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Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner

waterproof mini eyeliner
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Your wish is our command!

And we tunred the Faces Canada Ultime Pro A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner, mini. This eyeliner gives you bold and jet black eyes in a complete matte finish. This is a stylish liquid eyeliner pen is ideal for creating elegant, fines lines with precision. It is intensely pigmented with a quick drying formula, that sets to a complete matte finish within seconds from the time of application. It has a waterproof, transfer proof and smudge proof formula which stays put for up to 24 hours.

1. A classic felt tip liner that delivers excellent colour pay off
2. The ultra fine tip draws precise and dramatic lines
3. Features a super matte, waterproof and smudge proof formula
4. Quick drying and transfer proof
5. Stays put for up to 24 hours
6. Paraben free
7. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH, Schwanweg 1, 90562 Heroldsberg, Germany

Country of Origin: Germany

Net Qty.: 0.6ml

Ingredient List

Black 2, Water, Methylpropanediol, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Styrene/Acrylates/Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer, Cellulose, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Coco-Glucoside, Poloxamer 407, Citric Acid, Phenylpropanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Laureth-12 Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, BHT, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Dehydroacetate

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 129 reviews
      Simran Rajput
      Loved it

      Thanks facescanada for this awesome eyeliner.. ;-)


      All are amazing ❤️🔥😍

      Shama Sheth
      Awesome One

      Superb quality and fabulous product 😊

      Gayetri Singh
      All time favorite

      I love faces Canada cosmetic products ❤


      I love this product. It's easy to apply and is pigmented.

      Pradnya Jadhav

      Easy to apply


      This matt kajal gives me terrific look
      This is smudge proof awesome 👌

      Sambhav Sharma

      Nice product, but so small

      What is Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner

      Eyeliner can be a powerful tool in your makeup kit, but it's also one of the most difficult to master. It can accentuate your eyes in the best way, but if you don't use it correctly, it can make you look tired and old! If you're having trouble with your eyeliner, I recommend trying the Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner. It’s new to the market, but it has already earned a stellar reputation because of its innovative qualities.

      How to make your eyes look bigger

      If you want to make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful, eyeliner is a must. But, if you don't do it correctly, applying eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller! So how do you apply it correctly and make your eyes stand out?

      First of all, there are two ways to apply eyeliner best: using liquid or a pencil. To begin with a pencil; draw a line from just above your lashes (on top) down to just before your lashline (on bottom). Then fill in everything between by darkening what's still left. Next move on to liquid; You want to make sure that you start drawing from just outside of your lash line, not going over into it like when using a pencil.

      How to get a cat eye every time

      What you see on Instagram probably isn’t what we all get in real life. Most of us don’t have steady hands, nor can we apply liquid liner as smoothly as a stylist—and that’s okay! Just keep practicing and have fun with it. Here are some tips to help you get there

      Making your liner stand out

      Quality eyeliner is a must, but why not try out a different look than you’re used to. By following these steps, your usual black-on-black look can become anything you want it to be! First, line your upper and lower lash lines with brown liner in a very light hand.

      Make sure to build up gradually so that you don’t get a dramatic color change—you just want to complement your natural lashes. Next, take an eye shadow of your choice and apply it all over your eyelid. We recommend pairing one light shade for daytime wear and something darker for evening looks; choose whatever combination works best for you! Last but not least, use a gold or white pencil on your waterline to add brightness to your eyes.

      Lip liner tricks

      Apply matte lip liners, like those made by Bobbi Brown and Stila, to give lipstick a cleaner appearance. This will add definition around your lips, making it easier to apply lipstick without getting it on your teeth and keeping your lipstick looking fresh longer.

      Make sure to blend so that you don’t end up with harsh lines of color along your lips. Before applying eye shadow, line your upper lid with a dark brown liner like Faces Canada 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon. Doing so will create depth as well as make colors pop even more when applied above it. Any little makeup trick you can use to fool others into thinking you're looking your best is good for us!

