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Magneteyes Kajal

24-hour waterproof Intense Kajal
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This highly pigmented kajal is enriched with the goodness of vitamin E, minerals and anti-oxidants which deliver high color pay-off in a single swipe. This fade proof kajal comes in a retractable packaging which glides easily on the waterline and eyelids. It is water proof and smudge proof.

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Name & Address of Manufacturer: Schwan Cosmetics International GmbH, Schwanweg 1, 90562 Heroldsberg, Germany

Country of Origin: Germany

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 327 reviews
      Dark and Smooth

      I have just ordered this Kajal from Faces and it's quite Smooth and Dark.

      Very good Product

      It's log lasting,water proof and smudge proof. Must try..

      Very good Product

      It is long lasting ,water proof and smudge proof. Must try..

      Great Product

      It is very good product... It is water proof and smudge proof as mentioned..nice product

      Ushs Nandini
      Classy Product

      Give 1 minute... Let it settle down and it's there for literally 6hrs...its a smudge proof waterproof long lasting didn't irritate my's very creamy,glides like butter on giving a 5 star for this it

      Ushs Nandini
      Classy Product

      Give 1 minute... Let it settle down and it's there for literally 6hrs...its a smudge proof waterproof long lasting didn't irritate my's very creamy,glides like butter on giving a 5 star for this it

      Alvi Alvi
      Nice color payoff very long lasting and light weight

      Nice color payoff very long lasting and light weight


      It's just wow product - deep colour, smooth and transfer proof.

      If it is said that makeup is incomplete without Kajal, then it will not be incorrect. Several women do not even step out of the home without applying Kajal. Well, there are lots of women who cannot live without Kajal. But if we talk about a great Kajal which is from the best brand, then you do not ignore this mascara of Faces Canada, despite coming from a well-known brand, you get it at a very useful rate. It gives a glam look to your eyes without any harsh chemicals or ingredients.

      The most excellent part is that this Kajal is good as well as cheap. If you desire to know what are the specialties and drawbacks of this Kajal, then keep reading.

      Super soft and simple gliding, FACES Magneteyes Kajal gives the much-required nourishment to your eyes as it is loaded with antioxidants & minerals and is paraben-free. The strong black color gives excellent coverage to your eyes.

      Being dermatologically tested & enriched with mineral-rich formula with ingredients like Vitamin E and Vitamin C derivative, FACES Magneteyes Kajal is totally safe to use too! Besides, it is a retractable pencil & comes at a striking price of Rs.175.


      The price of this Kajal is much less than the Kajal of other brands. If there is itching in the eyes due to the market Kajal, then apply Kajal made from almonds

      ·         It very simply applies to the eyes.

      ·         It comes in a Jet Black color.

      What does Magneteyes Kajal do?

      If we talk about what this kajal does, then let us tell you that this kajal helps a lot in giving you a natural look, using it you can look beautiful without any extra makeup. If you are a beauty expert then you will love this kajal so that you can do different types of eye makeup.

      By the way, reviews of some people have been found, in which it has been told that this kajal is not long-lasting or does not last long, then it depends on their use. The overall kajal is very good and despite having such a low rate, it is giving tough competition to the expensive kajal of other brands.

      Extreme black, all-day wear! This new age kohl is prepared with an exclusive fade & smudge-proof formula. Its interestingly black finish is transfer resistant and keeps you eye-catching all day. Bold yet Tender! Super soft & simple to apply this appealing kohl is created to nourish your eyes. It is full of antioxidants and minerals and is totally free of preservatives and paraben.

      Faces magnet eyes Kajal has a grand black pigmentation. It has an extremely creamy texture & is super gentle. But it glides effortlessly on the lower lid and waterline. The Kajal lasts 4-5 hours on the upper eyelid, around 4 hours on the lower lid & some 45-60 minutes on the waterline, after which the Kajal starts to smudge. So, we see that the face of Kajal is neither smudge-proof nor great black.

      Kajal helps to improve your eyes and changes the technique your face appears. Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal is individually formulated to make your eyes look more good-looking.

      The smooth texture of the Kajal simply glides on the waterline & lids.

      With just a particular swipe you will get the preferred look for your eyes.

      With good quality pigmentation, this kajal has a darker shade.

      Faces are in the beauty industry for the last 40 years. To adapt rapidly changing market trends they produce and manufacture their own products. Give Smokey a look at your eyes with Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal.

