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Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil

Easy Glide for perfect brows
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This eyebrow pencil glides on smoothly, defining your eyebrows impeccably. The no-transfer and long-lasting formula ensures your eyebrows stay fabulous all day long. It is smudge-proof and delivers an excellent colour pay-off.


Ingredient List

Dimethicone, Synthetic wax, Octyldodecanol, Polybutene, Cetearyl behenate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Sorbitan Olivate, Propylene Carbonate, Synthetic Beeswax, Penterythirtyl Tetra-Di-T butyl, Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Synthetic Flourphlogopite, Iron oxides, CI 77491, CI 77492 CI 77499

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      Super super



      Amazing product

      Very good eyebrow pencil

      Brow definer

      Very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice very nice

      Faranaaz Parestani

      Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil

      Eyebrow pencil

      Nice super


      Product is good.No doubt



      What is Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil

      Eyebrows are the most prominent feature on your face and instantly draw attention to your eyes and brow bone, which can be beneficial or detrimental depending on how well-groomed they are. If you're one of the many people who believe that brows are an afterthought, you might want to rethink your strategy. Good eyebrows not only frame your face and attract attention to your eyes, but they also help determine how mature you look (something we all want). To perfect your brows, start with the Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil.

      Step 1: Get your lines right

      Before you can fill them in, your eyebrow needs to look properly defined. If you have bushy eyebrows that tend to get a little unruly, it's time to train them with some clean lines. Use an angled brush or pencil to draw light lines along with your eyebrow shape. Avoid overdoing it—you just want a few guiding lines. (If you need a little extra help, check out our guide on How To Fill In Your Eyebrows.)

      Step 2: Fill in your brows

      Use small, short strokes to fill in sparse areas of your brows. Start by applying a pencil that is a shade lighter than your brow color to create a base. Then add a color one or two shades darker to fill in any holes or spots you might have missed with an eyebrow pencil that matches your natural brow color.

      Don’t overdo it—you can always go back and use more products to fix mistakes but you can't undo too much. Once you've filled in your brows, make sure they still look natural and don't look like they are painted on! Make sure there aren't any harsh lines left from where you started and ended your brow strokes; if you see any errors, fix them now with gentle strokes.

      Step 3: Draw your tail

      Take your eyebrow pencil, dip it in a spoolie brush and follow your natural brow shape to lightly draw on your new brows. If you don’t have a strong natural shape, take an old mascara wand and comb out your existing eyebrows to see what shape they have naturally. You can always darken or lighten if needed but drawing from scratch is no easy feat!

      And lastly...the most important step of all! No matter how much time or money you spend on perfecting your brows, if you fill them in with anything other than powder or pencil (gel or pomade) it will be a hot mess! So make sure that once you complete those steps, set them with a little gel to hold them in place.

      Step 4: Blend it all out

      It's often said that your eyebrows tell a lot about you. With that in mind, make sure to blend out your pencil strokes once you've applied them so that your brows look natural and effortless. Use a spoolie to comb it all through, getting rid of any harsh lines or pencils left behind on your skin. You can also use an eyebrow definer brush with small bristles for added precision when applying and blending out makeup. Either way, make sure not to go overboard—perfectly shaped brows are key here!

      Give it a final check

      A great way to make sure your piece is error-free is to read it aloud. Speaking—not just reading, but saying your words out loud—helps you spot problems that aren't apparent when reading silently. What may sound good in your head doesn't always read well on paper. Take a few minutes to say it aloud and give it a final check before you move on to copy editing.

      Why use Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil

      The Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil is an innovative new product that's changing the way people do their brows. This lightweight, retractable pencil delivers a perfect eyebrow definer kit with just one quick stroke, and it’s so easy to use that you can get ready even in the morning before work. If you haven’t tried this revolutionary new brow product yet, consider these five reasons to try it today!

      1) Natural look

      This pencil gives you a natural look, with brows that feel feather-light. Ideal for people who are not interested in going through a salon experience every time they need their eyebrow definer palette done.

      Easy application: The pencil is ideal for those looking for an easy and quick application process. You can use it on both thin and thick brows, which means you don’t have to worry about getting unwanted results from mistakes made in application – resulting in eyebrows that are too thin or too thick.

      Thick consistency: This pencil comes with a very thick consistency, meaning it does not break off easily when you try to apply it with different strokes or pressure.

      2) Long-lasting formula

      The last thing you want after spending hours doing your makeup is for it all to disappear by lunch. That’s why each of these eyebrow pencils contains a high-quality, waterproof formula that will keep your brows in place all day.

