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InstaRemove Dip & Twist Remover

Nourishing nail enamel remover
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This nail enamel remover removes your nail polish instantly without the need for cotton wool. It cleans and preps your nails along with moisturizing and nourishing them as well. This remover comes with an acetone-free formula, miracle oils and natural extracts your nails are going to love. It also has a floral fragrance.


1 Quickly & effectively removes nail polish
2 Ideal for all nail types
3 Acetone free formula
4 Kind to nails and cuticles
5 Free from Parabens and Phthalates
6 Fortified with Vit. E and Glycerine


Ethyl Acetate
Isopropyl Alcohol
Propylene Carbonate
Tocopheryl Acetate

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer:Sage Cosmetic LLP ,C-415,TTC MIDC industrial area, Turbhe , navi mumbai-400701, India

Country of Origin:India

Net Qty. (g/ml):80

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      Customer Reviews

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      Happy Buyer!

      It's totally worth💯it easily removes with a simple single twist and turn.

      Good product

      Good product


      So happy with this remover. It has made it so easy to remove nail paints.


      Super amazing

      Very nice

      Useful product

      What is  Insta Remove Dip & Twist Remover

      If you’re looking to remove your dip and twist nail remover, but you don’t want to spend your time and money at the salon, then you’re in luck! InstaRemove Dip & Twist Remover makes it easy to use at home. Check out this article to find out everything you need to know about InstaRemove Dip & Twist Remover and how it can save you time and money while removing your artificial nails effectively.

      Benefits of using a dip & twist remover

      Hair removal creams and chemicals can be extremely harsh on your skin. Some hair removers can even contain harmful toxins that are absorbed by your skin, causing long-term problems. It’s not uncommon for these chemicals to cause redness and irritation on the skin or even an allergic reaction in rare cases.

      With a dip & twist remover, you won't have to worry about these side effects because it contains ingredients that heal your skin rather than harm it. The non-chemicals in a dip & twist remover help you get rid of unwanted body hair while also healing any damage that has been done over time. This is why many dermatologists recommend using a dip & twist remover instead of other forms of hair removal cream or chemical depilatories.

      What’s Included in Every Bottle

      The label should tell you everything you need to know about what’s in your nail remover bottle, like whether it contains any kind of harmful chemicals. But if you want an even more detailed breakdown of its ingredients, search for a list of active ingredients online.

      Ingredients may also be listed on a product's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which manufacturers are required by law to make available to consumers upon request. We love that idea since it means there’s no ambiguity as far as what makes up each product. Also helpful: If we’re shopping at our local hardware store, and we have a question about something, just ask!

      How To Apply The Dip & Twist Remover

      This nail remover product will arrive in a bottle that has a flip-top lid. Simply remove any existing dip and twist with tweezers, then shake the bottle vigorously for 5-10 seconds. Apply an amount of product sufficient enough to evenly cover your nails, dip and twist back in, and let dry. The more you apply at once, the faster it will dry.

      Avoid excessive nail polish remover contact with water during application. If there are any lumps or bumps, smooth them out gently before letting them set completely. If the excess color seeps out of your nails after you've applied, wipe gently with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover until the area is clean. Once dry, peel off the whole strip; starting from one corner and pulling towards another side of the finger or toe if necessary.

      When To Use The Dip & Twist Remover

      This nail polish remover product is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a product that can be used on any surface or material. The solvent has a low odor and easily removes adhesives, glues, and sealants in minutes, with little-to-no preparation involved.

       This makes it ideal for use in confined spaces without creating toxic fumes. If you’re looking for a reusable solution that is affordable and effective, look no further than InstaRemove Dip & Twist.

      Main Features Of The Product

      The advantages of using Instare move's dip and twist nail remover wipes remover are that it can be used on all types of surfaces. It is simple to use, safe for all jobs, and will not damage your surface when used correctly. It is also a cost-effective way of removing tile or carpet tiles safely and effectively while taking away any grout lines left in their place.

      For interior work, it is fast drying, leaves no residue behind, and makes it easier for you when matching your flooring afterward. It can also be mixed with water to create a low viscosity product which allows it to cover more area quicker compared with applying full strength.