      Why apply Magneteyes Kajal?

      Facial makeup cannot be complete without eye makeup. To make the eyes good-looking, a little eye makeup is also compulsory. Now when it comes to eye makeup, how can we overlook Magneteyes Kajal? Mascara for eyes has been used for a long time. Even though Kajal may seem like normal makeup, what is different in this is the method of applying Kajal. The technique of applying Kajal is different for each girl or woman. Keeping this in mind, we are trying to provide information about why to apply Kajal and how to apply Kajal in the right way.

      If you have small eyes, then you can make your eyes appear bigger with Magneteyes Kajal. Our eyes are the most attractive part of the face and whole body'. It is not shocking because only then so many poems & poems have been written on them. Many striking comparisons have been made from Do-Eye to Almond Eye. Big eyes make anybody look young. Even small eyes have their own attraction.

      But the use of makeup, particularly the way you apply Kajal on little eyes, can make a huge difference. Applying Magneteyes Kajal in certain ways can make your eyes appear better and bigger. But before you start applying Kajal to your eyes, you have to do a few more things.

      To know how you can make your eyes appear bigger with the help of Kajal, take a look at these tips given by us. Before applying Kajal, you will also pay attention to some significant factors.

      Eyebrow shape also shows the eyes large and small

      The outline of our eyebrows plays a very significant role in setting the look of our eyes. It is vital to keep them trim and in shape at all times. Find the shape that goes fine with your face shape and your little eyes. Thick, bold, and gorgeous eyebrows draw attention to the eyes. As the normal shape of the eyebrows will give you a blameless look, the arched eyebrows provide you with a big and established look.

      Eyes look smaller even with dark circles

      A lot of women do not notice this, but puffiness and dark circles under the eyes can make your eyes appear smaller. Get enough sleep, eat healthily, and wash your face frequently with cold water. Right the blemishes around the eyes by applying a light concealer one step from the foundation, but before applying primer.

      What it does for your face

      Kajal has been used as a significant beauty product for time immemorial. These days, many types of chemical-rich Kajal are available in the market. Earlier women used to make them at the house to apply Kajal in their eyes. It is also used in all kinds of tricks, for instance – to protect somebody from being noticed, a mother applies a Kajal on the forehead of her child.

      Separately from this, Kajal is also used to pacify any type of Vastu-related defect, pacify Saturn or Mars. Now we will make you aware of those facts about kajal, which you get in the form of health benefits of Kajal. Separately from enhancing your good looks, they also help in protecting you from several types of problems.

      Beautiful eyes increase your good looks four times. Mainly, when Kajal is applied to it, then what is the matter? Applying Kajal to the eyes not only improves the beauty of the eyes but also provides coolness to the eyes. Sleeping eyes become fresh, in addition to protecting the eyes from the strong sunlight of the sun. Generally, along with enhancing your beauty, Kajal is also considered extremely good to get rid of the difficulty related to your eyes.

      Protection from the ill effects of sun-rays – Most of the time your eyes become red and runny due to being in the sun for a long time. In such circumstances, the use of Kajal helps you to get rid of this problem entirely. It works to prevent the ill effects of the sun's rays on the eyes.

      Big eyes look very stunning. Applying Kajal makes your eyes look a little bigger. Along with this, it also gives shape to your eyes, which increases their attractiveness further.

      As the competition is growing in today's lifestyle, the time of people's work is also increasing. Kajal is particularly beneficial for those who work on a computer or laptop till late at night. It cools and rests the eyes.

      How to apply Magneteyes Kajal properly

      Applying Kajal is also an art, which if not applied correctly then the eyes do not look that gorgeous. Let's know the correct way to apply Kajal and some safety measures related to it.

      Even if makeup is not done and only Kajal is applied to the eyes, then the face looks more gorgeous than that. Mascara has been used for an extended time anyway. Every girl applies Kajal in her own way. Many girls apply Kajal only on the lower waterline, while some apply above. There are also different kinds of mascara. Everybody applies kajal, but do you know the correct way to apply it? No, then let's know in this post.

      Prepare the eyes first

      Clean your eyes before applying Magneteyes Kajal. To make your mascara appear right on the eyes, cover the dark circles under the eyes. To cover them, apply your foundation, and concealer with a finger brush as you like. When your dark circles are effectively hidden, the Kajal will appear good on the eyes.