      How much does it cost?

      The price is a bit higher than what you may have been paying for your go-to liner, but it's less expensive than some other high-end options. Plus, you can often find discounts and coupons that make it cheaper if you do some digging around on the Faces Canada website.

      What Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner does for your eyes

      If you're looking for eyeliner makeup that will allow you to create any look you want and make your eyes stand out, it's worth giving this one from Faces Canada a try. The color pigment is high-quality and the product goes on smoothly, even when used to line both top and bottom lids at the same time. Best of all, it's easy to create different looks with this makeup since it can be used as both a winged eyeliner and shadow.


      If you're looking for an eyeliner that will last all day long, we believe you'll be impressed with how long-lasting Matte Made in Heaven by Ultime is. It lasts through heat, humidity, and whatever else your crazy day throws at it! It goes on smoothly without pulling and blends with ease.

      We love how its rich black color contrasts against any shadow or blush. Add a few strokes of eyeliner designs along your lash line to create subtle definition or use it as an eyeshadow to give your eyes a pop of color.

      Well pigmented

      This eyeliner is so well pigmented that it's known to be long-lasting throughout the day. Many people love it because of its intensity in color as well. It's a matte black shade with a fine tip brush which makes it easy to draw on your eyelid with ease.

      It goes on smooth and dries quickly too so you don't have to worry about smudging or mistakes after application. The high-quality pigments that once applied, it won't run or fade away for hours on end.

      Great color options

      Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made in Heaven eyeliner is available in four different colors: Volcanic Black, Slate Grey, Dark Blue, and Grey Beige. The best part about these colors is that they go with almost any outfit. Whether you're going to work or heading out on a date, it will be easy to find an eyeliner color that suits your mood.

      If you’re looking for a dramatic look, try wearing Ultime Pro Mini A Matte eyeliner Made in Heaven on your lower lash line as well as on your top lid. You can also use it as a base when applying another more opaque shade. Use dark matte liners like Ultime A matte as a cream eyeshadow too!

      Glides on smoothly

      One of our favorite features about Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made in Heaven ink eyeliner is that it glides on smoothly. Unlike other eyeliners, we haven’t experienced any skipping or tugging on our skin, even when applying it to our waterline.

      The formulation is so creamy and smooth that it goes on beautifully and applies with ease. This can also make blending a lot easier! You don't have to be as careful with how you apply this type of product, which means you can get a natural finish if you so desire.

      Felt tip applicator

      This eyeliner has a firm felt tip that allows you to apply a very fine line or a thicker one, based on your preference. Whether you're creating simple winged eyeliner colors or something more elaborate like cat eyes, thick bold lines or thin ones are possible.

      The tip is soft but firm so that it easily creates strong lines. While there isn't much given when applying pressure to create darker color, it can make subtle application easier because of its stiffness. The felt applicator is also easy to clean after use because it won't smudge as some liquid-to-gel liners do.

      How is Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner different than regular eyeliners?

      The true test of whether your waterproof eyeliner makeup is truly waterproof comes with time. If you've been wearing it all day and have trouble removing it at night, your product might not be what you thought it was. The key to taking off any waterproof eye makeup (or sunscreen) is patience. A lot of people try using oil-based removers, but that's just messily going about things.

      Oils can irritate skin or even break down materials like latex, which is why we suggest washing up with soap and water first. To get all traces of your primer or foundation off, wipe away residue and pat dry before moving on to an eye makeup remover made for your specific needs - water-resistant eye makeup may require something different than traditional eyeliners do.

      How to use Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner

      You might be intimidated to try the cat eye because it seems difficult to master, but it's very simple if you have the right tool. We wanted to show you how to use the Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner so that you can get an impeccable cat eye every time! Follow these steps and soon you’ll be wearing eyeliner gel-like the pros!

      Why is this product perfect for cat eye makeup?

