6 Brilliant Lip Crayon Hacks You Need to Try

6 Brilliant Lip Crayon Hacks You Need to Try

If there’s one thing makeup lovers love the most, it must be lipstick. And that’s why we have some great and unique lipstick hacks you can do using your easiest lipstick—lip crayons! Using lip crayons has always been easier than using lipstick, especially liquid lipsticks. But did you know that there are some lipstick hacks that can only be successfully pulled using lip crayons? Not just that you can use your lip crayon as a lip liner, but we have 6 fantastic lip crayon hacks that will make your makeup easier, quicker, and smarter.

So, scroll ahead to equip yourself with these lip crayon hacks that we’re sure will come in handy, especially during the upcoming holiday season and party time with Christmas and New Year right around the corner!

1. Use Your Lip Crayon as a Lip Liner

Yes, but not just that, you can use your lip crayon as a liner and make it a thicker lip line for an ombre effect. Use the cross-application hack on your cupid’s bow for fuller lips.

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What’s more? Apply the lip crayon vertically to smudge lines on dried-out lips during winter.

#2 Use Brown Lip Crayon as Contour Stick

You don’t need to miss out on those sharp jawlines or perfectly chiseled chin and sharp nose just because you don’t know about or have a contour stick.

All you need to do is to apply your dark brown lip crayon as a contour stick as shown in this picture, and you’re sorted!

#3 Lip Crayon as Colored Eyeliner

Want a nice colored, graphic eyeliner this Christmas? Well, you have it right in front of you—your lip crayon! Just make sure you sharpen it well and apply it on your eye

Trust me, a good creamy lip crayon would glide like a dream as an eyeliner!

#4 Lip Crayon As a Creamy Matte Eyeshadow

Want a nice, nude, colored eyeshadow but don’t want to apply a powder product on your eyes in the dry weather? Solution—use your lip crayon as an eyeshadow.

Apply it under the crease and blend it well with your winger tip. Finish it with a light shimmer and you’re ready to go!

#5 Get Naturally Plump Lips with Overlining

Well, yes! Simply apply your favorite long-stay lip crayon or liquid lipstick shade and wipe it off before it completely dries out.

Now overline your cupid's bow and underline your lower lip only at the middle using your lip liner and finish it off with a lip gloss.

#6 Lip Crayon As Cream Blush

Your lip crayon could be your best cream blush while being super lightweight and long-lasting! Wanna do some more experimentation, add another color and make it into an ombre blush!

Want some more lip crayon fun? Match an ombre lip with it!

So, with all these genius lip crayon hacks, I’m sure you’re about to rush to grab your lip crayon and create your own full face of makeup using just lipstick hacks, right? Well, have fun! Happy holidays, and XOXO, darlings!