      The smooth tip makes it easy to apply, and a blend of botanical oils provides a long-lasting finish. The perfect color for anyone: These pencils come in three shades so there’s one for every skin tone and eye color combination. Whether you have blonde, brown or black hair—or if you prefer a bold look or just something subtle—you can find an option that matches your unique features.

      3) Quick application

      This eyebrow pencil makes defining your brows fast and easy. All you have to do is fill in sparse areas with a quick stroke or two and be done in a matter of minutes. Don’t worry about getting it perfectly even, either: This formula is water-resistant, so it won’t smudge or fade!

      4) Easy to define brows

      No one wants to use a product that’s hard to work with, and that goes double for brow pencils. Even if you’re not a pro at brow shaping, you should be able to get professional-looking results with ease.

      The round shape of our brush makes it easy and comfortable to shape your brows, no matter how small or large your strokes are. That means a clean, natural look every time—and we all know that messy brows are a big no-no in today’s beauty world!

      5) Precise control

      The ultra-fine fiber tip glides across your brow hair, defining each strand so you get a precise look that’s still natural-looking. The soft, creamy formula is easy to apply and doesn’t dry out quickly. And unlike powders or gels, pencils make it easy to control how much product you use – getting just enough for that polished look but not overdoing it so your brows don’t look overdone.

      To test it out for yourself, turn your pencil upside down and run a finger along its surface – there should be minimal product on your fingertip; when you place the second layer of color on top of an existing layer, you may need to wipe away some excess in order not to overdo it.

      What Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil does

      Your eyebrow definer brush can frame your entire face, and make you look more youthful and defined, giving you an entirely new look that allows you to feel more confident when going to work or out on the town with friends. If you don’t have time to go to the salon or spa to get beautiful eyebrows done, or simply don’t want to spend the money on an expensive treatment, you can use Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil from Loreal Paris to make your eyebrows look naturally full and perfectly groomed at home. Here’s how!

      How to Use it?

      1. Starting at the inner edge of your brow, lightly stroke pencil along your natural arch, then move outward and fill in any gaps.
      2. Make sure to sharpen the pencil before each use (about every 3-4 weeks) for a precise application and buildable color intensity.

      2) Benefits of Using this Product

      This eyebrow pencil has natural ingredients and lasts up to 24 hours. As it has Vitamin E, olive oil, shea butter, and hemp seed oil you can be sure that your eyebrows will look shiny and amazing. It comes in three shades: brunette, dark brunette, and dark brown. It is water-resistant so you do not have to worry about rain or other liquids ruining your makeup.

      This product is also good for sensitive skin. And if you only need to touch up your brows every day or two then one pen will last even longer!

      3) Price and Availability

      For a complete list of retailers and availability, visit their website. You can purchase directly from them on that page, too. 

      4) How to Use it on Eyebrows?

      Use a small amount of eyebrow pencil at first. If you have brows that need a lot of help, define them in stages. First, fill in thin areas and use small strokes to create natural-looking thickness. Next, fill in sparse patches and any holes between hairs with short strokes.

      And lastly, use feathery strokes to mimic brow hairs as they arch above your eyes. If you’re pressed for time or only want to spend five minutes on your eyebrows, we recommend using powder brow products like cream or gel liners instead (note: they tend to be more difficult than pencils). They’re easy to blend and typically require just one coat per application. Most importantly though: don’t overpluck!

      5) Customer Reviews/Feedback

      The pencil is very creamy, you don’t need much to fill in your brows. It keeps your eyebrows in place all day without fading or smudging on your skin, which happens frequently for me. Also, it glides on smoothly so you never pull your eyebrow hair out by accident like some other eyebrow pencils do!

      One warning though: if you have light blonde hair, as I do, it can get a little too dark if you apply it too generously. Just be careful and test it out on your hand first before applying it to your face. This product is worth purchasing because of its amazing formula and quality!

      6) Ingredients Used

      Water, PVP, Beeswax, Butylene Glycol, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Calcium Carbonate, Cera Alba (Beeswax), VP/Eicosene Copolymer, Hydrogenated Castor Oil Isostearate and Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Seed Extract(1), Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 tocopherol Acetate May Contain: Titanium Dioxide CI 77891 & Iron Oxides CI 77491 & CI 77492 & CI 77499. For Women of Color: Golden Beige; Medium Brown; Warm Brown. Warning: For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

      Why are eyebrows important?