      Add one more layer

      Besides good Kajal, layering is also required to stay lasting for a long time. Not just one stroke of Kajal but one to two more layers is necessary. So now it is the turn to apply Kajal intensely from the outer corner of the eye to the internal corner. Remember that apply kajal normally, but if somebody has small eyes, then he should apply Kajal by pulling a little on the outer curve of the eyes so that the eyes look extensive & big.


      Several women like Smokey eye look more than this one for them. Now take a smudge brush & brush lightly on the kajal so that the Kajal spreads and gives a smudged look. If you want, you can spread it evenly with your finger. If you desire, before sleeping at night, sleep with Kajal and after getting up in the morning, evenly clean the Kajal spread under the eyes, it can also provide a smudged look.

      For upper waterline instead of eyeliner

      Eyeliner is also very significant to improve the beauty of the eyes. In such circumstances, several women use eyeliner for the upper waterline of the eyes. Though, during its use, makeup sometimes gets spoiled, because applying eyeliner is not possible for every lady. In this case, in the place of the liner, Kajal can also be used. Draw the upper waterline of the eyes with your fingers & apply Kajal by pulling from the internal corner to the outer corner. It can also be named as a wink look. It can also provide a dense look to the eyelashes.

      Magneteyes Kajal application tips for beginners

      Kohl application can be difficult for many as it needs to be right to look fine. Smudgy or uneven lines can make your eyes look bad and spoil the look. Follow these tips to avoid such a situation:

      · Kajal comes in a range of packaging. From usual Surma boxes which need to be applied with the finger, to pencil sticks which are much simpler to apply. As per the look you wish to create, keep both the thick and thin sticks useful.

      · Begin from the inner corners of your eyelids to the outside. You can try out your look by drawing out the line a little more than where your eyelid ends, providing it a cat-eye look. Here are different types of looks you can create with Magneteyes Kajal pencil.

      · To apply on your lower lid, smoothly pull the lower lid with the help of your ring finger & look in the upward direction. Now with your other hand draw a line with the kajal stick. You have to take care not to press it too hard and avoid getting it inside the eyes.

      · Try to find the line as straight as possible. The most excellent means to attain this is by standing in front of the mirror and practicing. To fix this, you'll need to do a single clean sweep with the pencil. You can then make it darker or thicker if you desire.

      · Sharpen the tip of the pencil from time to time. A blunt tip will provide you with thicker lines. Did you know you could also get the smoky eyes to look with Magneteyes kajal?

      These days, you also find liquid Kajal eyeliners in the marketplace. You can utilize these too as they will be long-lasting, more striking in their effect & won't smudge once they dry wholly. But limit its use to your upper eyelids only.. For lower eyelids, utilize dry Kajal. Also, when applying liquid kajal, keep your eyes closed for a minute to let it dry. 

      How to do Smokey eye with Magneteyes Kajal

      We all love to do Smokey eye makeup & the black Smokey eye is the most well-liked and beautiful eye makeup. On this coming festive occasion, you can effortlessly bring black Smokey eye makeup with any kind of Indian or Western Outfit and with every kind of makeup look. But most of us face problems when we desire to do this Smokey eye makeup look. To ease your struggle to create good-looking smokey eye makeup, now we are sharing with you easy steps so that you can effortlessly create this makeup look on your own. And also if you are a makeup beginner then this makeup discussion will be useful for you. No need to be a makeup professional.

      Monsoon has knocked & with this you can implement smokey eye makeup for a new trendy and good-looking look of makeup in the varying fashion era. If we talk about makeup, then that too keeps changing each day. Smokey eye makeup is very much in trend these days. Bellwood divas are also generally following Smokey eye makeup for a beautiful look, but if eye makeup is not done correctly, then that thing does not remain in your look. In such a situation, before doing Smokey eye makeup, it is important to take care of some things, so that you can get the perfect Smokey effect. 

      You can apply Kajal in several ways and it changes the look of your face in many ways. And for this you will not even need the help of an expert makeup artist, your eyes will look very gorgeous. If you also want to try a new look with only Kajal on your eyes, then let us tell you how to do it, all you have to do is follow some easy tips so that your look remains trendy always.