      Did you know that 90% of homeowners don't have any type of shed on their property? Sheds provide more than just extra storage space; they add value and beauty to your home, as well. The right shed can also provide some needed privacy in an otherwise crowded backyard. If you need a new shed but aren’t sure where to start.

      Why use  InstaRemove Dip & Twist Remover

      1) No Residue on Hair

      With so many different nail remover wipes products on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. This is especially true when you consider all of them contain chemicals that can damage your hair and scalp. If a product doesn’t promise any residue, don't buy it.

      You’ll want a product that thoroughly cleans your hair without causing any damage and does not leave behind a white film or residue. Fortunately, Instaremoval dip & twist remover does not have these issues, because it will remove all traces of dirt and oil and leave your hair shiny, smooth, and clean. The result is beautiful healthy-looking locks!

      2) Gentle On Hands and Scalp

      Using nail polish remover is a quick and easy way to remove stubborn nail polish, but it can be damaging to your skin. With InstaRemove's acetone-free formula, you'll get high-quality results with no damage.

      It's even gentle enough for use on your skin, so don't worry about harming your hands or scalp. Plus, its shine-enhancing formula will leave your nails looking their best after each removal session. With a clean and healthy appearance, people will know that you value yourself!

      3) Easy Removal

      Not only is Instare move dip and twist nail remover wipes remover safer and less hazardous than other options, but it's also easy to use. There's no chance of uneven or crooked paint from the incorrect application, as with a brush. Every dip results in an even layer, so you won't have any dents or gaps on your wall.

      Additionally, there’s no drying time required! You can remove your sticker within minutes of applying it. Other methods can take hours or days before they're ready for removal. But not with ours! With ours, you can completely change your mind about that new sticker whenever you want.

      4) Gentle Styling Tools

      Traditional styling products like gels, waxes, and pomades have a stronghold. The biggest drawback to these ingredients is that they tend to leave a buildup on styling tools. Once you've used one of these traditional products on your hair, it's difficult to use another since they will all leave residue in your hair and on your styling tools.

      This nail remover product is designed specifically for those with fine or thinning hair who want a product that doesn't leave build-up. The non-residue formula allows you to go back over previously styled areas without worrying about building up your hair or leaving buildup behind.

      5) Safely Remove Dyes From Carpet or Clothing

      The cleaning solution will not damage clothing, fabrics, or carpets; however, spot tests an inconspicuous area first before proceeding. Spray generously on the soiled area, then follow with a sponge or clean rag and some water.

      Let soak for 5-10 minutes to soften and break down stubborn stains. Remove excess residue with a brush or clean rag and more water, rinsing well to avoid any build-up of cleaner on carpet fibers.

      6) Clean Up Messes In The Workshop Or Garage

      Wiping down your tools and benches doesn’t only create a clean environment for you to work in, but it also makes any accidental spills in your working area much easier to clean up. Now, there will still be times when you have bigger messes that need to be cleaned up or brushed away but keeping a spray bottle filled with dip and twist remover in your work area can go a long way.

      Use it to quickly clean up small messes while you’re working or give things like metalworking machines or surfaces used for painting a quick wipe down before moving on. You’ll find that doing so makes cleanup time easy because most of what needs cleaning up has already been removed by dip and twist remover!

      7) Clean Up Debris From A Storm Or Fire

      If you're looking for a nail remover tool to help clean up debris from storm damage or a fire, our dip and twist remover may be what you need. Our dip and twist remover will remove debris from driveways, roofs, gutters, patios, siding, and more. Plus, it's made in America! So if you're looking for a fast and effective way to clean up debris after storms or fires our dip and twist remover is what you want!

      8) Eliminate Bug Splatter On Windshields And Windows

      You're driving along and a huge bug splatters your windshield. The good news is that you have enough time to pull over, grab a nail remover pads bottle of Instaremove and clean up that mess in no time. No more scary bug trails for you! And you'll save money on windshield replacement, too.

      9) Easily Remove Price Tags Without Scratching Glass Or Plastic

      Get rid of those annoying plastic price tags, which can leave behind a sticky mess and require high-level tweezers to remove. Instead, try dipping your fingernail in dip&twist remover and rubbing your fingernail over it.

