Let’s Hop on the Butterfly Eyeliner Trend

Let’s Hop on the Butterfly Eyeliner Trend

Trends on Instagram and TikTok are always changing, and the latest to hit our radar is butterfly eyeliner! Although butterfly eye makeup isn't a new concept, Hailey Bieber recently reintroduced it to the spotlight with her two-toned winged liner at Coachella.

Since then, butterfly liner makeup has been all over social media with most beauty influencers trying out this look. Although some people are taking the butterfly theme quite literally by drawing intricate wings to resemble the insects, others are adopting a more mature look like Hailey Bieber with their colorful, yet subtle looks.

The butterfly eye makeup  look is both trendy and fun, making it ideal for summer. If you're interested in jumping on this eyeliner makeup trend, here are some tips on creating the look as well as some of our favorite butterfly liner looks.

How to Do a Butterfly Eye Makeup Look Step by Step

Primer Time

Preparing your eyes first will ensure that your eye makeup is as pigmented and long-lasting as possible.

Using an eyeshadow primer or concealer, prime the area where you are going to create butterfly wings.

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Wing Your Eyeliner

You'll want to start with a liquid liner to create wings to define your eyes and begin creating the new eyeliner trend.

Use a liquid liner with a precise tip to define your upper lash line. Draw the line out until it reaches the end of your eyebrow or even beyond so that it will form the top of butterfly wings. 

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Outline the Shape

Now that you have drawn the top part of the wing, all you have to do is draw the curves of the bottom part and form points at the outer corners.

To create the wings, you should start by sketching out its shape. Create your outline with an eyeliner pencil that's close to the same tone as your skin in case you make a mistake. Whenever you are satisfied with how the shape looks, trace it over with the liquid liner.

If you are a makeup artist of great skill, you can skip the outlining step for butterfly eye makeup.

Add Some Color

Next, we need to add some color. Pick any colors of your choice and fill them little by little inside the outline you’ve created.

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It is not necessary to draw the colors perfectly—as long as they blend nicely, it will create a nice gradient effect. Since you are working with a small area, it is best to use an eye pencil for filling in the color to get a butterfly eye makeup look.

Fill in the Details

Make the internal veining look intricate by freehand drawing asymmetrical lines to connect the tops and bottoms of the wings with your liquid eyeliner.

Lengthen Your Lashes

Fluttery eyelashes are essential to this butterfly eyeliner trend. To finish the look, add one or two coats of a lengthening mascara.

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It separates and volumizes the lashes while avoiding clumps and extending them. 

Final Touches

Last but not least, use your white liner to add a few details. A few dots give your wings a realistic butterfly eye makeup look, and highlights of white help to bring out any muddled color. If you prefer, you can line your inner waterline with it as well.

And that's it! You have made it this far, so pat yourself on the back.

Iconic Butterfly Liner Looks You Can Try

Try out one (or many) of these best butterfly eye makeup ideas.

Monochrome Magic

If you like the idea of butterfly eye makeup but do not want bright colors, this look is the one for you. Draw the outline of the butterfly wings in black and leave the inner details blank. 

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Simply elegant, this style leaves room for your lips and eyebrows to stand out. This is as low-key as butterfly makeup gets.

Dreamy Wings

Instead of going literal, this butterfly liner look takes a different approach. Put some bold eyeliner wing liner at the outside corner of the eye and some fainter eyeliner tracings on the rest of your lid. The patterns mimic those on a butterfly wing. 

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For a feminine touch, add a soft palette of blue and pink to fill in the design. Coat a bit of mascara on the upper lashes — leave the lower ones bare.

Butterfly Eye Mask Face Paint

You might think a butterfly eye makeup look is impossible if you have trouble making perfect winged eyeliner.

However, there's a simple trick: Before applying any bold pigment or dark liner, lightly trace the shape of the wings with a brow pencil. With your shape mapped out, you can then apply your makeup and color. Add the black outline and detailed designs after your colors are set.

White Pixie

Do you adore white, delicate, and pristine things? Then you must try this eyeliner! A stunning eyeliner and alluring white lashes make this look both stunning and bewitching simultaneously. Make this look artsy with some white eyeliner.

If you want to recreate those lashes, then you can either buy coloured false eyelashes or apply some white liner to your mascara wand and coat it on your lashes.

One Winged

Creating symmetrical winged eye looks takes patience. Just go with one winged look instead! The look is just as striking. To create this look, apply some pigmented eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eye, and split it between your upper and lower eyelids.

You can create a more diffused look by bringing the eyeliner in slightly when drawing your wings instead of tracing outside of the pigment.

Minimal Beauty

For these teeny-tiny wings, draw out your shapes with the eyeliner first, and then use the eyeshadow with a fine-tip brush to fill them in.

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To add a cool gradient, use multiple brushes (one for each shade) to blend the pigments so the color does not get muddy or stray.



TikTok's butterfly eyeliner makeup drew us in, so we knew we had to try it for ourselves. We wanted you to be part of the fun, so we created a butterfly eye makeup step by step tutorial and list of inspirations for you to mimic.

Try out the butterfly eye makeup look trend and tell us how you feel. Our comments section is always a welcome place for you!

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