Creative Blush Hacks You NEED to Know!

Creative Blush Hacks You NEED to Know!

Here's the truth: Blush is incredibly underrated. It is basically the unsung hero within the world of makeup.

Even though you probably know the basics of blush application to your cheeks, you might not realize that you can also apply it to the rest of your face as well! Yep, you read that right! You can reap the multiple beauty benefits of blush by applying it to your cheeks, eyes, lips, and many other places.

With a little creativity, any blush can become a makeup multitasker for lips, eye makeup, and more. Quite ready to get artistic? We've got some fun ideas for you on how to use your pink blush in places other than your pretty face.

Glide on Your Lids as an Eyeshadow

Using blush on your eyes is an easy way to create a monochromatic look. However, even if it isn't the look you’re going for, blush can still serve as an eyeshadow that imitates the natural flush on your face.

Blushes and eyeshadows have similar formulas, so switching between them usually works pretty seamlessly. Use a makeup brush or your fingers for this cream blush application to your eyelids, then blend it out at the crease.

Blush Can be Your New Lipstick

Ran out of your favorite lipstick before a first date? Just make another one with the same shade of blush.

With your finger, gently dab a small amount of blush on your lips. Apply it in the middle of your lip and blend it outwards. If you'd like to make your lips look more sophisticated, use a lip gloss or a transparent lip balm to set the blush. Et voila, you’re all done.

Using blush for this purpose is one of our favorite blush hacks, and we recommend it all the time!

Put It on Your Nose

While it used to be regarded as a face makeup faux pas in the past, adding a light blush to your nose actually works to make you look more youthful.

If you have never worn a blush on your nose, you are missing out on an important key to creating a flawless base.  With a little blush on your nose, you can create a radiant, sun-kissed complexion that works for all skin tones. 

A Flushed Forehead

When you blend blush onto your cheeks, lips, and eyes, your forehead may appear out of place. If you want to give your face a bit more balance, you can apply a touch of blush to your forehead (just a little bit, never too much!). For those of us with pale complexions, this works wonders! 

Make sure to swipe your blush on before applying your powder. This will really make your skin look more beautiful and radiant!

Hide That Double Chin

Feeling a little self-conscious about your double chin? No worries, just dab some darker blush along your chin.

This leaves a shadow right below the jawline and thus makes the chin much less noticeable. Voila! No double chin anymore.

Correct Colors in a Flash

If you have dark circles or spots, a concealer that corrects your skin color is vital. But what if you encounter something unsightly without having a color corrector on hand? Using blush instead of concealer can help!

Use a red blush under your eyes to cover dark circles there. Using the red hue will counterbalance the blueish tint of dark circles. Next, you can apply concealer directly over the blush to conceal your under-eye area without anyone being the wiser.

Bring Out Your Best Assets

When it comes to drawing more attention to your cleavage, dabbing a little blush below it is a great way to do so. This will help to add some definition below your neck and cover up any discolorations. Trying this unique use of blush is a must!

Paint ‘Em Nails with Blush

Have an old broken blush palette lying around your makeup kit? If yes, then this is the perfect blush hack for you!

The idea is to make a new nail tint by crushing your blush into a fine powder, then mixing it with clear or neutral nail polish. If you're feeling more creative, the blush can even be used to add some sparkle to an already colorful nail color!

Chisel Your Cheekbones

While dusting your cheeks is a simple way to apply blush, draping your blush takes it to the next level. If you want to chisel your cheekbones, you use a blush just like you would a contour powder or cream. It gives your face more definition while giving you a flushed, warmer look. 

If you want to try this Tik Tok blush hack out, grab a cream blush. Then, apply blush along your cheekbones and temples by sucking in your cheeks and puckering up your lips. Rather than on the apples of your cheek, place your blush higher up your cheekbones, dusting the orbital bone and up to your temples.

Add Some Power to Your Brow

For those who aren't quite ready to dive into rainbow eyebrows, try it out with a hint of blush. If you sweep a light dust of color over your eyebrows with your fingertip, you can add some shine and definition to your brows and make them stand out.

Blend Away Tan Lines

Last but not least, we are going to discuss how to blend away tan lines with blush! Summer is just around the corner, and with it uninvited tan lines on your skin. If you have a tan line that's really noticeable, put on some blush on the area, and blend using a powder brush. Ta da. You've got rid of your tan lines!

The Takeaway

One of your makeup bag's most versatile products may not even be on your radarthe blush! By following the few viral blush hacks given above, you can do much more than simply brighten your cheekbones.

So, what uses for blush are your favs? Let us know in the comment section below!