      This nail remover pad gentle, yet effective method that removes tags without damaging surfaces or leaving behind residue. The solution is designed for use on glass and hard plastic surfaces; when used as directed, you’ll find that many types of tags are no match for dip&twist. At just $0.99 for a package of two cotton swabs, it makes removing tags easy—and affordable!

      10) Wipe Away Adhesive Residue Left By Sticky Labels

      Remove remnants of label adhesive with a small drop of Instaremove and your finger. Even though many labels say they are peelable, the adhesive is often left behind when you try to remove them. This can damage surfaces, especially delicate ones like painted or varnished wood. A quick wipe will help avoid damage to your furniture, appliances, and other household items that might be ruined by label adhesive.

      How to properly remove nail paint

      Just like how there are many ways to apply nail polish, there are also many ways to remove it. Removing nail polish isn’t always an easy task, especially if you’re trying to do it quickly and with minimal effort. Here are 10 easy steps that make removing your favorite nail remover liquid (or least favorite) color of nail polish easier than ever before!

      1) Get Ready

      Prep your nails by clipping, filing, and buffing them first. This will ensure that all nail polish remover residue is gone without leaving any marks. Also, don’t use polish remover on your cuticles or skin; it can be highly irritating and you don’t want to aggravate your already delicate cuticles.

      2) Remove the Nail Polish from your Cuticles

      When you’re removing nail polish, it’s important not to push your cuticles back or remove them with a sharp object like a scissor. Otherwise, your nails won’t last as long and will be more prone to chipping. Instead, soak your nails in warm water for about three minutes.

      Then push back your cuticles gently with an orange stick (one with a rounded end) or small tool specifically designed for that purpose. You can also use a ball of cotton wool soaked in olive oil or baby oil instead of doing it manually. Remember that pushing too hard can cause trauma and make your nails brittle; try not to bend them when they’re wet either.

      3) Use Cotton Balls with Acetone

      Cotton balls soaked in acetone are a fantastic and inexpensive way to remove your nail polish. Cotton balls have great natural absorbency, so they'll suck up all of that nail polish like a sponge. Use them for an initial layer on your nails, but just make sure you change them frequently—dampened cotton is more likely to cause breaks than drier cotton.

      When you finish removing your nail paint, be sure to apply hand lotion; it will help condition and moisturize your hands as well as prevent future breakage.

      4) Remove Residue from your Skin

      To prevent bacteria from collecting under your nails, it's important that you thoroughly cleanse and dry your hands after you've painted them. Some people will even recommend using a mild soap or scrub for a deep-down clean.

      Though it's not necessary, doing so will get rid of any oil, dirt, or old nail polish that may have accumulated on your skin before painting. You may also want to use cotton balls and alcohol—or an acetone remover like Natural Touch Nail Polish Remover —to wipe away any residue. If you notice excess nail polish near your cuticles, use a toothpick in between those spots; just be sure not to scrape too hard or you could cause injury!

      5) Clean Up with a Buffing Block

      After painting your nails, let them dry completely, and then buff off any excess nail polish with a soft, 100% cotton pad. Once you've removed most of it (you should be able to feel when it's still there) take a closer look at your nails. Are there spots that have some polish leftover? Get rid of them with a small piece of cotton or floss to remove nail paint without damaging your nails.

      6) Wash your Hands

      If you’re wearing nail polish, chances are it’s designed to stick around a bit longer than your manicure. To ensure an effective removal process, make sure you wash your hands before starting and try not to touch anything else with painted nails.

      Also, cuticle removers can be harsh on nails so stay away from them (this includes pure acetone as well). If you want quick results with minimal effort, file off any excess polish; otherwise, just soak a cotton ball in remover and place it on top of each finger for about five minutes. If using nail polish remover on toes or other non-fingers areas, soak cotton balls in remover instead.

      7) Removing Dried Polish from your Nails

      Dried nail polish is extremely difficult to remove, but you must do so. You don't want it chipping or cracking right before your big interview! To remove dried polish, use a fresh cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover and rub hard on your nails.

