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Weightless Matte Finish Lipstick

Hydrated lightweight matte
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Reasons To Buy

  • Powder matte smooth texture
  • Effortlessly glides on your lips
  • Plush, Pigment rich formula
  • High color pay off in a single stroke
  • Light weight and feels comfortable on lips
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Enriched with almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E for moisturized and soft lips


These intensely pigmented lipsticks feature a plush, colour rich formula which offers a high color payoff in a single stroke. The weightless, ultra-comfortable formula is enriched with almond, jojoba and vitamin E oil

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer:Maxima Solutions, Plot No. 56, Sector - IIDC, IIE SIDCUL, Pantnagar - 263153, Uttarakhand

Country of Origin:India

Net Qty. (g/ml):4

Ingredient List

Castor Oil,CapryIic/Capric Triglyceride,AIuminium Hydroxide & Silica,KoeIin trimethicone, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Petrolatu m, Octyl methoxvc nnamate ,MlcrocrvstaIIine Wax, Cera alba,performelene PL Polymer, Butyrospermum Parkii(Shea) Butter, Ozokerite wax, Candelilla wax, Ethylhexvl Olivate, Perfume, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, 8HT, Propvl paraben. May contains: a 77891,Cl 77499,Cl 77491,a 45410,Cl 19140,a 15850 42090,a 77492, Mica Cl 77019 & Tin oxide.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 36 reviews
      Gauri Jha
      Amazing shades

      I bought three matte lipstick. texture and shades are amazing

      Priyanjana Gupta
      Great buy. The color is absolutely perfect.

      Matte and long lasting.

      Nice Product

      Light weight,long lasting and transfer proof..

      Sushmita Roy
      Matte lipstick

      Omg this lipstick was fabulous I love shade😍

      Very nice

      Just amazing lipstick... loved the colour and texture

      Weightless matte Finish Lipstick

      For generations, men and women have experimented with lip colour, ranging from crushed gemstones to extracting colour from flowers and vegetables. Weightless matte Finish Lipstick cosmetics have been around for millennia. Weightless matte Finish Lipstick makeup has developed throughout the years, and today we have hundreds and thousands of options to choose from. There is Weightless matte Lipstick out there for everyone since there are so many various kinds of Weightless matte Finish Lipsticks available.

      It's in between satin and matte. When it comes to moisturising, matte Weightless matte Finish Lipsticks are the best of all worlds. These Weightless matte Lipsticks shades are more pigmented than sheer or satin Weightless matte Finish Lipstick, and they apply smoothly to the lips. For times you want both colour and nutrition. The shea-butter infused composition of this Weightless matte Finish Lipstick keeps your lips soft and hydrated all day long.

      How to use Weightless matte Finish Lipstick

      First and foremost, and this cannot be emphasized enough: preparation is essential! You don't want to have dry, chapped lips while you're out and about. Lips that are smooth, supple, and healthy-looking may be achieved by exfoliating them with a wet toothbrush and then moisturising them with a nutritious lip balm. If you want your Weightless matte Lipstick  color to last longer and not smear, use a lip primer beforehand.

      • Applying a Base

      The foundation of your Weightless matte Finish Lipstick is critical if you're concerned about bleeding or an uneven liptone. It's important to do this so your Weightless matte Finish Lipstick doesn't bleed into your mouth. Use a flat brush or a tiny fluffy brush to apply a little amount of concealer in a shade that matches your lip colour. The base should be sealed with a layer of compact. Your lip colour will last longer as a result of this product.

      • Apply a lipliner.

      To ensure your lips are perfectly shaped before applying Weightless matte Lipstick, use a high-quality lip pencil. Use a lip liner to define, reshape, and perfect the contours of your lips so that your Weightless matte Lipstick colors doesn't become messy. You'll seem more defined, precise, and polished if you do it this way.

      To avoid feathering, use a lip liner that matches your skin tone to trace over your natural lip line from one corner to the other (this sometimes depends on matching it with the Weightless lipstick matte you decide to wear). Create a 'X' shape on your top lip, right below the cupid's bow, to accentuate it.

      • Adding a Definition 

      Correct the contour of your lips with a concealer blush and focus on the borders. If you'd like to give your lips a pouty appearance, a smear of lip gloss is an optional extra.

