Eyeliner Tips & Tricks Shaky Hands and Clumsy Fingers

Eyeliner Tips & Tricks Shaky Hands and Clumsy Fingers

Aren’t you the happiest when your eyeliner is on point!

Eye makeup seems so easy. Yet, we sometimes fail to give our eyes the kind of attention they need to look their best. Especially those of us who are not makeup pros. Because saying “just wing it” and actually winging it is completely different.

Forget smoky eye makeup or winged eyeliner, on some days we can’t focus enough to draw a straight line over the eye. For such days, for the shaky hands, and for the beginners, we have some really useful eye makeup tips. Check them out!

First of All, Know Your Liner

Is it a pencil, a liquid eyeliner, a gel eyeliner, or a pen? Though it doesn’t sound like much, the type of your eyeliner matters a lot. You need more precision for a liquid eyeliner. Pencils and pens are easier to apply. But for deep, dark, smooth lines, a super pigmented long-lasting liquid one is the way to go.

Watch How You Hold the Liner

We know it is hard to keep your hand still. But there are ways to handle it. And this one’s going to work, promise!

Just change the way you hold the liner—instead of holding it in the air, rest your pinkie finger on your cheekbone to get stability. This trick is going to work like magic.

From Dots to Perfect Lines


It’s okay if you cannot line like a pro. You could begin with dotting along the line, and then filling it up with a whole line. With time and practice, you will be drawing smooth long lines without dots!

Always keep a Q-tip handy to quickly correct possible slips.

Don’t Pull the Skin Sideways

It isn’t very uncommon for beginners to pull their skin while applying eyeliner. It surely makes the job easier, but as soon as you release it, the liner ultimately bounces back with the skin, making it look bumpy. The best way is to use the resting pinkie finger technique and try your best.

Fix that Smudge Smartly

Even after all this, if you end up smudging your liner a little, there’s nothing to worry about. You can always use a little concealer to fix it. Use a Q-tip for precision.

If you don’t want to use concealer, you could even go for petroleum jelly. You’d be surprised how much it can fix!

When in Doubt, Smoke It Out!

Of course, we’re talking about your eyeliner! Sometimes it’s just really not your day. On such days if your eyeliner gets smudgy and you don’t have the time to clean up the mess, go for a smoky eye makeup. You can even use a highly pigmented kajal stick as a smoky eyeshadow.

Can’t Wing? Just outline your waterline!—Easy Yet Pretty

Not confident enough to apply it the regular way, or don’t want too intense a line? Apply the pencil liner beneath your lash line, and on your waterline. It’s a great technique for hooded eyes.

Tightlining can also help make your regular smoky eye makeup look more intense, or for your lashes to look fuller with just eyeshadow.


Not just basic eyeliner. You can even get glitter eyeliners, colored eyeliners, and other amazing eyeshadow looks with different shades. Take one step at a time and soon you’ll perfect the art of eye makeup!

What are you waiting for? Show ‘em you can reach on time even while flaunting a classy smoky eye. All you need to do is make sure you choose eye makeup that suits your eyes and style.