      You may have to put some muscle into it. Next time you paint your nails, try thinning out your nail polish with a couple of drops of acetone or rubbing alcohol. This will make it dry thinner and quicker and prevent chipping/cracking later on down the road. Note: Acetone should never be ingested in any way.

      8) Wear Rubber Gloves While Working with Acetone

      Acetone is a fast-acting and easy-to-use nail polish remover. It also dries very quickly and can leave your skin feeling irritated, especially if you don’t use gloves when working with it. Make sure you keep plenty of gloves around; you’ll want them for your manicure prep and your cleanup too.

      We recommend using 100% acetone because it evaporates almost instantly and leaves virtually no residue behind. If you must use a less concentrated version, consider wearing protective plastic gloves while working with it—especially on parts of your body other than your hands, like your arms and face.

      9) Moisturize your hands after using acetone

      Acetone is drying, so make sure you moisturize your hands after using it! You can find an inexpensive hand cream or lotion at any drugstore. This will not only give your hands some much-needed moisture but also keep them hydrated and smooth long after acetone use.

      If you'd like something with a little more staying power, look for a hand cream with glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant—which means it draws moisture from other sources into itself. That includes moisture in your skin. It's an especially good choice if you're using acetone on your feet, as they tend to be drier than other parts of your body due to reduced blood flow.

      10) Pick A Great Remover and Love it Forever!

      With so many nail remover liquid removers available on market, it can be difficult to choose one. Before buying a nail paint remover, make sure you read product reviews and recommendations from people who have tried it before.

      Once you have selected a proper remover that works for you, stick with it! There is no point in experimenting with so many different brands or types of nail paint removers because they will all work fine. Moreover, once you get used to using your chosen brand/product regularly and your nails get adjusted to it, they can't react badly if you switch brands or products suddenly!

      InstaRemove Dip & Twist Remover tips and tricks

      There are many different methods on the market to remove your nail remover liquid makeup, and InstaRemove Dip & Twist Remover has one that can be described as quite innovative. That’s why we have come up with 10 tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this product. From taking off your eye makeup to removing nail polish, here are some of our favorite uses for InstaRemove Dip & Twist Remover!

      1) Blend into Moisturizer

      When you’re removing mascara from delicate eye skin, you’ll want to use a product that’s as gentle as possible. Instare move is designed to be extremely safe on all types of eyes, even sensitive ones, so it won’t irritate your skin.

      Instare move works best when applied directly from a cotton swab or pads onto your eyelids. From there, gently massage over your eyelashes (be careful not to apply too much pressure), letting your movements blend with your other moisturizer until it dissolves into it completely. Most waterproof mascaras will then dissolve entirely into a dark brown color that can be easily washed off with warm water in just one wash!

      2) Apply Carefully

      Too much oil can cause a build-up, leaving you with a greasy mess. Apply makeup remover in layers; if you've been wearing heavy mascara, use an oil-based nail remover first to break down that product before moving on to a water-based cleanser. Starting at your lash line, move your way out from there, taking care not to touch your face with dirty fingers.

      3) Fingers are best

      The # question we get asked is how many fingers to use when applying. The answer? As many as you need! When applying your makeup, dip in a finger (or three) and apply it to the skin with smooth, circular motions. If you're removing makeup, try twisting your fingertips while they're wet to wipe off all of your makeup at once—even heavy mascara is a breeze! Always remember that less is more; too much InstaRemove will just add oil back into your skin.

      4) Can be used on Eyelashes

      1. After curling your eyelashes, place a drop of Instaremove on each eyelash. Let it sit for 5 minutes before starting to remove it. This will dry out your lashes allowing them to be removed easily with no damage done to them.
      2. If you are struggling with ingrown hairs on your face or bikini area use Instaremove a few days before and after you get waxed/shaved, it makes hair growth healthier by moving hair away from the skin so they are less likely to grow inwards again.
      3. Stretch marks? Apply instaremove twice daily until gone!
      4. Blackheads? Cleanse your face twice per day using Instaremove as a cleanser!

      5) Avoid the Skin Around Your Eyes

      Your eyes are your most prominent facial feature. Stay away from products that could cause irritation or redness to prevent others from seeing skin issues.

