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Perfect Blush

silky smooth blush
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Blush it off! Blend and build to your heart's content with Faces Canada Perfect Blush. Easy-to-apply with a silky smooth texture that feels super light and lasts long. A dermatologically tested blush which extends excellent shading and the light shimmering color renders the cheeks with a natural-looking glow. Features: Light shimmering color gives the cheeks a natural looking glow New sericite extends excellent blending and velvety touch Silky smooth texture feels super light and lasts long Silicons extend creaminess and adherence Blends effortlessly on the skin Comes with an easy to apply blush Free from D5, silicon, parabens, lanolin, mineral oil This product is dermatologically tested


1. Easy to apply blush
2. Blends effortlessly on the skin
3. Silky smooth texture feels super light & lasts long
4. Light shimmering color gives the cheeks a natural looking glow
5. Available in 2 beautiful colors
6. New sericite extend excellent blending and velvety touch
7. Silicons extend creaminess and adherence
8. D5, silicon, parabens, lanolin, mineral oil, nano-ingredient free
9. Dermatologically tested

Product Info

Name & Address of Manufacturer: Regi India Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., C-08, Sara industrial estate Ltd., Chakrata Road, Rampur, Selaqui, Dehradun- 248197, Uttrakhand

Country of Origin: India

Net Qty.: 5g

Ingredient List

Talc, Mica, Dimethicone, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Isostearyl Neopentanoate, Zinc Stearate, Polybutene, Isopropyl Isostearate, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol, Lecithin, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Glyceryl Stearate, Glyceryl Oleate, Citric Acid, Tin Oxide, CI 77891, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 15850, CI 77077, CI 19140

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 39 reviews

      Must buy


      Very pink nice blush....must buy you will love it 😍😍



      Adeeba Waseem
      Perfect blush

      It's o blush and I am happy to worth buying it

      Lishu Singh


      Nice shade

      Beautiful shade, pigmented must buy it...


      Very beautiful blush

      Perfect blush

      Nice color and smoothly apply go for it

      About Faces Canada perfect blush

      Blush gives your cheeks a healthy, radiant glow and can be the perfect finishing touch to your makeup routine, but it’s also important that you get the right kind of blush if you want to maximize its effect. One of the best options on the market today is Faces Canada Perfect Blush, which will give you just the right amount of color every time you use it. Here are three reasons why this particular blush makes for such an excellent purchase.

      What is a blusher?

      It’s often referred to as a soft flush blusher, but there are a few different terms for what we typically know as a blusher. From bronzer and highlighter to contour and blusher, there is quite a bit of diversity in what you can use—and how it's used.

      Regardless of all that, one thing is for sure: blush for makeup brings warmth and color back into your face by using various tones that highlight different parts of your skin. It gives life back into your face and brightens up even those who don’t feel their best on any given day. In other words? Blush is an essential part of any makeup collection or wardrobe!

      Why do you need a blusher?

      Blusher, like other forms of cosmetics, serves several purposes. While it was originally worn by aristocratic women as a signal that they were in a marriageable age group, today its purpose is generally more aesthetic than anything else.

      Wearing blush makeup can also make you feel better about yourself if you use it as an opportunity to play with color and discover new shades that flatter your skin tone and personality. Makeup isn’t just for fun, but when done correctly it can make you feel beautiful. As Faces Canada puts it, The right blush suits every skin tone and instantly lifts a look with a pop of gorgeous color.

      How long will my blusher last?

      With a regular use blush palette, you should see great results from a blusher for about two years. After that, it's still okay to use but you will notice that there's less pigment and it won't last as long on your skin. Whether you prefer powder or cream, both types of blushers last longer when they are stored in cool environments like a refrigerator.

      Don’t worry—it won’t make them smell weird! If you find that your liquid blush starts clumping together or becomes wet-looking instead of creamy and smooth, take it out of storage and let it come back up to room temperature before using it again. As long as you keep proper care of your makeup products, they can serve you well over several years!

      What ingredients should I look for when buying a blusher?