      How to do Smokey eye makeup

      The Smokey eye look is very well-known among girls nowadays; you can give a smoky look to your eyes with the help of a Kajal pencil. If you have dark circles underneath your eyes, then hide them first, so that when you apply them, it looks better.

      1. To do the most excellent eye makeup, first clean the eyes carefully with cotton. If there is dust & dirt on the eyes or makeup already, then the base of the Smokey outcome will be spoiled.

      2. Every time use pencil eyeliner so that the eyes get a soft & creamy texture. After this, take a drop primer and use it on the lid.

      3. Now apply light shade eye concealer under the eyes and on the lid. Doing this makes it simpler to apply eye shadow.

      4. Constantly keep in mind that whenever you apply eye shadow match the color of the eyes. ensure to blend it well, apply dark-colored eye shadow on the upper eyelid of the eyes & blend it too well so that the light mixes with the eye shadow.

      5. For a smoky look, apply black eye shadow over gray eye shadow. Now use gel eyeliner on the lash line as it gets applied effortlessly. Now complete the eye makeup by applying Kajal.

      Keep these things in mind

      If you desire the makeup to last longer, and then apply smudge-proof products.

      Smokey eyes can be made better-looking by applying white or bright color to the internal corners of the eyes.

      If you have lines on your eyes, go for brown or lighter shades to make you appear younger. Avoid applying too much mascara or shadow. This makes the eyes look terrible. Also do not use contrasting colors.

      If you are going to a party or event, then use three shades to make the eyes look great, in which one shade is dark, the other is light and the third is an average shade. Smudge well after applying eye shadow. It will blend the shades well.

      Reverse Smokey Eye Look

      If you are tired of your classic Smokey eye appearance, then you can go for the reverse Smokey eye look. First of all, use eye shadow on the upper lid and then apply thick Kajal on your lower eyelid & smudge it a little with a flat brush or smudger.

      How to do a reverse cat eye with Magneteyes Kajal

      Like smokey eyes, cat-eyes makeup is never out of trend, but there's something new to it every now and then. Try them upside down this season. This tendency is clear and sumptuous in contrast to the thick, thick Kajal trend. Makeup artists are telling the right way to make it.

      Just as the name implies, reverse cat eye makeup is a recreation of the classic cat eyeliner but on the lower lash line. This gives an inverted, Smokey wing to your eyes, adding a stunning feline silhouette to it. The best bit is that it’s pretty simple to recreate. This means you can provide your eyes a sultry touch without having to waste hours in front of your vanity — how cool is that?

      How to get the reverse cat-eye look

      ·         Prepare your face using primer & full-coverage base. Use concealer two shades lighter than your tone around the eyes and blend with a brush.

      ·         On the forehead, the pits of the cheeks and both sides of the nose contour and blend well with foundation two or three shades darker than your skin tone.

      ·         Apply cream-based mascara to the lower waterline. Expand the mascara to the outside to generate a winged line.

      ·         Use artificial lashes to add look and charm. Apply two to three coats of mascara.

      ·         Prepare the eyebrows by brushing them with the help of a spoolie brush.

      ·         Apply bright eyeshadow in gold, rose gold, or copper color.

      ·         Apply a bright pink lip stain and smudge with your finger to get a refreshing look.

      ·         Complete the look by applying blush.

      Magneteyes Kajal tips and tricks

      Till you know how you can apply Magneteyes Kajal, but now we are going to tell you about some tips and hacks related to this Kajal. So continue reading and know some special things about this great Kajal hack.

      By the way, you must know that there are some disadvantages of applying all make-up, but if they are applied with moderation, then it will prove to be better for you, in the same way here we are going to tell you about this kajal. If you also like to apply Kajal in the eyes, then you can keep your eyes secure by following these few tips. This will certainly come in handy for you.

      If Kajal is applied in the correct way, then it is liked by almost everybody, but if this Kajal spreads, then not only does your look bad but it also seems as if you have dark circles around your eyes. It is not required that you have very thin Kajal in your eyes, you can do the complete makeup of your eyes with a bold Kajal look, but for this also remember that you have to apply such Kajal that it does not spread.

      If seen, you can do a lot to stop the Kajal from spreading, but for that, it is also important to take care that you do not let your eyes become oily and take care of them.

