6 Ways to Use Liquid Lipsticks Other Than on Your Lips

6 Ways to Use Liquid Lipsticks Other Than on Your Lips

Have you been using your liquid lipstick just as a lipstick? Well, we have a few hacks, you can create a full-proof makeup look using only liquid lipsticks!

Changing your lip color is one of the easiest ways to transform your look from "office professional" to "romantic date" to "Saturday night party."  On the downside, this often means we end up buying too many lip products.

However, if you're overwhelmed with the sheer number of partially-used liquid lipsticks in your makeup drawer, we have just the right liquid lipstick hacks for you. Besides using it on your lips, you can do many other things with your liquid lipstick collection. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading, and you’ll see for yourself.

As an Eyeliner—for Eyes That Pop

Keeping your black eyeliner aside would be the best way to indulge the makeup experimentalist in you. Let your eyes do the talking with colored eyeliners. Matte liquid lipstick is the key to acing this look. With these formulas, you can apply eyeliner smoothly, and it'll dry to a matte finish that won't come off until you remove it

If you want to nail the perfect flick with liquid lipstick, you should first apply some on the back of your hand. After that, paint your wing with a sharp angled brush. Ensure the liner remains in place by patting some translucent powder on it.

If you're worried about looking OTT, try a half-lined eye instead of a full-on wing. You can also create a cool ombre effect by blending your regular black gel liner with a touch of colorful lipstick.

As a Blush—Adding Some Warmth

Make the most of your rosy and pink shade lipsticks by using them as blushes. Wanna know how? It’s quite simple. Using a beauty blender or fingers, apply the liquid lipstick to the apple of your cheeks and blend it. We all love the dewy glow that it gives!

If the matte liquid lipstick is too bold for you, or if you want a sheer shade, mix some primer with your lipstick before applying it to your cheeks. You can also add some shimmer to your blush by adding a drop of liquid highlighter to the mix. 

As a Contour—Bring Some Dimension

The contour queen Kim Kardashian shared this great trick that simplifies contouring. If you—like many others—are confused about pigmentation or consistency for your contour products, your favorite nude or brown lipstick might be the best answer. For that dramatic contour effect, take a shade darker than your skin tone. 

Starting from the center of your forehead, draw a 3 along the side of your face, past your cheekbones, and then along the bottom half of your face to her chin.  Repeat this step for both sides of your face. Make sure to blend away well, or you won't get the results you wanted.

As a Color Corrector—Hide Those Dark Circles

Yes, that liquid lipstick you own also works as a color corrector. Red or orange lipstick is your go-to for hiding dark circles and eye bags. 

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Our under-eye circles are usually blue or green in color, so using a red or orange color is ideal for combating them. Use a very small amount of product on your under-eye circles, blend well, and wait for a minute. After the product has been set, you can apply your regular concealer. Ensure there is no cakiness or red lipstick showing by blending it evenly.

As an Eyeshadow—for a High-Fashion, Glossy Look

You can create a very high-fashion, matte eyeshadow look by swiping some lipstick on your eyelids. If you wanna recreate the trending glossy eye lid, you can even use a bright lip gloss either by itself or over your favorite eyeshadow shade! This liquid lipstick tip achieves an editorial "straight off the runway" look, even though it is less common than using lipstick as blush.

Try a sheer and shimmery brown for a subtle, sun-kissed look, or go bold and unexpected with pink. The bright pink color on your lids will give you a very edgy look, perfect for a festive look. The look is risky, but taking a chance is certainly not a sin.

As a Lipstick—to Make a Custom Shade

Want to enhance an already great lipstick color? Try blending two shades, the go-to move amongst makeup artists for creating a customized look—like in an Ombre lip look!

Mixing two shades is also a fun way to bring out your less-used shades. After all, everyone has some not-so-bang-on shades lying around.

Follow these tips for blending two (or more) lipsticks seamlessly:

Prime the Canvas

Before going all crazy with a new signature color, make sure your lips look their best. Use a lip balm to prepare your lips, but don't use anything too glossy. The goal is to create a lip that is primed and hydrated, not a shiny surface.

Start With Similar Pairings

Mixing two liquid lipsticks in the same color family can be a good starting point if you’re a newbie. Start by applying liquid lipstick in a bright or dark base shade all over the lips, then highlight just the center with a lighter shade.

Go for the Unexpected

Ever wonder if two brights go well together? It's time to find out. 

Add a pop of pink shade to a nude lip to create a pinky nude lip or mix orange with a pink shade to create a coral lip. Makeup is an art, so don't be afraid to express yourself. Basically, be brave, be bold, and get to work. There will be some beautiful and surprising colors in store for you.

Do a Test Run

Have trouble mastering your mixing skills? Before applying the colors to the lips, makeup artists advise mixing them on another surface. Test color on your hand if you're uncertain how it will look.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to test out your liquid lipstick arsenal on different parts of your face? Or creating a customized shade using different colors in your lipstick vanity? After trying these hacks, you'll never want to resort to boring liquid lipstick uses again.

Feel free to share your results with us in the comments section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!