      How to choose your perfect shade of Weightless matte Finish Lipstick

      Everyone should have a characteristic shade of red Weightless matte Finish Lipstick, but finding the right shade is more complicated than just slapping any old hue on your lips. When it comes to matching Weightless matte Finish Lipsticks to your skin tone, there is a complicated colour theory at work, and it may make or break your appearance. Here are a few short pointers on colour matching red lipstick matte shades:

      1. Identify the undertone.

      The 'temperature' of our skin may be characterised as the undertone of our skin. It may be found in a variety of colours including golden, olive, neutral, and cold tones. The quickest and most accurate technique to identify undertone is to look at the veins on the inside of the wrist. Veins that are coloured blue or purple are more prevalent in people with cooler skin tones, while veins that gleam through green are more common in those with warm skin. A combination might be indicative of skin with a neutral tone.

      1. Take into account your skin tone.

      As a result of knowing the undertone of our skin, we can make better educated selections regarding which matte lipstick shade will complement our skin tone. It is important to understand that our skin tone is simply the depth of melanin in our skin when mixed with our undertone; the most frequent skin tones are fair (fair), light (light), golden (tan), bronze (deep), and rich (dark)

      1. Sort colours into groups.

      After determining our undertone and skin tone, we can now shop for and wear attractive Weightless matte Finish Lipsticks in a range of colour categories. Red, berry, plum, peach, pink, and nude are just a few of the classic colour groups.

      1. Include a choice of options.

      Once we've found shades that we like, we can start experimenting with different finishes. From balms and tints to liquid lipstick matte, we prefer to create collections that range from sheer to saturated in colour and texture. Do you have a favourite colour? Keep a variety of finishes on hand to keep things interesting (at least a little).

      1. Make it more appealing

      It is the last step to put together a full lip appearance that is complementary to your skin tone and lip shape.

      More matte Weightless matte Finish Lipstick colours attract the greatest attention to the form of the lips since they are bolder, deeper, and more matte in appearance. Lip liners, particularly those in somewhat darker tones, provide depth and dimension to the lips, giving them a fuller, more juicy appearance.

      How to wear a pale shade of Weightless matte Finish Lipstick without seeming bleached

      Despite the fact that dark matte lipstick long lasting colours such as reds, wines, and maroons seem elegant and sophisticated, light Weightless matte Finish Lipstick shades such as nudes and pastels have their own allure and appeal.

      Light hues of Weightless matte Finish Lipstick are ideal for pairing with a variety of styles, ranging from the most basic no-makeup makeup looks to dramatic smoky eye makeup. Unlike most black Weightless matte Finish Lipstick hues, these Weightless matte Finish Lipstick tints may be used with any eyeshadow and blush combination without the need to worry about the colours clashing or seeming unnatural. Original lipstick, on the other hand, may occasionally make you seem pasty and sallow, which is unpleasant.

      Follow these guidelines to avoid appearing ashy and washed out while wearing pale Weightless matte Finish Lipstick shades:

      • Determine the best light Weightless matte Finish Lipstick hue for your skin tone and undertones

      If you notice that your favourite light Weightless matte Finish Lipstick shade is making you seem washed out, it is likely that you have picked a shade that is too light or pale for your skin tone and complexion. If you are not trying for a dramatic makeup look, select a light Weightless matte Finish Lipstick shade that is at least a shade darker than your skin tone, particularly if you are using a nude matte lipstick palette shade to contrast with your skin tone. 

      Consider your undertones when selecting a light Weightless matte Finish Lipstick hue to go with them. For example, light and pale complexion tones should choose light Weightless matte Finish Lipstick colours with a gentle pink undertone, whilst darker skin tones would appear effortlessly elegant in  Original lipstick with brown or peachy undertones, as seen in the photo.

      • Using a lip liner, give your lips some depth and colour by drawing lines across them.

      You may add depth and dimension to your lips by outlining them with a lip liner that is just a little darker than your light Weightless matte Finish Lipstick shade if you feel that your light Weightless matte Finish Lipstick shade is not standing out enough. A black lip liner will not only assist you in creating a contrast between your Weightless matte Finish Lipstick shade and your skin tone, but it will also allow you to contour your lips and give them more volume while you wear your Original lipstick .

      Using your lip liner, soften the edges and mix it with your light Weightless matte Finish Lipstick shade to produce a gentle ombre look on your lips. And that's not all; applying a lip liner helps to keep your matte lipstick for brown skin in place and prevents it from feathering or leaking outside of your natural lip line as well.

      • Use your eyes to make a statement about yourself.

      Light Weightless matte Finish Lipstick colours are ideal for experimenting with different colour combinations on the rest of your face. All varied makeup colours, from dramatic black smokey eyes to brilliant orange cheeks, are wonderfully complemented by a light shade of matte lipstick kit in any combination. If you want to draw attention away from your lips, go all out with your eye makeup. If you want to draw attention away from your lips, go all out with your eye makeup. It all depends on the colour of your Weightless matte Finish Lipstick. 