      If you are unsure of whether a product will irritate your skin, test it in an inconspicuous area before applying it to your whole face. Sensitive areas around your eyes should be tested first because chemicals can burn or become infected more easily in these spots than on other parts of your face. When removing makeup, use gentle motions and avoid rubbing too hard near your eyes, as it could result in irritation or injury to fragile skin.

      6) When removing the glue, think of it as a bandaid

      The quickest way to remove glue is to simply rip it off quickly. It may be tempting to pull away slowly, but doing so will ensure that you leave some of your glue on your face. If you're having trouble getting all of it off, try dipping a cotton swab in oil (we recommend lavender or tea tree oil) and applying it directly to your skin. Let it sit there for about a minute before wiping it away with a damp washcloth. Oil dissolves glue!

      7) Wait 20–30 minutes if you can

      A good way to ensure even application of nail remover liquid color is to wait at least 20 minutes between mixing your color and applying it. In those 20 minutes, your color can get into the root of your hair shaft while any excess product is simply washed away by lukewarm water. When you apply immediately after mixing, you’re more likely to have some part of your hair (roots or length) not colored properly.

      If a spot doesn’t have any color at all, go back in with a little bit more dye—just be sure to wrap everything with plastic so as not to stain anything else in your bathroom. And if you do need more dye, just add a tiny bit at a time until you reach the desired intensity. No guesswork required!

      8) Warm water can speed things up

      When you apply Instaremove, your hand is going to get a little cold. If you’re doing several pairs of glasses, it’s probably going to be uncomfortable, too.

      To warm things up, heat some water in a kettle or pan before starting. When that’s done, pour some into a mug (or even just dip your fingers in) and start applying Instaremove as usual! You may feel like you have more control over where it goes because it won't freeze off at first contact with the skin. However, don't forget to use rubber gloves while doing so - especially if you have dry hands.

      9) Clean Up Spills Quickly

      It might seem like common sense, but it's important to wipe up spills quickly. A liquid spill can be hard to clean if you wait too long. The sooner you clean it, however, the easier it will be. First, remove any excess liquid with a towel or cloth. Then take your Instaremove Dip &Twist makeup remover to swipe over areas that may have oil or grease build-up. It’s especially helpful on your stovetop after cooking dinner.

      10) Consider Saturating Skin Gently Rather Than Wiping Off - Then Wash Hands

      Even if you’re not wearing waterproof makeup, it’s a good nail remover liquid idea to use a gentle cleanser to get rid of most of your face paint before using a makeup remover. Water-based makeup removers can be tougher on sensitive skin than oil-based ones, but they both do their job just fine.

      If you happen to be removing non-waterproof cosmetics from an irritated or burned area (like around your mouth or nose), you may have better luck with an oil-based formula—it will soak into the skin gently rather than soaking in as easily as water would. The important thing is that you clean off any residue so your moisturizer can do its job; then wash your hands with soap and warm water after handling makeup removers.

      InstaRemove Dip & Twist Remover hacks

      InstaRemove Dip & Twist Remover Hacks are perfect for every girl. They are easy to use and remove makeup faster than most of the other products available on the market, but you have to know how to use them properly to get desired results.

      Here are some amazing InstaRemove Dip & Twist Remover hacks that will help you to get rid of your makeup without having to use a lot of extra time and effort in the process. Read this article and learn how you can use InstaRemove Dip & Twist Remover correctly.

      1) Remove water-based eyeliner

      Ooh, look! The time has come for you to refresh your supply of water-based eyeliner. Sure, you could try to remove it with a cotton swab and some remover, but there's a more efficient—and easier—way. Simply make a small ball out of unused facial tissue (it doesn't matter what color) and run it under warm water until it's fully saturated.

       Pop it on top of your closed eyelid and then gently massage it back and forth in small circular motions. Within seconds, your liner will be gone! Also note that tissues are biodegradable, making them safe to use as often as you want—and they won't irritate or damage your skin as cotton balls do.

      2) Remove cream blush

      In a twist-up tube of cream blush, use a thin eyeliner brush to remove some of the nail remover liquid product. Then, you can use your finger or a concealer brush to apply it where you want it on your face. This is also useful if you accidentally poke yourself in your eye with too much blush.

