11 Iconic Y2K Makeup Looks That Are Back in Trend

11 Iconic Y2K Makeup Looks That Are Back in Trend

The nostalgic yet iconic Y2K makeup looks are dominating our beauty feeds in 2022!

As with many things in life, makeup trends are cyclical. After falling in love with a particular makeup style for a few years, we lose interest in it for a decade or two, and then we're back in love with it again. If you love keeping an eye on current beauty trends, you may have noticed some early 2000s or y2k inspired looks making a comeback.

In contrast to recent beauty trends that emphasize pared-back minimalism, Y2K beauty is all about standing out. In this article, we're going to show you some of our favorite Y2K makeup ideas that are totally cool again and worthy of a second try. And for those who want to know how to do 2000s makeup, we have provided some helpful tips as well.

#1 Darker Lip Liner—Bring Out That Pout

Applying darker lip liner and filling in your lips with lighter lipstick shades is a big part of Y2k makeup trends. The result is a poutier look that enhances the shape of your lips.

If you do not have a dark lip liner, you can use your brown brow definer pencil and trust us it gives such amazing results!. Adding a layer of lip gloss will make your lips even poutier.

#2 Bright Colored Eyeshadow—Experiment with Fab Colors

All of us remember watching music videos where our favorite pop stars wore brightly colored eyeshadow. Amazingly—with bright-colored eyeshadows back in style—we can live our early 2000s dream of imitating these celebs.

This Y2K eye makeup trend allows you to experiment with a variety of colors and looks.  Pick blues, silvers, or greens, and let your lids do all the talking. You can even experiment with poppy colors and rhinestone eyelashes. The possibilities are endless, so literally, the sky's the limit. 

#3 Glitter Eyeshadow—Let Your Lids Shimmer

For many years, glitter was considered unglamorous and unchic for our makeup looks. Fortunately, the rise of Y2K trends has brought glitter back into vogue and it has now become an essential component of nostalgia-inducing makeup looks.

Make a shimmery statement with your glittery eyeshadow palette now!

#4 Colorful Eyeliner—Eyes That Match Your Outfit 

Adding pops of color to your look was all the rage in the early 2000s, and you could easily do it with colorful eyeliner. Pick a blue, brown, red, or green colored eyeliner and create a modern cat-eye design to ace this Y2K inspired makeup look.

Pair your eyeliner with your outfit's color for a coordinated look.

#5 Dewy Skin—Time to Shine

The glowy, dewy face makeup trend was prevalent in the early 2000s—and is back in reigns today. You can let your natural skin shine through with this Y2K look. Having a minimal makeup look that highlights your face's strongest features is the goal.

Start by applying a dewy primer to moisturized skin to get the perfect glow. The best way to achieve a glow from within effect is to apply a stick highlighter under your base makeup. Apply CC cream lightly across your face to achieve the right level of coverage. You should avoid using too much base product to avoid cakey results. Dabbing to blend instead of dragging the brush / sponge also helps in making the makeup anti-cakey.

#6 Shiny Lips—Gloss for the Boss

We've been seeing juicy, dewy lips for quite some time now, and it's a welcome change from the matte textures. You'll only truly understand obsession once you have your hands on a teeny bottle of lip gloss.

It doesn't matter if you wear them alone, or with nude lipstick, just wear them! You can also use a dark lip liner to give your gloss a Y2K twist and live your Bratz doll fantasies. Just make sure you choose a lip gloss that doesn't become a hair magnet, i.e., a super shiny but non-sticky lip gloss.

#7 Ombre Lips—Two-Toned Lips for the Win

It's no coincidence that beauty brands are coming out with new lip liner collections. There is no denying that two-tone lips are hotter than ever. The greater the contrast between your lipstick color and liner shade, the better.

Using a liner, trace the outline of your lips, keeping the lines thin in the center and thicker at the edges. After applying the lip liner, diffuse it gently with a lip brush. When filling in your lips, use lipstick that is two to three shades lighter than the liner.

#8 Heavy Blush—Go an Extra Mile with Your Flush

Let your cheeks glow with a hint of blush! Pick your shade (mauve, peach, pink, or red) and go heavy on your cheeks.

You can even apply some on your nose to give the appearance of being naturally Sunkissed or flushed. The more blush, the better.

#9 Bright French Tips—Nail the Trend

Do you remember the first time you got a manicure? We’re guessing it was a set of square French tips, which you thought was the hottest nail trend of the year. Now it is (sort of). Now, French manicure tips aren't as thick and square as they used to be, but they're more natural-looking and come in a variety of colors.

The best part? Megan Thee StallionY2K trendsetter and Hot Girlapproves of this trend.

#10 Body Glitter—Shine, Step into the Light

Early 2000s body glitters just hit differently. That felt daring, like skipping classes for the first time and going to McDonald's with your friends.

However, instead of Y2K's large sparkles, today's body glitter trend is all about dewy sheens that brighten up after they catch the light.

#11 Smudged Black Liner—with a Reverse Twist

Remember when the smudged black liner was a sign of rebellion and coolness among It-girls? The trend has returned with a bang, and runway shows have featured it as well.

Image Source

A reverse cat eye makeup look has been added to this Y2K trend to give it a more contemporary look.

To Conclude

There has been a revival of Y2K makeup trends in recent years. Revisit this golden era of makeup by incorporating the above Y2K style makeup trends into your next look.

Which one amongst these Y2K makeup trends is your absolute favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!