10 Makeup Tips for Big, Beautiful Eyes

10 Makeup Tips for Big, Beautiful Eyes

There is no doubt that bigger, brighter eyes make a face look more polished. But if your eyes are smaller, what do you do to make your eyes look bigger?

Well, the good news is—that you can easily create the appearance of larger, better-lit eyes with eye makeup looks.

It is fairly simple, and can probably be done with your existing makeup products. To help you out, this article goes over some of the amazing tips you need to follow if you want to create makeup for big eyes.

#1 Groom Your Brows

Perfectly formed brows give your face a lot of structure and make a world of difference. First and foremost, you must ensure that your brows are properly tweezed and shaped. They should be not too thin nor too thick, but just the right width to suit your face. 

Fill in any gaps between your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, if necessary. You will have fuller brows and a more attractive appearance.

#2 Hide ‘Em Dark Circles

Crow's feet under your eyes can make them appear tired and droopy. By applying concealer to those annoying dark circles, you can even out your skin tone and make your eyes stand out.

Conceal your dark circles first with a concealer that matches your skin tone, then apply a light layer of foundation to make your complexion look more even. For even more brightness under your eyes, use an illuminating concealer after applying foundation. 

Use powder to prevent creasing after applying concealer and foundation. This creates the illusion of bigger eyes.

#3 Curl Your Lashes

Taking the time to curl your lashes may seem like an extra step, but you'll never regret it. 

Curling your eyelashes makes them look longer and fuller.

Learning how to use a lash curler, and using one that is of high quality, is essential. It will dramatically change how your eyes look-wide and beautiful

#4 Volumize

If you want a bigger eye look, your lashes are as important as your eyebrows. In addition to taking care of eyelashes naturally, you need to use the right makeup tools and techniques to volumize your lashes.

Apply a thick coat of mascara to your lashes after curling them. This will make them appear thicker and longer. Don’t forget to apply mascara to your lower lashes. Having thick and wispy lashes is the perfect way to achieve bigger eyes.

#5 Highlight

If you want your eyes to appear larger, highlight certain parts of them with eyeshadow, similar to how you would do with your face. 

Choose white or light ivory eye shadow to achieve this effect. Apply the eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes, below the arch of your eyebrows, and in the center of the lids of your eyes to leave them looking more awake and alert.

Another quick way to highlight the eyes is to apply a white eye pencil to the lower waterline. It will help accentuate your eyes, making them appear larger.

#6 Contour

Contouring your eyes is just as crucial as highlighting them if you want to make them appear larger.

Make your eyes stand out with a dark brown shade. You can create the illusion that your eyes are larger by applying the shadow just above your crease. Make a smokey eye by dragging the shadow upwards and outwards to create the illusion of wider eyes. 

Use the same dark brown eyeshadow to line your lower lash line, starting at the outer corner and moving towards the middle.

#7 Use Shimmer Eyeshadow

The shimmer eyeshadows can give you big, bright eyes faster than the matte ones. The trick is knowing which one is right for you. Make sure the shade matches your skin tone. Don't make assumptions. Try different shades and choose the one that suits you best. 

And yes—you can use some shimmer both at night and during the day. Depending on whether you're going to a meeting or a party, just adjust the intensity of the application.

The shimmer in eyeshadows can actually help you achieve the bigger eyes you so desperately desire.

#8 Blend, Blend, Blend

When it comes to eye makeup for big eyes, you should remember that you cannot achieve the diva look by simply applying makeup products. 

In order to make your eyes look seamless and beautiful, you must blend the products in thoroughly. Otherwise, you might end up with panda eyes. Furthermore, your makeup will appear harsh and unblended. To avoid such mishaps, make sure you use makeup brushes to blend the edges, rather than your fingers, which don't work with powder products.

#9 Extended Eyeliner

You can also make your eyes seem bigger by extending your eyeliner beyond the outer corners of your eyes. This eyeliner for big eyes trick will give the impression that your eyes are wider. 

Practice makes perfect, so keep that in mind if you decide to try this tip. Even the slightest variation in this makeup look could give your eye a lop-sided appearance.

Make use of a liquid eyeliner for this technique. If you are trying out this technique for the first time, pencil eyeliner makes it much easier for you to make mistakes.

#10 Tightlining

By tightlining your eyes, you give them a more defined shape and make them look more open.

To do it right, raise your chin and place your nondominant index finger on top of your outer eyelid, lifting upward. You should then trace under your lashes while holding the liner in a vertical position in your other hand. Repeat this step a few times, stopping just before you reach the inner corners to prevent beady eyes.

To Conclude

Let’s be honest—bigger eyes give our face a more bright and beautiful appearance. And the truth is, one can definitely create the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes by using makeup and strategic guidelines. So be ready to rock a good look with big, beautiful eyes with these tips!

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