      Choosing a blush liquid that matches your natural skin tone is one of the most important factors in creating a look you're happy with. First, look at yourself in natural light and note whether you have pink or golden undertones in your skin. Next, rub a little concealer or foundation on your cheeks and see which one best matches them. You can also try putting some lipstick or lip gloss on if you don’t want to take any chances!

      Does the color of my skin matter when choosing a blusher?

      There’s no getting around blush brush, skin color matters when it comes to choosing a blush. Skin tone is one of several factors you should consider when deciding on a color for your cheeks.

      We often think of blushes as universally flattering shades but that isn't always true; colors that look amazing on light-skinned beauties may make women with darker complexions look washed out or drab. Always try out a color before you buy—and be sure to ask for samples if shopping in person so you can see how it looks in natural light and see if there are any particular times of day (such as late afternoon or early morning) where things don't look quite right.

      What does it mean if your foundation doesn't match your blush?

      For a lot of women, it can be quite difficult to find a foundation that matches their skin tone cream blush. But what you may not know is that if your foundation doesn't match, it's likely your blush won't either. So while they're technically two different products, they need to work together for you to look like yourself--with just a bit more oomph.

      If you've never thought about pairing the best blush with foundation before, don't worry! It's easy to learn how and once you do, it'll make a huge difference in how much confidence and love for yourself shines through on your face every day! Don't forget- we also carry a range of shades from drugstore-level makeup to luxury brands.

      Where should I apply my blusher to avoid breakouts and acne?

      If you've been doing beauty and make-up blush pink for any length of time, you'll no doubt have heard at least one person recommend that, when it comes to blusher, you should never apply blusher anywhere near your T-zone. It's good advice. Blusher applied too close to an already oil-prone area is almost certain to exacerbate any problems you might be having with breakouts or acne on that part of your face. The trick is finding out exactly where on your face that means.

      If I have dark spots, freckles, or marks, what kind of blusher should I choose?

      If you have dark spots, freckles, or marks, choose a blush pink color that is in your skin tone. Never pick one that is lighter or darker than your natural complexion. If you are looking for a new color and don't know what color would suit you best, ask a makeup artist at an Estee Lauder counter for her professional opinion!

      She will help you find just what you need! For those who want even more coverage from their blusher, Faces Canada Perfect blush with highlighter can be used as a highlighter to achieve naturally radiant and bright skin. One of my favorites is shade number 3 – Pleasure Pink - it gives my cheeks and faces an all-over glow that lasts all day long.

      How do I know if my skin tone is cool, warm, or neutral? Section: Which blushers are right for you based on your skin tone and season? (Note that section can contain photos with models wearing colors) Section: Is there anything else besides color you should consider when picking out a blush?

      Many blush powders on the market contain talc, which is known to irritate some people. A good rule of thumb for picking out a good quality blush is whether or not it contains talc. If it does, avoid it! Note that I only recommend cruelty-free companies. There are so many great brands out there that do not test on animals and have beautiful, high-quality products! Your cheeks will be healthier if you buy cruelty-free products! Section: What’s better? powder or cream blushes? I prefer powders because they are easier to apply and blend more evenly than creams.

      How do I know which shade will match me best?

      Thankfully, it’s really easy to figure out what color blush for dusky skin you should be buying. When shopping for blushes, it’s always a good idea to bring a little card with you that has colors on it that represent where your skin tone falls on the color wheel.

      Use something like an iPhone or iPad and there are plenty of apps that can help you pick out which one is right for you—if a salesperson isn’t available. Don’t want to carry around cards? The key is knowing exactly what colors will look good against your skin tone. No need to feel intimidated, just follow these steps below and you’ll know how to do it in no time!

      Beauty benefits of the perfect blush

      Many people think of blush on cheeks as a way to add color to your face and give it that healthy, natural glow. While this can be true, there are also other benefits of perfect blush that you may not know about. To discover more about these benefits and why you should try out the perfect blush, keep reading!

      1) Perfect Blush Can Brighten Your Eyes

      Blush can instantly brighten your eyes without any effort. It can be used to open up your face or highlight specific features like cheekbones, making them appear more prominent.

      Blush is also a good tool for disguising under-eye circles by using an ombre-like technique where you apply it down to your jawline since light tends to reflect better on top of the foundation than below it. Even if you don't have under-eye circles, adding some rose blush color along your jawline will make you look more alert and awake (i.e., less tired).