      1. To defend the eyes from sweat & oil-

      To protect the eyes from sweat and oil, you need to wash your eyes and pat them dry before applying Kajal. After this, dip a cloth in cold water & keep it on the eyes, you can also use cotton buds. After this clean the lid with an ear bud. By doing this your eyes will get rid of extra oil and sweat. After that, you apply Kajal to your eyes. By doing this, the eyes will not be oily for an extended time and the mascara will last.

      2. The work will be completed by applying powder-

      Once you have applied Kajal, then certainly dab the face powder on the lower crease line. The powder will also absorb the extra oil from around your eyes. By doing this you can stay without smudge for some hours.

      3. If you desire to do more eye makeup then do this step-

      If you have to do more eye makeup & you have to apply eye shadow, liner, etc. along with Kajal, then it is very significant that your liner, etc. is all set in the correct place. To keep the Kajal set, it is significant that you keep its base right. Just as face makeup requires a base, so do the eyes. For the eyes, you can dab with an excellent primer or a little foundation. This provides the mascara a chance to stay on the skin effortlessly. If you want to cover the upper crease line & liner with Kajal itself, then this trick will be very helpful. In such a condition, all the makeup will last on your body for an extended time.

      4. Selecting the right product is also very significant-

      Do not use any mascara for humid weather & watery eyes. You have to select your product of high quality. Pick vegan mascara that has a non-drawing formula. Penciled mascara might be better. By doing this at least your eyes will get more comfortable. These are long-lasting & smudge-proof.

      Please wait a while-

      Be it lipstick or Kajal, both require time to set, and hence it is significant that you provide your Kajal time to set. Instantly after applying Kajal, do not make-up on the eyes instantly or do something that will spoil the Kajal like rubbing the eyes, etc. Give it some time to set. Sitting quietly for 5 minutes will be sufficient which can provide a lot of relief to your eyes.

      Magneteyes Kajal hacks

      Eyes decorated with mascara and liner enhance the good looks, but if a little mascara is spread, then the whole makeup gets spoiled. Here are some small tips about how to apply the perfect Kajal and how to keep it from spreading.

      Set with black eyeshadow powder

      The simplest way to get good-looking eyes is to apply Kajal to the eyes. Use black eyeshadow powder to set the mascara. Winged eyeliner can also be applied to make the eyes good-looking. You can use Kajal daily. You can apply translucent powder under the eyes so that the Kajal lasts for a long time.

      Clean face thoroughly

      To avoid spreading Kajal, it is essential that the skin around the eyes is not oily. If there is a little bit of natural oil around the eyes, then there will be all possibility of spreading Kajal. In such circumstances, before applying Kajal, wash the face and wipe it carefully. You can also rub ice there to protect the face and the area around the eyes from fret and oil.

      Keep outer corners dry

      To make the mascara stay on the eyes for an extended time, powder it well on the outer corners of your eyes so that the outer corners turn out to be dry. After applying Kajal or after applying Kajal, take a little neutral tone eyeshadow with a thin brush and spread it evenly on the lower eyelid, so that the Kajal dries speedily. -

      Don't touch the eyes again and again

      After applying Kajal, if tears are coming from the eyes, then do not clean it with your hands, but keep a hankie paper or cotton ball near the corner of the eyes & keep it for some time. Do not touch your eyes at all. Once thick Kajal is applied to the eyes, do not touch it, otherwise, it might spread entirely.

      Don't compromise on quality

      If you are concerned about the spread of Kajal, then you need to be very careful while purchasing kajal. Always purchase good quality and branded Kajal. These days there is Kajal available in the market which lasts for eight to ten hours & does not spread at all. The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate. In such circumstances, do not compromise on the quality of Kajal at all.

      Apply Kajal with compact or black eyeshadow

      To keep away from kajal spreading, use long stay Kajal of a good company such as Magneteyes Kajal. After applying mascara, use compact or black eyeshadow outside the waterline and merge it evenly with your ring finger. This means the Kajal will not spread here and there. Gel-based Kajal, roll-on, or pencil kajal is most excellent.

      How to properly remove Magneteyes Kajal

      Kajal is one of the vintage and exclusive crucial Indian makeup products. It makes your eyes feel beautiful and fresh. In reality, using Kajal goes a lot past being good-looking. These days, kajals are available in different styles like a roll-on, a pencil, & those which can be applied with a stick. There are now many variations of Kajal which are water-proof, smudge-free, & long-lasting.