      Eyebrows may not be the first thing you think of when someone mentions important facial features, but it’s time to reconsider that view. From protecting your eyes from sweat and debris to establishing your facial expressions, eyebrows serve several important functions that you might not have realized before. Here are five reasons why eyebrows are more important than you thought.

      1) The shape of your eyebrows can show how you feel

      Curved eyebrows can make you look surprised or frightened, while downturned eyebrows give a feeling of sadness or worry. In some cases, however, people draw on eyebrows to compensate for their missing brows.

      The artist Kumi Yamashita uses her small brushes and vibrant colors to draw on faces. She has drawn over a thousand people throughout Japan, including doing eyebrows for those who are missing them. In most cases, she is given a photo of her subject so that she can attempt to duplicate their features as best as possible. With an artistic ability to show emotion through eyes and eyebrows.

      2) They can frame your eyes

      Did you know that our eyes are made up of only a few types of colored cells? (That’s why it’s so hard to read someone’s mood based on their eye color). This means that we rely on other visual cues—such as eyebrow shape and size—to help us decipher certain emotions.

      If your eyebrows are sparse or uneven, they might make it harder for others to read your facial expressions. For example, furrowed brows often indicate someone is stressed, nervous or angry—but a unibrow usually means just one thing: boredom.

      3) They help protect you from the sun

      If you didn't know it already, eyebrows do more than just frame your face. They're supposed to serve a much more important purpose than that. These furry friends act as a natural barrier between our eyes and harmful UV rays (aka skin cancer). They also stop sweat from running into our eyes when we work out or play sports (which can cause blindness) and keep rainwater out of our eyes when it rains or we go swimming. And let's not forget how helpful eyebrows are when we cry—they collect all those annoying tears, soot up your face and makeup, and give you something else to mess with when you're bored.

      4) They communicate emotions

      As soon as you walk into a room, someone’s eyes are going to lock onto your eyebrows. In many cases, they have more to say about what you're thinking and feeling than words do. People can tell if you're surprised, angry, or happy by looking at your brows.

      They show how well-groomed you are: Overly plucked brows and bad shaping can make it look like you don't care about how you look—and that goes for everything from makeup to dress clothes. A well-shaped brow is clean and tidy; if hairs are showing above your natural brow line, it means they aren't tweezed often enough.

      5) Eyebrow products can be life-changing

      A good pair of eyebrow products can turn your day around. They are important for shaping your eyebrows and making them appear natural. Without a pair of eyebrow products, you might find that you cannot achieve that natural look you desire, even with a makeup pencil or powder.

      With a good product that matches your hair color, it should be easy to fill in areas on your brows and give them a natural shape. You will also feel as though you look better after using one of these products because they help bring out specific facial features such as eyes and cheeks, making everything appear symmetrical.

      How brow shape can affect your face

      Your eyebrow may not be the first thing people notice about you, but they can give you an entirely different look depending on how well-groomed they are. Eyebrows can add balance to your face, helping them look less tired or surprised than they would with bushy eyebrows, or they can add drama and intrigue by making your eyes pop out of your face. The key to choosing the right eyebrow shape depends on the shape of your face – use this guide to determine the best eyebrow style for your face type!

      Brow Shapes

      Brow shape and position are important considerations for eyebrow makeup. Depending on your face shape, you might benefit from full brows (to balance out a round face), arched brows (to define an oval-shaped face), or thinned-out eyebrows that can make your chin appear smaller (for a long face).

      Regardless of your facial features, it’s important to use symmetry when considering how thick you want your eyebrows to be. When looking in a mirror, check to see if one side is thicker than the other and gradually thin them out until they are even. That way you don’t end up with a lopsided eyebrow look.

      The Importance of Symmetry

      Symmetry is important to many people, especially when it comes to their faces. When one eyebrow is higher than another, or one eyebrow is thicker than another, it can be disconcerting and distracting. Symmetry also ties into harmony—so if you have mismatched eyebrows that aren't sized in a way that works with your face shape and eye color, you may want to consider getting them done professionally by a licensed cosmetic expert. If that's not possible right now (maybe you're on vacation?), here are some steps for correcting mismatched eyebrows.

      The Importance of Balance

      A strong eyebrow can balance out a round face. The arch adds definition to your features, so if you don’t have it naturally, you might benefit from filling them in with a brow pencil. On an oval face, more rounded brows are flattering—but be sure to leave a little room at both ends so they don’t look pointy. Sharp angles are perfect for balancing out a heart-shaped face; just make sure not to go too far and make your face look longer than it already is.

