on top of your Mascara for a few minutes to soak up any oil.
      • The place is gently wiped downwards towards the ends of your lashes.
      • Repeat the process until all traces of Mascara are eliminated.

      Choose a high-quality eye makeup remover that's been tested for ophthalmology as well as hypoallergenic. It is crucial since your eyes are among the most sensitive part of your body.

    • Micellar Water

    • If you suffer from sensitive or dry skin, micellar water could be the solution. Applying this lotion to the eye area that is sensitive as well as on your lashes whenever you're trying to make them as soft as you can is a great idea. The most important thing is to break down the makeup that makes your Mascara waterproof. It can be done through micellar water that is infused with oil.

      • Use the micellar water on an absorbent pad to achieve the most effective results.
      • Close your eyes and put the cotton pad over your lashes for about 10 seconds. Then, you can open your eyes.
      • Be gentle and gently wipe down the line of the lash and work your way towards the tips of your lashes.
      • Repeat this process with new pads until the product has been eliminated.

      It is recommended to choose hypoallergenic and high-quality makeup products to avoid allergic reactions. When selecting your micellar water, make sure you use well-known brands to be sure you are not disappointed.

    • Using Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, or Almond Oil These Are the All-Natural Techniques You Should Definitely Try

    • It's one of the most effective and secure ways to remove Mascara to make use of coconut oil or almond oil or olive oil to remove the stubborn Mascara that is notoriously difficult to remove. The delicate eye area doesn't require to be tugged or rubbed in any way. The most important thing is that these oils are rich in nutrients and can help in the growth of black, long, healthy eyelashes.

      • Use a small amount of oil on the cotton pad.
      • Then, place the pad on the inner lining of your upper eyelid and let it rest for several seconds.
      • Simply wipe your lashes down all the way down your eyelashes towards the tips, not pressing or straining.
      • Repeat this process until the Mascara formula is completely broken down and there is no trace of it remaining on your eyelashes.
      • Make use of a moist wipe to get rid of any oil residue that may have remained on your mascara eyes after the oil was removed.

      It is recommended only to use a tiny amount of oil as this process is somewhat messy. It is possible to prevent any from getting into the eye by this method. If it does get an opportunity to enter your eye, then flush it out using water as soon as you notice.

    • Baby Shampoo Specifically, the 'No-Tear Formula'

    • Baby shampoo to wash off Mascara that is waterproof could be the only option in case the other options fail, and you're lucky enough to have one in your bathroom cabinet. The compositions that are 'no-tear' are generally safe to use and are non-scented and hypoallergenic, which makes them a great option for skin that is sensitive.

      • Apply a small amount of baby shampoo to your hair. Apply it to your lashes using an aqueous cotton ball for the most effective results.
      • With a cotton pad, use a cotton pad to wipe your lashes downwards towards the ends of your eyelashes.
      • Use a moist cloth or a cotton pad to clean mascara and baby shampoo off your face. Ensure there's no trace of shampoo that remains.
      • A regular shampoo shouldn't be used in this situation as it may irritate the eyes and cause extreme irritation.
    • A normal cool cream or lotion is suggested.

    • If you've exhausted all other options for getting rid of Mascara, if you have exhausted all other options for removing your waterproof Mascara, you can apply cold cream or even a moisturizing cream for your face (although it will require some additional effort). Cold cream is also used to get rid of makeup from the beginning.

      • Apply the cold cream after cleansing your face with your cleanser of choice. Apply the cream to your skin once you're finished.
      • Apply the cream to your lashes and gently massage it into your lashes before cleaning them with an ointment-soaked towel.

      The use of potent chemical-based cosmetics close to your eyes is not advised because it could cause an eye infection. It is also suggested to avoid using petroleum jelly for removing the eye makeup as the petrochemicals can harm the health of your skin. It is a possibility to cause zits and milia.

      How Can I Get Big Eyelashes with Mascara?

      You'll be able to use Mascara with the precision of an expert if you adhere to these amazing methods for Mascara with eyeliner.

    • Take off any Mascara that is not needed using an ointment

    • The first step is to use tissue paper to take away all excess eyeliner with Mascara prior to applying the initial coat. The lashes are less likely to develop clumps as a consequence of this. If you place the mascara wand onto your tissue, any extra product will transfer onto the tissue, and you'll be able to get the perfect look.

    • Change the Mascara brush in your hands

    • If you're having difficulty using Mascara, you can try gently twisting the edge of the Volume Perfect Mascara brush so that it is parallel to the area in which you are holding it. That will help make it simpler to apply the Mascara. The result will be a good lot easier to use the makeup on both your lower and upper eyelashes by doing this.

