From Lips to Eyes—5 Winter Wedding Makeup Hacks to Slay Any Event

From Lips to Eyes—5 Winter Wedding Makeup Hacks to Slay Any Event

There are two things—makeup, and makeup for Indian weddings. And trust me, they’re two different things altogether, especially the Indian wedding makeup. More so if you’re attending a winter wedding.

Imagine going to your bestie’s wedding to rock every single event. But on the sangeet night, your favorite eyeshadow doesn’t give the same glam vibes. The reason, you ask? Your slightly paler skin. We often fail to notice such minute details, especially when we’re too excited.

But we have got you covered. We’ve done our homework and brought you 5 winter wedding makeup hacks so you could slay that December wedding like your skin is still in April.

First, the Base

Pick a creamy yet long-lasting foundation for the perfect glow. I’d suggest one that’s smooth, blends easily, and keeps your face moisturized for longer without making it seem cakey.

Second, the Lipstick

With a changed skin shade and texture in winters, choosing an appropriate lip color becomes crucial. We have an idea for how to balance your look with the right lip color.

Go for a hydrating matte/semi-matte, dark lip color—like a berry or deep red. Such colors are not only evergreen, but also go well with most Indian dresses, skintones, and looks. Also, if you have a slightly pink skintone, a bright red could do magic with minimal makeup. For a warmer skintone, deeper shades of red will work great.

Third, the Eyeshadow

I’d say achieve wider eyes with a generous amount mascara. Make sure you blend it well though. Blending the mascara is an art that deserves time. Pair it with a shimmery wash of color. Choose that color according to the lipstick you’ve picked, and of course matching your dress and jewelry.

Winter weddings are that rare chance of rocking the frosty eyeshadow look. You can choose a metallic eyeshadow and curl your eyelashes well. An extra dash of shimmer would look incredible too. Add a couple of mascara coats and Voila!

Fourth, the Blush

If you want to get a killer look, go for rosy cheeks. Choose the color of a rosy natural flush. This will give your cheekbones that much needed prominent look with a natural rouge effect. However, choose a skin tone-appropriate shade of blusher to complement your look. Like a more peach kind of pink for warm tones, and a proper pink one for cool ones.

If you’re not into rosy cheeks at all (and we totally get that), go for the barely-there blush. That gorgeous dewy skin could do wonders with a magnificent bright red or rosy lipstick.

Fifth, the Bonus Hack!

Once you’re done with the heavy lifting, apply a dash of translucent powder on the face for the finesse. It will do two important things—prevent dryness, and lock your makeup. You can also use a high-quality pearlescent highlighter for that enchanting glow.


To be super sure of your makeup lasting until the end of the rituals, use a spray of makeup setter. Make sure all your makeup is skin-friendly.

And now you have it all—an amazing dress (of course!), jewelry to match, a clutch to carry your favorite lipstick, and a face that’s the definition of GLAM! Share with us your best winter wedding makeup tips hacks! :)