      The Faces Canada Eye Pencil is one of my favorite liquid eyeliners waterproof for a cat-eye. This product comes in 4 different shades, black, brown, purple, and red. I like using dark brown when it comes to cat eye makeup. I think that it goes well with most of my outfits and also adds a little edge. The thin tip makes lining your eyes very easy! It also contains a lot of pigment so it lasts all day long and doesn't smudge at all. You don't have to reapply during the day which is always a plus in my book!

      The Tools You Need to Achieve This Look

      For a perfect cat eye, you’ll need an eyeliner hooded eyes pencil in black and a fine-tipped brush or cotton swab. You can find them at any cosmetic store or beauty department. (Some people prefer liquid liners because they offer more control.) For added flair, choose an eye shadow with a metallic finish in gold or brown and dab it along your top lash line for definition. Make sure you blend it with your fingers so that it doesn’t look harsh. If you want an even bolder look, apply a darker shade of liner on your bottom lid as well.

      Step 1 - Align your eyes

      Lining your eyes with a thin line before applying your eyeliner will make it easier to apply perfectly symmetrical wings. Place a thin line of gel liner on your index finger. With a downward motion, drag it from one end of your lash line to another. Add additional dots along your lash line and blend out with an eyeliner liquid brush or cotton swab.  If you're a beginner, skip these steps for now until you've got some practice under your belt. Practice makes perfect!

      Step 2 - Add a thin line close to your lashes

      Start at your lash line and draw a thin line. This will be your guide for creating your cat-eye. Practice makes perfect with each stroke so don't worry if you make a mistake! Continue practicing until you find a method that works for you.

      Step 3 - Draw on winged lines

      Now that you’ve got your basic lines down, you can start defining them with wings. Focus on a spot just past where your eye begins—so if your lid is roughly 1 inch, try placing your wing at about 1.5 inches—and draw it using whatever shape feels right for you.

      Follow its curve with a clean, angled brush stroke that almost crosses over your lash line (don't worry, you won't cross it). This helps define and thicken up your first wing line without taking up space in front of it. Then all you have to do is repeat these steps on the other side. Now go look in a mirror!

      Step 4 - Fine-tune with an eyeliner brush

      Using a brush helps you get super crisp lines and shapes. Dip your brush in eyeshadow or black pencil eyeliner for beginners and apply along your upper lash line from corner to corner. This will act as a guide for when you’re applying with the pen.

      Additional Tips and tricks

      Avoid lining your waterline with black kohl eye pencils as it can create a spidery look that will only make you look older. Instead, opt for a white eyeliner or even concealer! To get extra drama, combine both a dark and light liner on top of your lash line for an edgy, cool effect.

      Also, avoid using mascara as it can weigh down your eyelashes and cause them to clump together – try applying one coat of mascara followed by two coats of volumizing and lengthening fibers instead. Mixing up how you apply your makeup is another great way to keep things fresh and exciting.

      How to make wings with Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner

      The Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink eyeliner best brand is one of the newest additions to the Famous Faces Canada pro-liner collection, and it has quickly become one of my favorite eyeliners, especially for doing wings because it’s so precise! Since I started using this eyeliner, I’ve been experimenting with how to make my wings look as perfect as possible, and I’ve figured out three different tricks that work every time! Using these tips, you can transform your typical winged eyeliner into something really special.

      First, you need an eye primer

      All eye primers do about the same thing, so use whatever you have on hand. Many beauty experts recommend Faces Canada because it dries quickly and keeps your eye shadow vibrant for many hours. Apply your primer all over your lid, up to your brow bone. It doesn't matter if you get a little extra on your lids or outside of them, as long as they're covered. Let it dry completely before moving on to step two!

      Then, you apply a good layer of foundation to your lids

      Apply a good layer of foundation on your lids; you'll use a sponge or a brush. Then, using an eyeliner pencil, create 2 dots on your upper lid just under your lash line. Connect those dots with a straight line. If you want thicker wings, don't hesitate to connect more dots and then go back from there to make it thicker.