    • Place your bottle of Mascara hot water to soak

    • If you wish to make the texture of the Mascara to be more silky smooth, all you need to do is soak your Volume Perfect Mascara tube in hot water for a couple of minutes. Make sure the cap on the mascara tube is shut throughout the day. If you've been using the product for longer than three months, dispose of it to prevent developing any type of eye infection. If you used this product less than three months ago, it is recommended to take this route instead.

    • Set a spoon in the eye of one, and place it in the eye.

    • A spoon should be placed below the eyelids when using Volume Perfect Mascara is a great idea in the event that you realize that the application of Mascara is messy for you and you end up with spots of the product on your skin following the application. If you set the spoon in a way that the curved edge is facing out the other side, any excess mascara that you might get on your skin while applying the product will end up on the inside side of the spoon.

    • Get a full-on look by using the perfect baby powder

    • It is possible to get a longer-lasting set of lashes with baby powder or translucent powder. After applying one coat of the favorite mascara brand to your lashes, Sprinkle some baby powder on the lashes. It gives an appearance of being fuller. If you apply the second layer, the eyelashes will appear to have to appear larger and fuller.

    • The Mascara that is flaky is best if it has several drops of a solution containing saline incorporated into it

    • In the event that your Mascara formula is becoming dry and flaky, you can try using the saline solution instead. The procedure you want to use is smooth and free of flaky particles and can be made by adding some drops of liquid inside the mascara tube. Once you've added the solution of saline, you'll discover that it's much easier to apply it to your lashes.

    • Use the brush of your Mascara across your eyebrows

    • It is possible to get better-defined brows with Mascara that is the best quality. Start by taking your Mascara wand and get rid of any remnants of product left on the rod by wiping it down with tissue paper. After that, apply the product to your eyebrows by moving the brush upwards and outward motion while it uses the Mascara to achieve the appearance of a fuller brow.

    • While curling your eyelashes, apply Mascara while twisting them

    • Applying Mascara simultaneously with curling your eyelashes using an eyelash curler could keep your eyelashes in a curled look for a longer time if you follow the guidelines in this method.

      To ensure that your lashes remain curled throughout the time, you can put the clamp of your eyelash curler on the base of your eyelashes prior to applying the initial coat of Mascara. You can assist in curling your lashes by heating them by blow-drying them for a few seconds prior to you begin. That will permit your lashes to blend more easily.


      Is it waterproof?

      Yes, this Mascara is waterproof. 

      Is it transfer-proof?

      Yes, this Mascara is transfer-proof. 

      Is it safe for teenage girls?

      Yes, it is safe for teenage girls.

      How do you make Mascara last longer?

      Close your mascara bottle securely. If you apply Mascara, you open the bottle to the air and quickly dry out the contents. If you run empty of your Mascara, take it off and discard it, and do not pump it. You may be tempted to squeeze more Mascara from youtube by pumping it in the box once you've run out. It's not the best idea! Instead, you should purchase the finest Mascara on the internet in India.

      Is it acceptable to wear Mascara on a daily basis?

      It's not recommended to apply daily Mascara because it could cause damage to your eyelashes that are sensitive. If you wish to ensure your lashes are healthy, you should follow these easy guidelines to apply Mascara every day. Apply a moisturizing treatment to your lashes. Similar to the skin around you, eyelashes require moisturization.

      How long will Mascara last if used daily?

      Mascara's shelf life is of 3 to 6 months and shouldn't be kept more than that. It's in front of you every day! To ensure you're on the safe side, consider replacing your mascara tube with a fresh one each season to reduce the chance of getting eye inflammation.

      Are your eyelashes growing when you don't use Mascara?

      If you decide to stop applying Mascara for a certain period of time, you'll experience an improvement in the strength and density of your lashes as well as the growth of your hair. As well as avoiding exposing them to strains of removal of Mascara and removal, you're also giving your lashes to undergo their natural growth process without the aid of any product.

      Do you think it is okay to sleep with Mascara on?

      Alongside the issues mentioned above, in addition to the above problems, wearing Mascara while sleeping can cause lashes to fall off when it dries and forms clumps overnight and can cause other issues. Be careful not to risk your eyesight by putting eyes at risk. Don't put on Mascara before bed, and ensure that it's gone completely before you go to bed comfortably. Mascara remover pads assist in removing Mascara fast and securely.
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