      Arching just above your eye makes your eyes appear closer together (and thus makes your face look smaller) while arching below them will make them appear farther apart (and thus will elongate your face).

      Exaggerating Features and Softening Others

      Of course, not all eyebrows are suited for an arched shape. This style works best on those with a small forehead (meaning they have a low hairline), as well as people with a high hairline and thick brows. For people who don't fall into one of these categories, it's best to have your eyebrow shape compliment your features rather than exaggerate them.

      Have you ever seen pictures of celebrities before and after plastic surgery? They're almost always disappointed by their results because someone thought it was appropriate to change their face in ways that drastically altered their natural beauty. Make sure you're thinking about what will look good on you and go in for whatever procedure knowing that cosmetic changes should highlight something already there, not change it completely.

      How to use Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil

      Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil can be used to fill in and define your eyebrows. It can also be used to create hair-like strokes on bare skin, so it’s not just limited to eyebrows! This pencil can give you the perfect brows you’ve always wanted without overdoing it or spending hours trying to achieve the right look. Here’s everything you need to know about using Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil to get the most out of it!

      Eyebrow pencils

      Where would we be without them? Those little red sticks are all you need to give your brows definition, shape, and lift. However, with so many brands on the market, how do you know which one to choose? This guide will give you a rundown of everything you need to know about eyebrow definer pencil.

      Eyebrow stencils

      If you have a terrible eyebrow shape or no eyebrow shape at all, using a stencil will guide your brow pencil strokes. Stencils are easy to make from paper or use from an art supply store. Cut out a template of your desired shape and trace it onto a piece of cardboard. Using an X-ACTO knife, carefully cut out your stencil so that it can be used as a mask over freshly plucked eyebrows. Stencils should be about 1/4 inch larger than your natural brow for easier penciling over them.

      Brush, spoolie, and scissors

      The key to your brow routine is grooming. Some people prefer using a brush and spoolie to groom their brows first, while others like to go straight for scissors. Before you do anything, be sure to comb your eyebrows so they’re nice and neat and trim any stray hairs or strays that fall out of place. If you use scissors, make sure they’re sharp; blunt blades can cause breakage or uneven edges. The most important part of cutting your eyebrows is making sure not to over-trim.

      Application techniques

      The most common mistake when applying eyebrow products is applying too much product. To ensure that you aren’t adding too much color, start from underneath your eyebrow, and follow it towards your arch and up to where you want to place it on your brow. If you don’t have a natural arch, look at a photo of yourself with a neutral facial expression and follow that line to create one.

      If it looks like you are using too much product (which happens most often if you are filling in an area with hair), wipe off some color with a cotton swab or remove more product by wetting a separate cotton swab with makeup remover or water. You should always apply eyeliner last so it doesn’t get messed up by any other makeup being applied!

      Common eyebrow mistakes and how to avoid them

      There are two general mistakes people make when filling in their eyebrows. The first is over-plucking, which makes your eyebrows look sparse and emphasizes any unevenness. If you pluck hairs from one eyebrow, it should be done with a mirror so that you can see how it will affect both brows, not just one. If you do need to use tweezers for fine-tuning your eyebrows, start by grabbing a few hairs at a time instead of trying to grab big clumps with one move. You'll get more defined results that way!

      How to choose your perfect Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil shade

      Choosing the right shade of eyebrow pencil can be tricky, especially when you’re buying a brow definer pencil from a brand that you’ve never used before. Don’t worry—we understand the struggle! With so many shades available from the brand, it can be hard to decide which one will look best on your unique skin tone and hair color. To help make your choice easier, this guide includes tips on how to choose the perfect shade of Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil and more!

      What do you want? Natural, groomed, or dramatic brows?

      Before you can find your perfect eyebrow definer gel shade, you need to figure out what your goal is. Are you looking for natural-looking brows? Or do you want a bolder look with highly defined arches? If natural, groomed, or dramatic are words that describe your dream brow look, you should be able to find a Ultime Pro brow pencil that works for you.

      What’s your skin tone?: Your skin tone will also have an impact on which brow color will suit you best. The key here is finding a balance between too light and too dark. If your face tends toward pinkish undertones (think: peaches), warm hues work well with that coloring.