      You may either create a gentle monochromatic makeup look with eyeshadows that are similar to your Weightless matte Finish Lipstick or create a dramatic contrast with dark and colourful eyeshadow colours. Using bronzer and contouring, you may draw attention to your facial features while also adding warmth to your complexion. A bright coloured blush can be used to draw attention to the high points on your cheeks. Using a bright highlighter, draw attention to your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose to create a glowy, sun-kissed appearance.

      Bonus Tip: Use your light matte lipstick for fair skin shade to give a flush of colour to your cheeks and eyes to achieve a fast monochromatic appearance with just one product by using your light Weightless matte Finish Lipstick shade.

      A light shade of Weightless matte Finish Lipstick, on the other hand, appears naturally fresh and playful, whilst a dark hue adds drama and glitz to your appearance, To achieve a minimalist style, neutral hd matte lipstick tones are crucial; yet, choosing a shade that makes you seem pale and ill is simple.

      Weightless matte Finish Lipsticks in a variety of colours for everyday wear

      Keep in mind that your undertone and complexion will assist you in picking a Weightless matte Finish Lipstick colour, but they are not the be-all and end-all of the process. It's vital to experiment with several colours and, eventually, select the one that you think looks the best on you. 

      • Play around with different colours that professionals suggest for your complexion and skin tone.
      • If you have fair or light complexion, light pink, coral, peach, nudes, or beige are good colours to experiment with.
      • If you have cool undertones, a light mocha and nude are good choices. Warm undertones may be achieved by using soft pinks or a nude with a hint of peach. 
      • If you have medium skin tone, consider using rose, mauve, or berry tones.
      • Cool undertones may be achieved by using colours like pink or cherry. Copper or bronze undertones may be used to create warm undertones. 
      • If you have tanned skin, stay away from dark hues like browns and purples and instead go for bright colours with an orange undertone. The majority of other hues will look fantastic as well. Try a coral or a rich pink colour. 
      • If you have a dark complexion, browns or purples such as walnut, caramel, plum, or wine are great choices.
      •  Reds with cool undertones, like as ruby and wine, should be sought for. Copper or bronze are good choices for warm undertones. 

      How to properly line lips

      Lip liner is one of those amazing cosmetic items that can be used for a variety of purposes: it may be used to define your mouth, to keep your matte lipstick in place, and to make your lips seem more full if you like. The only issue is that it might be a bit intimidating to use at first. However, this strategy is the most straightforward method of ensuring that it is applied precisely every time. 

      • Make a "X" with your lip liner right where your Cupid's bow is located.
      • Draw a line downward from the top of each side of the "X" to the corners of your mouth starting at the top of each side of the "X."
      • A tiny line of lip liner should be applied to the middle of your bottom lip.
      • Draw a line of lip liner from either side of the tiny line, connecting it to the corners with the rest of the line. It's completely OK if it's not precisely straight.
      • Fill in your lips with your Weightless matte Finish Lipstick and blot them if you want your matte lipstick dry lips to linger all day or if you just like the colour of your Weightless matte Finish Lipstick liner. After that, reapply your matching Weightless matte Finish Lipstick and blot one more.

      How to do ombre lips with Weightless matte Finish Lipstick

      The ombre technique has been popular in both nail art and hair colouring lately. And now we have ombre lips to add to the mix. What exactly is an ombre? It simply refers to the use of two unique hues that are monochromatic in nature.

      If it is not done correctly, it can come across as very tacky. However, achieving ombre lips is not that difficult either. The key is in selecting colours that work well together and experimenting with them. Continue reading this post to learn how to create ombre lips and other beauty tips. Please continue reading!

      Listed here are the most critical stages in creating an Ombre lip makeup tutorial.

      1. Colors to Consider

      The first step is to figure out which two colours will work well together to get the desired effect in order to begin. To choose the hues, choose one that is similar to your primary lip colour. Afterwards, pick a colour that is either lighter or darker than your base colour, depending on your preference. 

      However, be certain that the colours are comparable in tone. It is recommended to start with a red matte lipstick and then layer it with the darkest brown you have on hand to produce the desired effect of ombre lips. However, for starters, you should choose a pink or a dark brown to go with your red outfit. If you choose a pink as your foundation colour, you may create an ombre effect by applying an orange or brown matte lipstick over top to create an ombre appearance. You must use two colours that can be used together to create a gradient of colour on your lips in order to succeed.

