Creating the Trending Glossy Makeup Look—The Ultimate Guide

Creating the Trending Glossy Makeup Look—The Ultimate Guide

Looking for a dewy, healthy makeup look? You won't want to miss out on the glossy makeup trend!

The trend of matte makeup will never fade, but blindingly glossy makeup is having a moment and won't go out of style anytime soon. While getting enough beauty sleep, drinking plenty of water, and using highlighters may help, makeup plays a significant role in giving you a glossy look.

Since now seems like the perfect time to shine, we've put together a simple guide on how to get a glossy makeup look. Explore this glossy makeup step-by-step routine for a versatile look that can be worn anywhere.

#1 Start with Skincare—Bring Out Your Natural Glow

Preparing your skin with skincare before applying makeup will give it a healthy, glowing, and hydrated appearance.

The first step to achieving good skin is exfoliation. Your makeup application will be smoother if you have smooth skin, so it's important to remove dead skin cells and rough patches using a facial scrub. Then use a serum that's specially formulated to give your skin a glasslike finish, followed by a rich moisturizing cream that enhances your natural glow.

#2 Primer Time—for an Even, Long-Lasting Finish

A makeup primer is essential to bringing your glossy makeup look to life. It ensures even makeup application by smoothing the skin. Apply a thin layer of radiance-boosting primer over your skin to help your beauty look last longer.

#3 Choose Creamy Products—to Achieve a Blended Look

As soon as you've prepped and primed your skin, it's important to consider the formula of the products you're going to use. More specifically, you should deliberately opt for creamy and liquid products.

The warmth of your fingers and the temperature of your body can blend cream blushes, liquid foundations, and highlighters well on the skin and hold up well all day. To keep your skin looking healthy, dewy, and glossy, choose as many cream products as you can.

#4 Choose a Dewy Base—Get a Luminous Complexion

The foundation you choose should be able to help you achieve dewy skin and a glossy makeup look. Put a small amount of radiant foundation on the pointed tip of a beauty blender. Apply the foundation to the skin with a dab and roll motion until it is even.

Do you want to hide your imperfections? The process is as simple as dabbing concealer on the spot. Apply concealer under your eyes in an upside-down triangle shape to get rid of tired-looking eyes.

#5 Apply Bronzer and Blush—Create Layers and Blend Them

Any makeup look requires layering and blending, especially if you're adding gloss later.

Use a "3" shape as a guide when applying bronzer to your face (the "3" should run from forehead to cheekbone to jawline). We love the 3-shape technique because it works on both sides of the face and creates a natural finish.

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The next step is blush. To achieve natural, luminous skin, keep two things in mind with blush: don't overdo it and blend well. Apply and blend shimmery peach blush just to the apples of your cheeks for a naturally flushed look.

#6 Create Soft, Minimal Eyes—Finish with Something Glossy

The key to creating a glossy makeup look is keeping eye makeup soft and natural.

Invest in a powder eyeshadow with a metallic finish for a shiny finish on your peepers. Choose your eyeshadow shade and dust your lids with it.

Once you've got your metallic eyeshadow in place, it's time to add some gloss! Yes, we're talking about lip gloss. Adding lip gloss to your look will make it look gleaming and elegant. Make your wet eyeshadow look come alive by applying a small amount of eye-safe clear lip gloss over it.

#7 Lifted Lashes and Brushed Up Brows—Perk up Your Eyes

Adding volume to your eyelashes is always a good idea. A few coats of mascara and an eyelash curler will curl and lift your lashes. 

You can also fill in gaps and define your brows with a brow pencil for a fluffy look. Next, brush some clear gel on your brows to add shine and hold them in place.

#8 Add Some Highlighter—to Boost Your Glamor

It's essential for you to apply liquid highlighters before the gloss as they will give radiance to the skin and work with the gloss to help your skin glow even more.

By lightly patting highlighter with the tips of your fingers and blending it with a highlighter brush, you can add a hint of radiance to your face.

#9 Top Off with Face Gloss or Vaseline—the Ultimate Gloss Step

Applying a face gloss as a final step can really make your makeup stand out. To create a glossy sheen on your skin, you can use a few different productschoose high-end glossy products from your favorite beauty brands or simply opt for Vaseline.

The key is to use it on the right areas of the face and to learn as you go. Make sure you apply gloss to the high points of your face that catch the light, such as your brow bone, the center of your eyelid, and the cheekbones.

#10 Paint Your Pout—Bring Out the Shine

Your glossy makeup look wouldn't be complete without a glossy pout. Make sure your lips are hydrated by applying a lip balm. Next, choose lipstick that has a creamy finish. Make sure the color you choose doesn't deviate too much from your natural lip color.

Get ready to shine! Take your glossy makeup to the next level by applying a super-shiny lip gloss over your colored pout.

#12 Seal the Deal—for the “Just-Applied” Look

Congratulations on making it to the finish line! Since you've put a lot of work into your glossy makeup look, we know you'd want it to last. You can create a "just-applied" look by spraying some setting spray on your face in Xs and Ts motions.

In Conclusion

Makeup gurus and A-listers alike love these glowing makeup ideas because of their flattering, high-shine finish. Given above is a step-by-step guide on how to do glossy makeup at home so you don't get left behind on the trend.

We'd love to hear how your look turned out in the comments!