      Applying a swipe of pink lipstick in that same area is another great way to achieve a similar effect!

      2) Perfect Blush Can Slim Your Face

      This might sound counterintuitive, but don’t dismiss it just yet. If you don’t feel so hot about your face shape and are looking for something to balance out your features, why not try a little blush for medium skin tone color on your cheeks? A strategically placed flush will make you look better instantly—by definition (thanks to social media).

      Your picture won’t lie! The trick is knowing which blush shade best complements your complexion. Here are some examples: For fair skin that looks dull, rosy pink is ideal; soft peach tones work well with those with warm undertones in their skin; if you have olive skin, strawberry shades work nicely; and those with cool undertones should try rose or plum blushes.

      3) Perfect Blush Can Provide Warmth To A Cold Face

      As winter nears, you might start to notice that your face isn't as rosy as it used to be. One of the best ways to warm up a cold face is by applying a shade that compliments your skin tone, like peachy pink for pale skin or rich red for olive complexions.

      Brightening undertones and adding warmth is an easy way to make your face appear healthy and bright even when it’s cold outside. Perfect Blush blush for Indian skin provides variety, and versatility and gives you a wide range from which to choose. Whether you have fair or dark skin tones, there are multiple shades to try out, and find one that works with your complexion.

      4) Perfect Blush Is Always In Style

      Blush can be worn in any season, but it's especially helpful for women during warmer weather. A dab of powder or cream-based blush for dark skin on your cheeks gives your face a healthy glow, which helps to make you look fresh and awake even if you're lacking sleep.

      Plus, when you're out in direct sunlight, wearing a bit of makeup can help deflect UV rays from damaging your skin. Blush is also very important for women who choose to leave their faces bare during warm weather; it adds a hint of color to an otherwise nude face and makes you appear more youthful. Women who are battling cancer treatments may also find that rosy cheeks add some much-needed color to their complexion while they undergo treatment.

      5) Perfect Blush Can Draw Attention Away From Dark Circles

      If you’re looking for a way to draw attention away from dark circles, applying some natural-looking blush may be just what you need.

      The colors should complement your skin tone so that when people look at your face, they’ll notice those vibrant colors and not your tired eyes.

      To ensure you don’t go overboard, try a small amount in an inconspicuous area first to make sure it blends in well with your skin. You may also want to have someone else help you apply so they can offer feedback as to whether or not it looks natural on you.

      Once perfected, dab a little over any dark circles in an upward motion and then blend it out with a clean cream blush stick or finger before topping with some setting powder if desired.

      6) Perfect Blush Can Reduce Redness

      Redness in and around your face may be caused by rosacea, eczema, or allergic reactions. Applying a dab of cream-based faces Canada perfect blush to your cheeks can have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness on your face.

      In addition, using a pink or light rose-colored product will help conceal redness caused by rosacea and other skin conditions. Rosacea is a common condition that causes visible blood vessels to appear on your face; applying cream blush over these sensitive areas can make you feel more confident in public.

      7) Perfect Blush Gives You Confidence

      We've all heard that makeup can change your whole outlook on life, and it's true. Think about how great you feel when you get all dolled up for a big event, or even just an important date.

      You suddenly have more confidence—even if you don't look any different than normal. Perfect Blush is one way to give yourself a little extra pick-me-up every day, whether at work or out with friends. And that confidence boost will make everything seem brighter, from your projects to your conversations.

      Shades of perfect blush for different skin colors      

      Shades of perfect faces Canada blazing blush for different skin colors are an essential part of your makeup kit. They give you that extra feminine touch and they match with any other type of makeup, ranging from natural ones to the most eye-catching or bold ones. Applying blush on cheeks brightens up your overall look, but it also creates the illusion of a slimmer face, which looks good especially if you have chubby cheeks due to high calories diet or if you have gained weight lately.


      Tones lighter than medium with olive undertones will likely look great in soft coral, salmon, and deep rose blushes that offer more warmth. Pinks aren’t going to show up well on darker skins—pinky cheeks just don’t read as rosy, says makeup artist Rita Remark-Weaver.