      1. Method to use 

      The next step is to decide on a method to use. In order to get a DIY ombre lips look, you may use a variety of different techniques to produce the colour gradient. You may get this look by using a different shade on one lip than on the other, applying a gradient from the outermost edge to the innermost section of the lips, or even moving horizontally across the lips so that one corner of your mouth is lighter in colour than the other corner.

      1. Two-tone effect.

      It's the most basic kind of an ombre lip that involves using a brighter shade on one lip and a darker shade on the other, and then blending them together at the inside of the lips.

      1. Outer devil method 

      After that, you may line your lips with a lip liner that is one shade darker than your foundation Weightless matte Finish Lipstick colour and then apply your base matte lipsticks for dry lips over top. Keep the line thicker on the corners and taper it off as you approach closer to the curve of the lips to create a more natural look. 

      Then, using the basic Weightless matte Finish Lipstick, apply it to the lips, avoiding the innermost region of the lips entirely. Use the lighter Weightless matte Finish Lipstick on the innermost portion of your lips and finish with clear gloss to level everything out.

      1. The Inner Demon

      Simple reverse of the previous method is all it takes to do this one. Reverse the application of colours so that the darker colours are applied to the innermost portion of the lip and the lighter colours are applied to the outside portion. When the gradient difference between the two colours is not too extreme, this approach looks its finest. When using a pink innermost colour and a neutral outermost hue, the results are the best.

      1. The Oomph Factor

      This method is referred to as the "oomph effect" because when done with a brilliant red and a deep brown or black, it results in very sexy-looking red ombre lips that are absolutely sultry. The method calls for the use of black or brown matte lipsticks for dry lips  or liner. Make a line of black or brown on the inside corners of your mouth and line the lower lip with this line as well, and then apply your Weightless matte Finish Lipstick. 

      Now, using a dark coloured Weightless matte Finish Lipstick, draw over the line you just made with a black or brown pen (preferably a wine shade). Finally, use a crimson Weightless matte Finish Lipstick to cover the whole surface of your lips (you can skip the wine coloured lipstick matte if you are using a deep shade of red)

      1. Additional Gradients

      There are a plethora of different variations on the fundamental approaches. Once you have gotten a feel for the fundamental principle, you may experiment with more than two different colours. Continuing with the ombre lips theme, here are some more examples of wonderfully done gradients.

      Tutorial for Ombre Lips

      Let's get this ombre lips tutorial started:

      Step 1- Prepare the base 

      Begin by moisturising the region around your lips with a high-quality hydrating lip balm. If you have dry and flaky lips, it is suggested using a lip cleanser first, followed by a lip balm, to smooth and soften the lips before applying the balm. Then, using a light concealer, cover the whole surface of your lips to mask any discoloration or pigmentation that may be present. If you have pretty pink lips with no pigmentation, you may be able to skip this step altogether.

      Step 2- Define the lips 

      Use a strong and brilliant red lip pencil to define your lips, especially in a matte consistency to make them seem fuller. Begin by producing shorter stokes from the topmost lip region and working your way down to the bottom of your lips. Then, using the same lip pencil as before, thoroughly fill in the upper lip region.

      Step 3- Blend the lipliner 

      The next step is to apply a coat of red lipstick matte on top of the places where the liner was previously placed. Make use of a fine lip brush to properly blend the lipliner and the lipstick matte for a tidy finish on your lips. Next, using the same concealer that was used in the previous step, begin filling just the middle lip region to brighten it, working your way outward.

      Step 4- Dab the corners 

      To finish, take a tissue paper and gently dab the corners of your lips together. This procedure will eliminate the hard edges of the lipstick matte as well as any excess from the lips.

      Step 5- Apply Weightless matte Finish Lipstick 

      Then, in the middle of your lips, apply Weightless matte Finish Lipstick. This Weightless matte Finish Lipstick should be put right on top of the concealer that was applied in the previous stage to complete the look. Then, using a clear lip gloss, apply it to the middle of your lips to give them more volume and a plumped appearance. To eliminate any rough edges from the orange and red matte based lipstick, use a small lip brush to carefully blend the colours together.

      Step 6- Apply highlighter shadow 

      Then, at the bottom centre of the lip, apply a soft champagne or highlighter eyeshadow to accentuate the shape. This step is completely optional, and you may avoid it if you are not comfortable with the idea of adding extra glossiness to your lips. The application of a glittery substance to the lips will result in a softly accentuated appearance for the lips. 

