11 Nail Care Tips for Healthy & Pretty Nails This Winter

11 Nail Care Tips for Healthy & Pretty Nails This Winter

Winter is in full swing and so are we, with these easy at-home nail care tips, so you don’t have to burn a hole in your pretty purse by paying hefty manicure and pedicure prices. It will especially come in handy to have a nail care regime in place for the winter season as the skin around your nails is sensitive and tends to get dehydrated during winter.

We have a few easy-to-follow nail maintenance tips like how to do manicures at home and keep your toenails healthy with soothing pedicures at home. If not, you can simply follow some of the healthy ways to have healthy nails in winter. And of course, end it with pretty and healthy nails with easy at-home nail art ideas.

#1 Regular Manicures at Home

Every 10-15 days, soak your hands in warm water for about 10 minutes and follow up with a scrub & a hydrating moisturizer.

#2 At-Home Nail Care With Nail Serum and Moisturizer

You can even use almond oil as your nail serum which is good for nail growth, strength, and overall health & shine.

#3 Never Skip Hand & Nail Cream after Washing Hands

You will thank us when you realize how much this helps keep your nails healthy & your hands looking young. You can always use coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil for this.

#4 Use Cuticle Remover/Pusher & Vitamin C Serum Regularly

This will keep the required hydration intact & minimize cuticle tear & painful in-growth.

#5 Always Use Nail Primer before Applying Nail Polish

This will protect your nails from chemicals in nail paints, and keep them smooth & hydrated.

#6 Never Apply Nail Polish without a Base Coat

It saves the nails from damage & staining from the nail paint. Also, it helps the nail color stay for longer, and of course, look smoother.

#7 Try Using Lighter Shades of Nail Polish

Especially if you wear nail polish regularly, this will save the nails from discoloration and yellowing.

#8 Work on Nail Health on the Inside

Eat healthy—not just for nail health, but also for overall health including skin and hair. You’d be surprised how helpful soaked almonds & walnuts, and a protein-rich diet can be for you.

#9 Take Care to File Nails Correctly

Be careful not to over-file nails, which could be very painful, especially during harsh winters.

#10 Wear Gloves, If You Can

Cold winds can make nails weak & brittle. If it’s possible, try to protect your nails from it. Try wearing more covered footwear like boots and ballet shoes for toenail health.

#11 Choose Nail Products Wisely

Use an acetone-free nail polish remover, 21-free nail polishes (thankfully, toxin-free yet long-lasting nail paints are easily available now!), and a non-drying handwash.

Which of these nail care products or nail care tips are you already following, and which ones were added to your winter nail care regime, thanks to our nail care experts? Tell us in the comments, and we’d be super happy to see the cute nail art you did at home in the comments below! Have a happy winter with healthy nails and our easy nail care tips. XOXO, darlings! 🙂