      If you do decide to go pink, try peachy pink tones like Lise Watier Matte Blush in Aloha. (Because of your olive undertones, you can pull off a strong pop.) Rose quartz is another easy bet because it looks good on everyone and works nicely with blue or green eyes. A pale tone also allows you to play around with bolder eye makeup colors, which will stand out against your complexion.


      This can be a tricky shade to pull off. Pale blushes are easy to overdo, says makeup artist Sonia Kashuk. But choosing a shade that is too light can result in washed-out, chalky skin—and you want to avoid that look at all costs.

      Test it on your jawline: A good rule of thumb is that if you can see blush anywhere else on your face (like around your nose or mouth), it’s not right for your complexion; too much color will just make you look sunburned.


      Apply directly to cheekbones or use a fluffy brush and sweep across apples of cheeks. -- For a more subtle, less intense look, apply just at the apples of cheeks or below cheekbones. -- Blush should be noticeable, but not overdone. It should add to your face rather than dominate it. -- A little goes a long way! One stroke is enough – don't keep adding on layers because you think it's not enough; if you overdo it, you'll end up looking like an oompah-oompah. -- When in doubt, opt for peach tones because they are universally flattering and will give you that glowy look on your skin while also keeping you from looking too much like a clown.


      If you have wheatish skin, consider shades that are peach, pink and white-based. These colors will help add radiance to your complexion while looking fresh and clean. A great example of a shade to try is Faces Canada Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish.

      The peachy pink color will brighten up your face while adding a touch of color to enhance your natural beauty! To ensure you don't overdo it on foundation or blush, try applying mineral powder as well so that everything blends together seamlessly for a glowing look.

      Another great way to add life to your complexion is by using eye shadows with warm undertones such as golden yellow and bronze brown which create depth without looking harsh or overdone.


      The most common complexion on earth, pale is still a broad category that includes many variations, from slightly to extremely fair.

      Pale complexions don't benefit from very vibrant or orangey shades of pink; instead, try soft rose tones such as PowderFaces Canada Perfect Blush in Twig—it has just enough color to be flattering without looking like you're auditioning for Jersey Shore. Also, look out for shades with grey undertones: they'll help neutralize blueish veins and highlight your best features.

      Shades of perfect blush for different occasions

      Blush may seem like just another makeup item, but it can be an amazing tool for enhancing your look and making you feel more confident when you need it most.

      The thing about blush, though, is that there are so many shades to choose from and it's hard to know which ones are going to work best with your skin tone. To help you narrow down your options, we've come up with four different categories of blush – neutral, bright, flirty, and bold – and suggested the best faces Canada cream blush in each category that will complement any skin tone or makeup look.

      Blush shade for Wedding/Family function

      Choose a shade that best complements your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. If you have fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair, avoid anything too dramatic.

      Blush shade for college

      As you enter college, you'll likely be exposed to a new type of lifestyle that could potentially alter your skincare regimen. Lifestyle changes like eating junk food, less sleep, stress, and pollution can damage your complexion.

      You need to wash your face twice every day with cold water as a base to eliminate toxins and also moisturize it twice with a light moisturizer or oil. You should never use hot water for washing your face as it can destroy collagen fibers in your skin leaving it saggy.

      Also, avoid exposing yourself to sunlight as much as possible and wear sunscreen if you must go out at midday or so. Don't ever pick acne bumps before they're ready because sometimes pimples can lead to permanent scarring.

      Blush shade for office

      A natural faces Canada peach blush lipstick is most appropriate during your office hours. There's no need to go overboard and look like you're wearing garish clown makeup, so stick with cool-toned pinks and peach shades that subtly enhance your cheeks rather than adding brightness.

      For a simple yet impactful daytime look, apply one dab of color to each corner of your face. Sweep up toward your temples to maintain balance, then top it off with translucent powder and a light spritz of hairspray for a soft finish.

      Blush shade for a night out

      A night out at your favorite restaurant or a party is never complete without a blusher. Blush helps you flaunt your glowing, radiant skin and it also defines and enhances your facial features like cheekbones.

