8 Ultimate Makeup Tips for Mature Skin Beauties

8 Ultimate Makeup Tips for Mature Skin Beauties

Getting older may have its challenges, but looking good should not be one of them. Keep your skin looking supple with these makeup tips for aging skin.

Age causes our skin to change—we develop fine lines and wrinkles, lose elasticity, and experience changes in texture and tone. Still, that doesn't mean you can't feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin—today and every day going forward.

You just need to tweak your makeup routine in order to make your mature skin glow. Rather than just the lip color or eyeshadow shade you wear, we're talking about changing the makeup formulas and techniques you use every day. Have trouble getting started? Here are some makeup tips for mature skin that will definitely come in handy!

#1 Create a Radiant Base—Prep up Your Skin for Smooth Makeup Application

The three pillars of skin care—cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating—are crucial to achieving a healthy complexion over time. But before you put on makeup, it’s also important for you to apply a thin layer of a weightless but hydrating primer over your skin.

Preparing your skin with a primer will help make your face makeup last longer. Regardless of your age—but especially if you’re an older woman—it is imperative that you use a primer with your makeup for a radiant finish, a brighter appearance, and to give your base a seamless appearance. 

Invest in an anti-aging primer to create a more youthful appearance and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

#2 Less Is More—When It Comes to Covering Up With Foundation

To get the right amount of cover and ensure you don't feel/look like you're wearing a mask, search for a formula with buildable coverage. 

Avoid foundations with a very thin texture. There's less density or weight to keep the foundation in place, so it's more likely to slip and slide into expression lines. It is best to use creamy textures on mature skin. 

Also, the coverage doesn't have to be the same all over the face. To apply your foundation, begin by addressing any niggling issues in the middle of your face, like redness on the cheeks. Be careful not to apply too much product around the mouth, eyebrows, and crow's feet, as these areas are more likely to get highlighted.

#3 Always Opt for Hydrating Products—Especially Foundation

The skin gets drier as we age and needs help adding moisture. Our recommendation is to look for hydration-rich formulas that cover and moisturize the skin simultaneously. Even better, if it is infused with SPF; one less step to your base makeup routine! Anything with the words 'dewy', 'glow', 'luminous', etc., should work.

#4 Cover Blemishes and Dark Spots—With Concealer, God’s Gift to Mankind

The first thing people notice about you is your eyes. However, as we age, the skin around our eyes often shows signs of aging, including dark circles, under-eye bags, and more. 

With the right amount of concealer, you can hide various signs of aging and reduce blemishes on mature skin. Keeping your application light will ensure seamless coverage. Our recommendation when choosing a concealer for mature skin is to go for a creamy, hydrating, crease-proof formula, since the under-eye area has trouble retaining moisture.

#5 Keep Your Glow on Point—Bring on Some Blush and Highlighter

Beauty experts have been extolling the virtues of blush for a few years now, and with good reason. With blush, you can give your face dimension and vibrancy. Middle-aged women or older women can use blush to enhance their makeup and instantly brighten their entire face. Give your cheeks a touch of color to revive your younger self. 

Instead of applying blush to the apples of your cheeks, apply it to the top of your cheekbone and blend it inwards. This way, you will look younger by subtly sculpting and lifting your face.

Make sure you add shine to your cheekbones, brow bones, and nose bridge using a highlighter next. This also boosts your natural radiance and brightens your complexion instantly.

#6 Play up the Eyes—Brighten and Accentuate Them

To look younger, you want to keep your eyes open and make them as big as possible. Eyeliner is the first step in accentuating your eyes. If you want a more pronounced eye shape, draw the liner on a bit longer at the outer corners. Winged eyeliner is a great way to create the illusion of elongated eyes. 

Next, using an eyelash curler, curl the lashes starting at the root. You then need to pick the right mascara, which involves some trial and error. Older women with thinner and more brittle lashes may not be able to use some thickening formulas. Go for lighter, lengthening mascara instead.

In contrast to mascara and eyeliner, eyeshadow is something you can wear as an accessory to play up your own personal style. But don't just plop the shadow in the center of the lid. With a small eye brush, begin at the outer corners of the eyes and work inward so that the color gradually gets lighter. Using these makeup application tips for mature skin will make you look wide-eyed.

#7 Go for Fuller Brows—Give the Face a More Relaxed Vibe

When brows are thinner, they can throw off the facial balance and make the face look pinched. The face appears more relaxed and youthful with softer, fuller brows. 

Keeping your brows full naturally is the first step. Trim your eyebrows instead of tweezing to save every eyebrow hair. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in arches using featherlight strokes. After that, set them with some eyebrow wax.

#8 Brighten up the Lips—Lipsticks for the Win

The definition of your lips often softens as you age, so your lip products may bleed into your surrounding skin. If you want to prevent feathering and bleeding from lip products, just apply a hydrating lip liner first. 

For symmetry, start from the four outer corners and draw to the bottom lip center or Cupid's bow in four separate strokes. This will make your lip look more balanced. You can apply lipstick in the same manner, but you should use a lip brush to slightly diffuse the edges so they appear softer.

To Conclude…

You can achieve a fantastic makeup look and a radiant complexion at any age—just choose the right products and apply them properly.

Try the makeup techniques for aging skin given above, and you’ll never look back. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comment section.