      When you have finished drawing your winged eyeliner, it is time for applying mascara: Apply a generous amount of mascara before going out for nightclubbing or on special occasions so that your eyes will look even bigger than usual!

      Next, you take your Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made in Heaven Ink Eye Liner and apply it from root to tip of your eyelashes

      For larger eyes, it's best to start your line as close to your eyelashes as possible. However, for smaller eyes, or if you are trying to open up your eyes and make them appear bigger, I recommend starting about halfway down on your upper eyelid.

      Use a light hand and take care not to pull on your eyelashes; there is a fine line between adding definition and straining them. If you have oily lids like me, I recommend applying mascara first before applying eyeliner. This will help keep those pesky flakes from forming throughout the day! Plus, who doesn’t love more volume?

      Now, you can draw the shape of your eyes (along the upper lash line)

      Make it thicker at first, then thin it out a little. You must draw your wing carefully and precisely because there will be no way of correcting mistakes when applying eyeliner makeup. Apply dark brown color on your upper eyelid, directly on top of your brow (if you want a more subtle look), or slightly under, close to your eyebrow (for a dramatic look).

      Darken your lower lash line using a brush with stiff bristles and winged eyeliner: soften the edge of each stroke towards the inside corner of your eye for a more defined effect. Paint wings onto both upper and lower lid, following their natural shape; also extend them on the lower lash line by a few millimeters.

      To finish, fill in any gaps along the lash line

      Draw a thin line right above your lashes and draw a line along with any gaps between your lashes. The last step is crucial because it will give a more natural look. Finish by adding mascara to help build up the volume if you want more dramatic wings. The key is practice!

      Go on YouTube and search how to make eyeliner for some tutorials or simply watch makeup videos until you feel confident in doing it yourself. Soon enough, you’ll be an expert at making wings! Of course, don’t forget about good wing-making tools like products (like our Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner) and practice!

      After that, it's time for eye shadow!

      Now that your lids are defined, it's time for a little color. For a soft look, swipe on one color all over (we used Faces Canada as a primer and then applied Faces Canada Queen Collection Perfect Point Plus eyeliner black in Naked).

      To take things up a notch, create a simple winged look by applying two colors; I loved how browns looked against pinky-red lips (it made me think of milkshakes!). To get an even more dramatic effect, smudge black liquid liner along your upper lash line. Then apply shadow in a similar shade below your lower lashes for extra drama. The key is to blend; don't worry about perfectly lining things up—just blend until it looks pretty!

      The powder is another way to set your look

      If you feel like your liner doesn't last as long without smudging, then the powder is another way to set it. The powder contains cornstarch that sets or dries out liquid makeup and helps prevent bleeding of color.

      Keep in mind that if you use a powdered eye shadow as a setting product, then you may need to reapply it throughout the day because any oil on your lids will soften up any set powder (including eyeshadow primer). If you’re going for longer wear, consider using a new style or liquid eye shadows for better-staying power.

      How to do a cat eye with Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner

      Before applying eyeliner, make sure your eyes are completely clean and free of any makeup. Any dust or debris can cause your liner application to go wrong; always make sure that you wash your face before applying eye makeup.

      To apply eyeliner: hold your eyelid steady with one hand and use a slanted eyeliner brush with short but sturdy bristles (1-3mm long) held at an angle of 30 degrees in front of your eye. Starting from just inside your lash line, pull away from it while simultaneously pulling up toward the brow bone while also curving slightly towards the outer corner of the eye. This will form an upside-down C on top and is essentially all there is to creating perfect cat eyes every time!

      Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink EyeLiner tips for beginners

      The perfect eyeliner to make eyes look bigger can make all the difference in your makeup routine! It’s the key to making your eyes look wider and brighter, even if you’re wearing little else but some moisturizer and mascara. If you’re looking to learn how to create that perfect, matte line of eyeliner kit, read on and discover what we think are the best tips for creating it with Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner!