      The color wheel

      The first thing you'll want to do is decide what eyebrow pencil color works best for your hair and skin tone. A simple color wheel can help you figure out which colors will look great against your complexion.

      Step 1: Decide what you want

      If you want your brows to look fuller and darker, go for a pencil that’s one shade darker than your natural eyebrow color. If you have blonde hair and light brows, try using a lighter shade for more definition. If you want your arch to appear thinner and more delicate, use a pencil that is lighter than your hair.

      A formula that is too dark will make it hard for others to see where you've applied the product, making it harder for them to follow your lead when shaping their eyebrows. As with any new product—makeup or otherwise—test out several shades before making a final decision about which color suits you best. Once it has been chosen, buy two or three more so there’s always one around when needed.

      Step 2: Consider if it's right for you

      The best way to determine if your brows are a good candidate for an eyebrow pencil is if you have a defined arch that isn't very far from your nose. If you don't, using a pencil will most likely look unnatural.

      Keep in mind that there are many different eyebrow styles and trends out there, so while it may not work for you now, that doesn't mean it won't work in a few years! So if you have naturally thick eyebrows or just can't find a product you like, try what fits into your lifestyle. Eyebrow pencils aren’t right for everyone—and that's OK!

      Step 3: Check the value

      The better deal is always three shades! Get a variety pack of your two favorite colors, plus another in a color you like but isn’t an exact match for you. This way, if you want to switch up your look, it’s easy and affordable! 

      Step 4: Try before you buy

      This can be tricky if you're buying online, but if you can, try out a swatch at faces Canada eyebrow pencil before ordering online. There are many benefits to shopping at a store with a knowledgeable beauty salesperson -- they can help you match your skin tone, assess your brow color and determine what shape is best for your face.

      Often, salespeople will even throw in samples (or an entire kit) so that you have everything necessary for perfecting your new look. Fill in sparse areas: Before putting on any product, comb through brows with an eyebrow brush or toothbrush; doing so prevents clumps and unruly hairs.

      Step 5: Follow instructions carefully

      Use your index finger and/or middle finger to apply the product lightly in sweeping motions. The technique is similar to applying eyeliner and a little goes a long way, so using only enough pressure is necessary. Let the brow dry completely before blinking or moving your face; using a quick spritz of setting spray will help with set-up time.

      How to choose your brow shape according to your face

      Before you choose your Faces Canada eyebrow pencil shade, it’s a good idea to figure out your brow shape. You can use your face shape as a quick guide to see which brow shapes would work best for you. If you have an oval face, for example, it will work well with all kinds of brow shapes (for example: long and arched or short and natural) because it’s not too wide or too narrow.

      Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil tips and tricks

      If you choose an eyebrow color that is too dark or too light for your brows, it may not look natural. Use Brow Defining Pencil #6 if you are a blonde, want lighter brows, and want them to show more; use Brow Defining Pencil #3 if you have darker hair and/or want your brows to appear lighter and less defined; use Brow Defining Pencil #1 if you have very dark hair and/or are looking for bold, dramatic brows.

      Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil hacks

      To know which eyebrow pencil is perfect for you, first you need to determine your skin tone. Most importantly, where do you wear your brows? For a natural look that’s not too heavy on your face, choose a shade that’s one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color. For more dramatic results, choose a darker shade. If you prefer more defined strokes—or if you have lighter hair and want more noticeable brows—use an eyebrow gel with a pencil-like tip instead.

      How to properly remove Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil

      Cleaning off all remnants of your makeup is important not only for clear, glowing skin but also to prolong its wear time. When it comes to removing your brow product, some wipes and micellar waters can leave a residue on top that interferes with future products. The best way to ensure you’re properly removing all traces of Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil is to gently wipe with a clean tissue, taking care to be gentle so as not to rub or pull out hairs or damaged skin.


      I have really thin brows, will this help me without it looking too fake?

      If you have a thin eyebrow, it may help to go with a pencil that is two shades lighter than your natural brow color. This will give you more definition without making your brows look too heavy or fake. If your brows are thin, but not paper-thin, this is a good option for you too! You can get medium-to-full coverage with these pencils.

      Is it smudge-proof?

      Yes, it's a smudge-proof eyebrow pencil. Since it contains a waterproof formula, you can even sleep on it without worrying about waking up with panda eyes.

      Is it waterproof?

      It is not waterproof. This eyebrow pencil is only semi-waterproof, which means it will stay on during normal activities, such as running a marathon or taking a shower, but it can be easily washed off with soap and water.

      Read more