      Easy Methods to Remove Kajal from Eyes

      Coming from a celebration overdue at night, tired, & simply wanting to go to bed however your Kajal remains one that is about hard to put off. Not getting rid of Kajal from your eyes can reason darkish circles and the smudges might additionally make your eyes appear terrifying for days. There are several eye makeup removers to be had in the marketplace that you can use. But, aside from the ones, you could moreover use simple domestic ingredients to dispose of Kajal from the eyes. Make positive you ease your eyes correctly lest it causes red or itchy eyes or one more hassle.

      Here are some useful approaches you could remove Kajal from your eyes:

      Vaseline gel

      Using Vaseline gel is a simple and less costly way of doing away with Kajal from the eyes. Vaseline is an oil-primarily based emollient that helps in breaking down the ones inflexible Kajal stains out of your eyes that surely washing with water cannot remove. Vaseline is the easiest way to remove Kajal properly without messing it up. Vaseline gel can also condition your eyelashes making them look thick & dense. What you need to do is:

      ·         Take a small sum of Vaseline jelly on your palms. softly rub down your eyes with it and take away Kajal from your eyes

      ·         Wash it off with a little cleaner and your eyes are clear.

      Micellar water

      Micellar water is the premium option in case you are questioning how to put off Kajal from the eyes. The magnificent Micellar water is in particular intended to eliminate dust, makeup, & different pollutants which have settled on your face.

      It clears your pores and skin by destroying all the residue of Kajal accumulated in your eyes. It is a simple and brief way to remove Kajal from your eyes.

      Here’s how you may do it:

      ·         Take some Micellar water that suits your pores & skin.

      ·         Pour a little amount of Micellar water right into a bowl & dip a cotton ball in it.

      ·         Softly wipe off all of the kajal residues from your eyes. It will come off effortlessly without any difficulty.


      Rosewater has constantly been the best aspect for putting off makeup and moreover commonly for skincare. It is a mild and great element to cast off that smudged Kajal in your eyes.

      If you do not have Micellar water, rosewater is likewise an extraordinary opportunity for it as it's miles nourishing in addition to a clean make-up remover choice. It will not sting the eye and will efficiently dispose of the Kajal from your eyes.

      ·         Just take a little quantity of rosewater on a cotton ball.

      ·         Softly rub your eyes with it & take away kajal residue.

      Olive Oil

      Olive oil is an amazing ingredient for removing makeup and nourishing the pores & skin. It is a super makeup remover and might cast Kajal from the eyes incredibly successfully. Yes, Olive oil is also a way to remove Kajal correctly without messing it up. Olive oil can also moisturize your eyes which can keep away from your eyes getting dry & flaky.

      Face wipes

      Face wipes can be utilized even when you are outdoors so it way continually cautioned to hold a few on your bag, you could need them to eliminate Kajal out of your eyes. Face wipes are beneficial and mild to your pores and skin.

      It is a smooth & cross-to choice for doing away with makeup on your face. Just take out a wipe and softly wipe off the Kajal out of your eyes & your eyes are all clean & clear.

      Coconut oil

      Coconut oil is nourishing in addition to a superb cleanser for your pores & skin. It is the quality ingredient you might use to get rid of Kajal from your face. It can remove make-up effectively without leaving a chunk of it on your face.

      Coconut oil is similarly healthy for your skin as it can save you dark circles and moisturize your eyes. Moreover, applying it to your eye can boost the development of your eyelashes.


      Is it safe for children?

      Although natural Kajal is considered safe for children and it is also beneficial for the eyes, but some doctors do not believe so. She believes it is just a makeup product. So it's up to you how you use it.

      Is it safe for people with sensitive eyes?

      This face mascara is very famous in the Indian market and it is considered completely safe. It is rich in Vitamin C and has been thoroughly tested to be used on all skin types and hence is perfect for sensitive eyes.

      Is it smudge-proof?

      Not really be it any Kajal, it will definitely spread on your eyes at some point. But this does not have to happen if chemicals or any such element is mixed in your Kajal so that it does not spread on your eyes. But now the question arises then will it be usable? Not at all in our opinion, always remember that whatever natural Kajal is, it will definitely spread.

      Is it comfortable to wear all day?

      If you want to be comfortable, then yes it is very comfortable and it will also help in keeping your eyes beautiful throughout the day. You may just need to retouch it after a few hours.

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