      And because of its creamy texture, it helps to conceal any dark spots or blemishes on your face. The best way to choose faces Canada apricot blush shade is by identifying its undertone - pink, peach, or gold - that matches well with your skin tone. Select a shade lighter than your skin tone so that it blends with it seamlessly. To help you identify which undertone suits you best we've listed them here along with pictures for reference

      Blush shade for a brunch party

      So many skin tones are going to be able to pull off a shimmery pink like Faces Canada Galatee Blush. It just takes one swish and one swipe across your cheekbones to add a little glow and make your smile look even brighter. Plus, it's very bright and lively so that you instantly look younger than you are, which is always nice! If you have fair skin, it may not show up as much so try applying it from underneath your cheekbones or on top of foundation; all in all, though, it's worth having in your makeup bag.

      Blush shade for night parties

      Pinks and mauves are lovely tones to use for night parties. Use these blushes in either a matte or shimmer finish on top of the foundation and concealer.

      You can also use both a matte and shimmer product at once, but try not to blend them if you want to avoid an unnatural appearance. Apply just below your cheekbones with a firm brush, like The Body Shop's Flawless Finish Bronzing Powder Brush (£9). Patting will help produce more natural-looking results.

      Different ways to use a perfect blush cheek tint

      A new craze has been making its way through the makeup industry blushes, and you need to know about it! The perfect blush cheek tint has been changing the game since it arrived, and it’s only going to get more popular as time goes on.

      With this new beauty product on the scene, everyone can have the perfect flushed cheeks that make them look like they just came back from a vacation in Tahiti – even if they haven’t left their house all week! But what exactly is the perfect blush cheek tint? And how can you use it to get that celebrity-level glow?

      1) For everyday makeup

      The perfect cheek tint can be worn every day to give you a subtle hint of color, or it can be built up for a dramatic statement. Here are five different ways you can wear it!

      If you're looking for something with good coverage but still sheer enough for an everyday look, start by applying a little bit of product with your fingertips. You don't want anything that is too concentrated because then you might end up with too much pigment and too little coverage. Next, mix in some blushes mascara. This will make sure that your blush stays on all day without any smudging or fading.

      2) For a holiday party

      A pretty blush color can make all the difference in your holiday makeup. For an instant boost of color, brush on a hint of blusher before you apply your foundation and concealer. Make sure that you keep your blush brush as clean as possible—you don’t want all those germs (and bacteria) mixed in with your perfect shade! You can also use it as an eyeshadow by applying a little bit of powder or cream onto your cheekbones, blending outwards and up towards your temple area. This way, you’ll be able to create a shadow on each side of your face for when you’re creating a smoky eye.

      3) As an alternative to concealer

      If you've ever worn makeup in your life, you'll know that concealer can be tricky. However, an easy way to incorporate it into your routine is by using it as an alternative to blush. If you have imperfections that aren't covered by blushes foundation or if your cheek color is too light or nonexistent, swipe a bit of concealer over them for a fresh look and even skin tone. As long as there isn't too much difference between your skin and an under-eye shade (especially if you use liquid concealer), no one will notice!

      4) For events with flash photography

      A flash photo can have a cool look, which is great for those of us with more yellow or warm undertones. If you’re fair-skinned blushes and have blue eyes, choosing a peach tone will give your face a soft and natural glow.

      But be aware that if you choose a peach that's too bright, it can make your skin look muddy instead of shiny and radiant. Red tones tend to wash out fair skin but work well on people with dark brown or black hair as they bring out their eye color. When looking for red blush colors online, go by pictures of colors on actual models. It’s easy to get fooled into thinking that one color looks good on an actual person when it doesn't exist in real life!

      Tips to use perfect blush for lifted face effect

      Blush gives you cheeks that look lifted, vibrant and healthy – so it can make your face look instantly brighter and more youthful. But there's a catch: applying blush the wrong way will make you look unnatural and overly made up (not the best effect when you're going for natural beauty). Here are some tips to use perfect blush for a lifted face effect so you can make the most of this makeup trick to look fresher, younger, and radiant!

      Show your cheekbones

      A blush can work as an effective way to draw attention to your cheekbones, giving you that naturally-lit look. But don't overdo it! Applying too much blush could give you that caked-on look—definitely not what we're going for here. Choose a shade that matches your complexion and apply just a touch of blush on each cheekbone—or just dust on some highlighter powder along with your favorite foundation.