      How to find the perfect shade

      There are two easy ways to find your shade of eyeliner. The first, and most common, is to visit a department store counter or search one out in a store and get matched. For those who are a little more daring, you can order samples online.

      Once you receive them in the mail, test each color on your wrist and see which shade complements your skin tone best. Using that color as a starting point, you can then experiment by adding more brown or black until you find what works best for you.

      How to choose your application brush

      Eyeliner application brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When picking an application brush, it's important to think about what you're applying. For example, if you're applying liquid liner, pick a slanted brush (which is easier to control), as opposed to one that has shorter bristles that are rounded at the tip (because it will be harder to create precision).

      Do you want your eyeliner more thin or thick? Are you looking for something long-lasting or quick? These questions help narrow down your choices on which eyeliner brushes are best suited for your needs.

      Where should you apply

      Since Faces Canada eyeliner is most effective in defining your eyes and adding a pop of color to an otherwise minimal makeup routine, begin by applying liner on your upper lash line. This will give you that cat-eye effect many people are trying to achieve.

      If you're going for a more classic appeal or trying to avoid looking too made up, try opting for a smudged version along your bottom lash line. For best results, consider using your middle finger to start as it offers more control than using your index finger. Now that you have an idea of how to use it, here are some tips so you can get started on creating that ultimate cat-eye look.

      How can you make your eyes pop?

      Creating definition and pop to your eyes can be done in several ways. For starters, you should begin by looking at how many different hues of eye makeup you have in your collection. Muted tones, like browns and taupes, are popular choices because they blend with almost any eye color.

      However, if you’re feeling adventurous (or want to add some color to your life), opt for teal or navy blue. From there, it’s all about getting a steady hand: Use a pencil liner or powder shadow along your lash line before applying a darker shade (using an angled brush) along your upper lash line and filling in your waterline.

      Why do we love it so much?

      Matte liners are not only extremely popular but they also make your eyes stand out even more than they would if you were to wear other types of eyeliner. With so many celebrities being photographed in magazines and on red carpets wearing matte black or brown Faces Canada matte eyeliner, it is no wonder that we want to get that same sexy appeal without any hassle.

      The best part about learning how to create an awesome, professional-looking eyeliner with our Ultime Pro Mini A Eye Liner Kit is you can do it wherever you want! You can do your makeup while watching TV, in between classes at school, or even on a lunch break at work! When paired up with our Smudge Stamp Brush #9, you’ll be able to get a super sharp line every time.;

      Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye guide for flawless application

      The rule for flawless application is don’t rush. Apply small amounts of product at a time, wait until it dries, and reapply. You'll have less chance of smudging and more control over your line as you build it up in layers. For long-lasting results, pair your liner with an eye primer like Primer Potion; it will ensure your liner lasts all day without budging. Go for a water-based formula like Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner for easy removal! Don't forget to clean off any residue left behind with an oil-based makeup remover like Faces Canada Take It All Off Eye Makeup Remover, which leaves nothing behind—not even waterproof mascara!

      Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner tips and tricks

      A quick swatch of your favorite waterproof Faces Canada eyeliner pen tells you it won’t budge. This is because most formulas—including top-sellers like Perversion and Kat Von D Tattoo Liner—are made up of synthetic oils and waxes. These ingredients are slick and hard to shift without some heavy artillery, so invest in an oil- or silicone-based makeup remover. Pro tip: if you can handle freezing temperatures on your face, check out Faces Canada Collection Gel Waterproof Eye Makers Remover. The cool-toothbrush trick here removes waterproof makeup faster than other formulas thanks to its cooling menthol ingredient.

      Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner hacks

      A lot of consumers have been raving about how well Faces Canada Ultime pro matte made in heaven ink eyeliner holds up against its competitors, but there are some simple tricks you can use to get it off faster. Consider using an oil-based makeup remover, as they do wonders when removing waterproof and long-lasting products. If you don’t have access to one at home, a baby wipe or an olive oil scrub will also do in a pinch.