      Getting the ideal ombre effect might be difficult, but with a little bit of reference and direction, you will be able to do it without difficulty. Not only can your hair turn attention, but your ombre lips can do the same thing, allowing you to take the centre stage that you deserve as well. Experiment with various hairstyles, matte based lipstick colours, and Weightless matte Finish Lipstick finishes to get the most out of your venture. Concentrate on getting the tone just right to make it vivid, and you'll have a lovely ombre effect that will take your breath away!

      Weightless matte Finish Lipstick hacks

      Whether you are a seasoned makeup artist or are just getting started, Weightless matte Finish Lipstick is the one beauty tool you cannot live without in your collection. You've probably tried everything, from satin to complete matte, from incredibly pigmented liquid Weightless matte Finish Lipstick to soft and cream-based lipstick, and you've probably liked it all. Know how to prevent Weightless matte Finish Lipstick from getting on your teeth, though. Alternatively, how can you get rid of tenacious liquid Weightless matte Finish Lipstick that simply won't budge?

      Listed here are fast and simple faces weightless matte lipstick swatches hacks that every beauty enthusiast should be aware of in order to save time while still getting a flawless Weightless matte Finish Lipstick wearing experience every time!

      1. Use sharp edges to draw attention to your lips.

      Have you ever puzzled why your faces weightless matte lipstick swatches doesn't seem to be as sharp as the ones on the models you see in advertisements and magazines? Even though you used the sharpest lip liner you could find, the corners of your lips don't seem to be perfectly clean. 

      A fast lip makeup tip to make your faces weightless matte lipstick swatches stand out and have a very crisp and defined lip line is to use a little amount of concealer to clean the borders of your lips before applying your Weightless matte Finish Lipstick. After you've applied your matte finish lipstick, take a little quantity of concealer and apply it to the outside of your lips using an angled brush. This will smooth out the edges and give your lips a more defined appearance! 

      1. Create your own lip colour palettes.

      Do you have a lot of faces canada matte finish lipstick  that are half-used laying around? Are you having trouble deciding which ones to bring on your next trip? This simple Weightless matte Finish Lipstick trick will make travelling with a large number of Weightless matte Finish Lipsticks much more manageable and convenient! Make use of a plastic medicine/pills box, and simply scrape out the remnants of your old faces canadamatte finish lipstick  and place one in each of the compartments of the box. 

      And that's the end of it. If you have clean fingertips, you may softly push down on the matte finish lipstick  to make them lie level and even in the container. Create your own Weightless matte Finish Lipstick palette by selecting your favourite colours and bringing this travel-friendly palette with you everywhere you go. To be prepared, all you need to do is bring a faces canada weightless matte lipstick brush along with you. No more rummaging through your purse in search of that one last Weightless matte Finish Lipstick tube.

      1. Avoid putting Weightless matte Finish Lipstick on your teeth.

      Nobody likes to be seen with faces canada weightless matte lipstick  stains on their teeth while they are in a group of people they care about. This easy Weightless matte Finish Lipstick trick will keep your teeth white and free of colour, allowing you to speak and smile confidently at all times. The key is to make sure that any extra Weightless matte Finish Lipstick is eliminated from the inner margins of your lips before applying your faces canada weightless matte lipstick. 

      Make a little "O" shape with your lips in order to do this. Placing your index finger in your mouth and softly closing your lips around the finger can help you to swallow more easily. Pull your finger softly out of the socket and you're finished! You now have the additional Weightless matte Finish Lipstick colour on your finger, rather than on your lips, which would have otherwise transferred.

      1. Make your lips seem larger.

      In order to acquire a bigger and plumper pout, you do not need to resort to lip injections, which is a popular trend these days.  Always start by exfoliating your lips and applying a little layer of lip balm to get the blood flowing to your lips and create a smooth and perfect foundation for the rest of your lip makeup to be applied on top of. 

      1. Apply primer to your lips 

      Using a concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone, apply a layer of primer to your lips after your canvas is complete. Not only will this help your faces canada weightless matte lipstick last longer, but it will also provide an even foundation that will allow the real colour of the Weightless matte Finish Lipstick to shine through more clearly. This also helps to mix the colour of your lips with the colour of your surrounding skin, making it easier to over-line your lips without making it seem noticeable.

      1. Use a fine liner to softly outline your cupid's bow and the centre of your bottom lips on the outside of your lips. 

      It is important not to over-line your whole mouth since this can result in your lips seeming unnaturally large. Stick to the centres of your top and bottom lips, and for the rest of your lips, follow the natural edge of your lips.