      You can stop it from going into your eye by swiping a little bit on top of your cheekbones first. The pigment will color your skin instead of getting directly into your eye, which hurts and could lead to tearing. If necessary, you can reblend or wipe off any residue left behind with q-tips dipped in cleanser water or cleansing oil.

      3) Remove mascara

      Instead of spending extra money on nail remover liquid makeup removers, you can hack your way to easily remove mascara. Place a single drop of olive oil on one cotton ball and lightly rub it over your eyelashes. The oil will melt through your mascara and get rid of it without irritating or damaging your eyes. When finished, clean off with a new cotton ball dipped in water and you're good to go! This hack is perfect for sensitive skin since it is completely natural and won't irritate as regular commercial products might.

      4) Peel off nail polish without nail polish remover

      Before you go to bed, paint your nail remover liquid and allow them to dry. Then just peel them off like it's nothing! Make sure that you don't do it when you are planning on wearing your nails tomorrow because they will be wrecked. What I like about doing a peel-off is that my nails feel super clean after and since I peel them off before bed, my nails aren't sticky and gross in my sleep. The texture feels so clean! My polish usually lasts about four days with a peel-off.

      5) Clean off blackheads

      We may cringe when we see our blackheads, but squeezing them is bad for your skin. The main reason is that you could cause a scar or permanent indentation if you press too hard and release inflammatory oils that can aggravate acne.

      Instead, apply some pressure on either side of your nose to open up your pores, and then use an oil-free face wash to clean out all of your pore gunk with a soft cloth. If you have sensitive skin, grab a fan brush or damp nail remover liquid makeup sponge—it'll work just as well as a rough washcloth! To get rid of blackheads and minimize future breakouts, make sure you're using oil-free products when applying foundation (and all other skincare) throughout the day.

      6) Get rid of superglue on your fingers

      Anyone who's ever dealt with superglue knows that when it gets on your fingers, it's a painful mess. The best way to get rid of super glue residue on your skin is to spread rubbing alcohol over it and let it sit for five minutes.

      When you rinse it off, you'll find that all of your superglue has been absorbed into the rubbing alcohol. This method can also work if you get superglue on any other part of your body. Just make sure to wash everything else thoroughly before putting on new clothes or going out in public again.

      7) Loosen hair ties with ease

      Hair ties are pretty, but they’re also notoriously difficult to remove. They can often leave your hair feeling frayed and damaged, too. With a few extra twist-ties from your local hardware store (or some scotch tape), you can create a simple hack that will allow you to easily slide off your hair tie without ruining your ends.

      Bonus: These hacks are so cheap, that you'll have enough left over to stock up on even more of them! Just make sure that once you've loosened it with tape or twist-ties, wash and condition your hair as soon as possible—you don't want any residue left behind when you remove it.

      8) Free your ring from its stuck position on your finger (especially knuckle rings)

      A stuck ring is a common problem when you can’t quite get it over your knuckle. To solve it, place a little petroleum jelly (or lip balm) on your finger and around your ring. This will help loosen it up, making it easier to slide on.

      You can also use lotion or soap—just be sure to rinse off any excess product and dry your hand completely before trying again! We do not recommend using baby oil, butter, or cooking spray as they will only make getting rid of your ring even more difficult. You can add a drop of dishwashing liquid in water to help get your ring unstuck if you are having difficulty rinsing all those sticky ingredients off.


      Is it safe for pregnant women?

      The risk to a fetus from dip-and-twist removers is very low. When using these nail products, it’s best to keep them away from your eyes and mouth.

      Will it evaporate if accidentally left open?

      No, It will not evaporate.

      Will it remove nail paint in one pass?

      The good news is that it removes nail paint in one pass. The bad news is that it’s difficult to get it working effectively on nails because you can’t spread it like you would on your skin or hair. You might have to make several passes on each nail to remove your polish, which can be a pain if you’re in a hurry! For me, I had better luck with a pre-soaked cotton pad than by applying directly from my fingers onto my nails.

      Will the remover affect my skin?

      Many nail removers contain chemicals that can be harsh on your skin. To keep your skin healthy, it’s best to choose a formula that was designed specifically to remove products without damaging them.

      Read more