      How to properly remove Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner

      Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink Eye Liner is one of the most popular Japanese eyeliners available on the market today, thanks to its creamy texture and vivid pigmentation. Though it’s easy to use when you first get your hands on it, many users find that over time, they’re no longer able to achieve their desired look due to its unique waterproof properties. Here are some ways you can remove waterproof eyeliner like a pro in just five simple steps!

      Step 1: Prepare everything you need

      Use an oil-based eyeliner makeup remover, facial cleansing wipe, or regular washcloth with warm water. Next, you need an oil-based remover (like olive oil) if you have oily skin and cold cream if you have dry skin.

      Apply one of these oils around your eyes and make sure not to get any in your eyes. A good rule of thumb is that if it stings, then it's too close for comfort! Warm water will do if you can't find either of these products. If none of these products are available, then apply baby oil with cotton balls on top of the eyeliner. Follow up by rinsing gently until the most residue is gone from your skin/eyes.

      Step 2: Get yourself comfortable

      Be prepared for your eyeliner removal session. You'll need a face wash (to cleanse your skin), makeup remover (to dissolve any excess eye makeup), and cotton pads or napkins (for soaking up/absorbing makeup).

      Sit in front of a mirror where you can see what you're doing and get comfy. If you have an eye-shadow remover, that works too! It has more oil which helps dissolve the waterproof liner faster. Now all you need is patience! And rubbing alcohol if it doesn’t budge after five minutes or so. Step 3: Make an incision: Hold a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover over one eye.

      Step 3: Start removing the eyeliner with an oil-based makeup remover

      The way oil dissolves oil means you want to start with an oil-based makeup remover. While you could use things like olive or coconut oil, I find that extra virgin olive oil isn't always as gentle on sensitive skin and can make your eyes burn a little bit, so I tend to stay away from it. The best oils for removing waterproof makeup are jojoba, sweet almond, and safflower.

      Put a few drops of oil on your fingertips and massage it into your eye area in small circles, focusing on getting in between your lash line and upper eyelid. You might have to use some pressure at first but if you rub long enough it should start breaking down most waterproof eyeliners.

      Step 4: Remove the rest of the makeup with a water-based remover

      Once most of your eye eyeliner makeup is removed, it's time to use an oil-based remover for waterproof/water-resistant makeup. We recommend Faces Canada Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil because it has over 40,000 great reviews on Faces Canada!

      You will want to apply your oil-based remover on top of your cotton round and let it sit for about 10 seconds. Make sure you are wiping away any leftover eye shadow or liner so that all traces are gone! At that point, you can start working on removing waterproof mascara with another cotton round and more oil-based remover. Again – just make sure that you get everything off!

      Step 5 (Optional): Pat dry your eyelids with a clean towel

      This is an optional step, but if you have time, patting your lids with a towel will help ensure that your eyelashes are 100% dry. A quick tip: If your skin is sensitive or you're prone to irritation and redness (like I am), try using a natural hair towel instead of regular paper towels or washcloths. The soft material is gentler on the skin and can help prevent unnecessary friction against delicate skin.


      How long does the mini eyeliner last?

      The product is designed for use for 12 months after opening, but the effectiveness of the product can last much longer. Though, the effective life span of the mini eyeliner may vary depending on how it’s used.

      Does it have a comfortable grip?

      Removing waterproof eyeliner makeup often requires a cotton pad and a special remover. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find comfortable waterproof makeup that doesn’t require as much extra effort.

      Is it waterproof?

      Manufacturers say that waterproof eyeliner eye makeup is generally safe for everyday wear and tear. However, in some cases (particularly if you have sensitive skin), it can be difficult to completely remove your eye makeup at night. For most people, however, waterproof eyeliner will wear off without too much trouble—you just need to be prepared with some easy removal tips!

      Is it safe for pregnant women?

      The ingredients used in waterproof eyeliner makeup are safe for pregnant women, even if it is not recommended for them.

      Read more