      Avoid looking pale

      Pale blushed skin is often associated with being ill or tired. So, avoid looking pale by wearing some subtle blush that adds a flushed look to your face. The color choice is important – go for a pinkish-beige tone, which will lift your face without making you look like you have on too much makeup. If you're worried about looking like too much of anything then choose one type of blush and stick with it throughout an event or day.

      Contour your cheeks

      If you want to give your cheeks more definition, try contouring. If you're not familiar with contouring, it means highlighting and shading certain areas of your face to create dimension and/or highlight a specific feature (in our case, cheekbones). To use blush to lift your face, place a pale pink or peach-toned blush on top of your cheekbones just below where they would naturally hit in an upward direction. Swirl it around with either your fingers or brush until it looks natural.

      Mix highlighter with foundation

      Applying blush over your foundation can cause discoloration and streaks. Instead, blend your highlighter with your foundation to create a more natural result. The best place to apply a highlighter is under your cheekbones, down your nose, in between your brows, and on top of each eyelid. But be careful not to put it right underneath your eyes; there's a fine line between subtle glow and tired bags!

      Choose the right color tone

      The color of blush you choose can make or break your appearance. Choose colors based on how you want your skin to look and how much color is already in your skin. For example, if you want to enhance redness in your cheeks and add some shimmer, choose a shimmering pink tone that fits with your natural flush. If you want to bring out olive undertones in your skin, try a bronzing shade or something with an orange hue.

      Blend very well

      Don’t try to build up your blush color in one sitting. Instead, start with a small amount of blush on each side of your cheekbones and use your fingers to brush it out until you get an even color. This will give you more natural-looking results than trying to layer on more blush once you see that you’ve applied too much in some areas.

      Tips and hacks for long-lasting, smooth blushed cheeks

      One of my favorite blushes makeup tricks to have long-lasting blushed cheeks is to use a setting spray. If you have time, let your blush dry for about five minutes before heading out. Your blush will still be slightly damp, but it'll stay in place all day long. Another hack I like is dabbing some powder on my brush and going over my blushed cheeks; again, this just adds more durability and keeps things looking fresh throughout a long day!

      Do's and don't while applying perfect blush

      Too much blush can make you look as if you were painted as a clown, while not enough blush can leave your face looking bland and washed out.


      What is the purpose of blush makeup?

      The purpose of blush makeup is to give your face some definition. It can draw attention to the top half of your face, which makes you look younger. Another common technique is highlighting. This involves applying a blusher on the cheekbones and underneath the eye area. Blusher highlights are particularly useful in making you look wide awake even if you're feeling exhausted. You can also use it to hide blemishes by drawing attention away from them.

      Where do you put face Canada's perfect blush on your face?

      The best way to put on blush is by dabbing it on your cheeks. Start with the foundation, and then move on to blush. One quick tip is to keep it off your hairline because you can go overboard really quickly when trying to build intensity around your face.

      Does the perfect blush go before or after powder?

      Applying powder after your blush can help set it in place and give you a lasting glow. If you have oily skin, apply your blush before powder to ensure that your foundation doesn’t rub off or get patchy throughout the day. This method is also helpful if you want to apply blush but don’t like how it looks when it’s paired with powder.

      Can you apply perfect blush with fingers?

      Yes, you can apply perfect blush with fingers. After applying foundation and concealer, you can use your fingers to apply blush. It is easy to use brushes and sponges to pat on blush. However, applying perfect blush with fingers will help you achieve more precise results. That said, it is a good idea to keep your hands clean while applying blush with your fingers. If your hands are not clean then there are chances that you may get smeared makeup on your face that will spoil your look.

      Can you use perfect blush as eye shadow?

      Yes. Perfect blush can be used as eye shadow, however, you will need to set it with a translucent powder first. And if you choose to use your perfect blush as an eye shadow, don't apply it to your entire eyelid. Instead, make use of its light-reflecting properties by applying some product to your brow bone and inner corner of your eyes. This can serve as an excellent highlighter!

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