13 Makeup Trends That Will Own Fall/Winter 2023

13 Makeup Trends That Will Own Fall/Winter 2023

Fall beauty trends are about to step in soon, as the monsoon season almost come to an end and fall 2023 approaches. As makeup enthusiasts, it’s our duty to help other beauty trend lovers like you catch up on the upcoming makeup trends for the new season.

So here goes—scroll down for 13 makeup trends that will rule fall beauty in 2023. So the following 13 are basically going to help you create your makeup looks for the rest of the year until the spring-summer 2024 hits.

#1 Latte Makeup: Summer Look Transitioned to Fall


The Latte Makeup Look that started trending in summer 2023 has effortlessly carried forward to fall/winter beauty trends, and is gonna go strong. Some variations like Caramel Macchiato makeup might catch up in the process—warm beige on the lid with burnt sienna on the crease, of course with a coffee-ish nude lip.

#2 Bold Eyes: Glam Shimmery Eyes, Smokey Eyes, Color Liners

Bold eyes are gonna become a big fall/winter makeup trend. These bold, colorful eyes look best with light glossy lips in nude and pink/peach nude, or matte nudes, depending on your eye makeup look.

#3 Vampy Lips: Bold Matte Blood Reds, Wines, and Maroons

Since the 1920s, we’ve had bold lips and been calling them “vampy lips”. Well, whatever they’re addressed as, nothing can be as bold, hot, and outstandingly gorgeous as the currently trending statement matte red lipstick.

#4 Summer-y Glow: Natural-Looking Tan-Like Contour using Bronzer

Take your basic no-makeup makeup look and add a little bit of a natural contour to the cheeks, outer V of the eye, upper forehead, nose, jawline, even the neck, and on the temple for the natural lift. Add a smokey effect on the outer V of the eye if you like it a little more glam.

#5 ’90s-Inspired Brown Lips: For Those Who Aren’t Fans of Dark Red/Wine Lips


Looks like the ’90s brown lips are back for good, and we’re not complaining; they look amazing on every outfit & skin tone! Wanna learn how to get those ‘90s brown lips? You may check this out for 7 brown lipstick shades for those perfect '90s brownie lips.

#6 Lip Stains Instead of Lipstick: Natural-Looking, Low-Effort Wash of Color


There are a lot of natural shades of multipurpose tints that you can use for this look, or simply apply your favorite long-stay, but hydrating liquid lipstick & wipe it off when it’s just about to dry out. Follow it up with your favorite lip balm or lip gloss.

#7 Soft Goth Makeup: ’80s Goth Is Back But with a Softer, More Unstructured Touch


If you wanna do this trend right, just think Wednesday Addams & recreate that look. Just create a soft matte makeup base with light coverage, natural-looking freckles, defined cheekbones, dark lips, and soft smokey eyes (you may get tempted to, but PLEASE don’t overdo the smokey effect).

#8 Cloud Skin Makeup: That Soft Matte Glow But without Too Much Powder

That same soft matte look for cloud skin, but replace the powder that you’d use for the matte effect, with a mattifying setting spray and you’re on trend—a hydrated yet matte look. Make sure you use a matte foundation with a moisturizing effect for this look.

#9 Strawberry Makeup: Flushed Cheeks with Lifted Application of Cream Blush or Multipurpose Tint

Here’s how you can achieve this gorgeous trending makeup look for your fall/winter makeup look.

#10 Bold Aura Eyes: New Kind of Halo Effect with Dark Shimmer All Over with Brighter Shimmer at the Center


Love this Aura Eyeshadow look by Jodie Turner-Smith?

Here’s what you do: Apply a dark shimmer below the crease, ending with a wing-like shape on the outer V, and repeat this for the lower lash line. Follow this up with a contrasting brighter shimmer shade at the center of the lid for a halo effect. So, it’s like halo eye makeup, but darker & more like an aura rather than a halo.

#11 Faux Laminated Brow Look: Laminated Brows, But without the Brow Hair Texturizing Treatment


All you have to do for this beauty trend is fluff up your brows as you normally do for a feathered brow look, and hold it in place all day with a skin-friendly gel or oil.

#12 Spider Lashes: And Brushed Brows with Glossy Skin


The already trending glossy skin is about to go super-glossy for fall/winter 2023, and will be accompanied by spider lashes, which essentially mean clumpy lashes but like Zendaya—well-kempt—like clumpy, but on purpose. Make sure to choose a mascara with a lengthening formula.

#13 Eye Cocktailing: Essentially What It Says; Eye Makeup with Mixer


One of the coolest fall beauty trends this year. It’s like a fun color-mixing game, not for a kid with watercolors but for makeup lovers with an eyeshadow palette. It’s basically mixing two formulas to get your desired eye look.

To achieve the look, define your crease with a blendable eyeliner or kajal in any shade from black to brown to burgundy to enhance the shape of your eye. Blend a similar shade of eyeshadow to make the final look seem like a soft smokey eye look. Use your fingers or a flat brush to blend, whatever suits your style & comfort.

We hope we have helped you catch up to the upcoming fall beauty trends and moreover, hope that you will step out of your comfort zone to try these fall/winter makeup looks. Which ones are your new favorites? Tell us in the comments below. Have a fun fall/winter 2023. XOXO, darlings! :)